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ABCD_AD834 in the ABCD (AntiBodies Chemically Defined) Database

Antigen information
Target type Chemical
Target link ChEBI: 37926
Target name FITC, Fluorescein isothiocyanate
Antibody information
Antibody name 4-4-20
Publications PMID: 2492278
Antibody sequence
If you want to have the protein sequence of this antibody, please check the Publications and Cross-references links (a more comprehensive step-by-step can be found here).
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Would you like to obtain this antibody?
It can be produced at the Geneva Antibody facility (for more information, please check here). The links below allow you to obtain the antibody with the desired Fc portion (an antibody with a mouse Fc, for example, is essentially identical to a mouse IgG antibody)
Mouse - Human - Rabbit - Guinea pig - Other options