HCD/CID spectra merger tool

HCD/CID spectra merger tool is a tool to merge the peptide sequence-ion m/z range from CID spectra and the reporter-ion m/z range from HCD spectra into the appropriate single file, to be further used in identification and quantification search engines. Additionally it also separates both spectral data into two different files (Documentation / Reference).

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Combining low- and high-energy tandem mass spectra for optimized peptide quantification with isobaric tags. Loïc Dayon, Carla Pasquarello, Christine Hoogland, Jean-Charles Sanchez, Alexander Scherl. Journal of Proteomics (2010) 73(4): 769-777.  Citeulike Connotea Del.icio.us
DOI:10.1016/j.jprot.2009.10.015 PMID: 19903544