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ProtScale Tool

Amino acid scale: Hydrophobicity scale (contact energy derived from 3D data).

Author(s): Miyazawa S., Jernigen R.L.

Reference: Macromolecules 18:534-552(1985).

Amino acid scale values:

Ala:  5.330  

Arg:  4.180  

Asn:  3.710  

Asp:  3.590  

Cys:  7.930  

Gln:  3.870  

Glu:  3.650  

Gly:  4.480  

His:  5.100  

Ile:  8.830  

Leu:  8.470  

Lys:  2.950  

Met:  8.950  

Phe:  9.030  

Pro:  3.870  

Ser:  4.090  

Thr:  4.490  

Trp:  7.660  

Tyr:  5.890  

Val:  7.630