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SIB BLAST Network Service

This NCBI BLAST2 service is maintained by the Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics.

Click on the ? icons to access the online BLAST help.

? Accession number or sequence

Enter a Swiss-Prot/TrEMBL accession number or a PROTEIN sequence in RAW format.

Output format:


Choose the appropriate BLAST ? program and ? database:

blastp - query against the UniProt Knowledgebase (Swiss-Prot + TrEMBL)

? Taxonomic groups (not available for PDB and translated EST):

select a database subsection To restrict the search to a particular taxon, it is much faster to select a database subsection from the drop-down list on the left than to specify your own taxonomic group in the box below. This also gives more accurate statistics.
or specify a taxonomic group Enter a species name, a TaxID or the latin name of a taxonomic group (elements of the OC, OS and OX lines) to restrict your search to a particular taxon. You may enter a list separated by semicolons (";"). Example: Fungi; Homo sapiens.
or select a microbial proteome
Non-redundant Swiss-Prot+TrEMBL complete proteome sets, see the HAMAP pages.
Search only UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot (curated sequences)
blastp - query against another protein database Please, supply an email address if you select the translated ESTs.
tblastn - query against the six-frame translation of a nucleotide database
or select a microbial genome EMBL genome records, including plasmids.
? Your email address:
If an e-mail address is provided, results will be automatically mailed back (recommended for tblastn searches).



? Comparison Matrix:
Number of best scoring sequences to show:
Number of best alignments to show:
? Setting the E threshold: (Number of expected matches in a random database)
? Filter the sequence for low-complexity regions
? Gapped alignment

For a more 'advanced' BLAST2 search (with more options and programs, and a larger variety of databases) please use the original submission form at EMBnet-CH (Lausanne).