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ABCD_AC851 in the ABCD (AntiBodies Chemically Defined) Database

Antigen information
Target type Protein
Target link UniProt: P16422 Homo sapiens (Human)
Target name EPCAM, TACSTD1, GA733-2, EGP-2, M4S1, KSA, CD326, Epithelial cell adhesion molecule, Tumor-associated calcium signal transducer 1, Gastrointestinal tumor-associated protein 2, Epithelial glycoprotein 2, KS1/4 antigen, Tumor antigen 17-1A
Antibody information
Antibody name edrecolomab
Antibody synonyms PANOREX, 17-1A
Applications Immunoprecipitation, Therapeutic, Western blot
Cross-references IMGT/mAb-DB: 119
Cellosaurus: CVCL_B0T4
Publications PMID: 3025856
PMID: 3025856
PMID: 7471090
Would you like to obtain this antibody?
It can be produced at the Geneva Antibody facility (for more information, please check here).