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Cellosaurus - Invitromaticists spotlight


In a 2017 paper, three new terms: invitromatics, invitrome, and invitroomics were introduced by Niels Bols, Lucy Lee and co-workers. At the same time I was interested in providing to Cellosaurus users short biographical sketches concerning researchers that have played a major role in establishing one or more cell lines. Niels Bols coined a fourth term, invitromaticists for such scientists and together with Lucy Lee they agreed to write the first two installments what I hope to be a long series of such spotlights.

For those who wonder if these spotlights will be as entertaining and full of humor as the Swiss-Prot Protein Spotlight, I fear that they will be disappointed. While in 2000 when I initiated Protein Spotlight, the concept was to get scientists to write about 'their' protein, that original idea did not really take off and only 2 of the almost 200 Protein Spotlight articles were authored by protein scientists. All the others stem from the wonderful pen (or rather keyboard) of Vivienne Baillie Gerritsen. As I will not be able to write in Vivienne's style nor have the budget to hire someone like her, I will have to beg and pester to get this series to take off. And in that context I also want to encourage former colleagues of deceased invitromaticists to contribute articles about their mentors.


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