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GlycanMass is a tool which allows to calculate the mass of an oligosaccharide structure [Mass values / Disclaimer].

Note: You can use GlycoMod to predict the possible oligosaccharide structures that occur on proteins from their experimentally determined masses.

Please specify the monosaccharide composition of your oligosaccharide:

Hexose (e.g. Man, Gal):
HexNAc (e.g. GlcNAc, GalNAc):
Deoxyhexose (e.g. fucose):
NeuAc (e.g. sialic acid):
Pentose (e.g. xylose):
HexA (e.g. glucuronic acid):
Monosaccharide residues are:
underivatised permethylated peracetylated.
All mass values are
average or monoisotopic.

all fields. the glycan mass.