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The ABCD database is developed by the Geneva Antibody Facility at the University of Geneva, in collaboration with the CALIPHO and Swiss-Prot groups at SIB Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics .

The ABCD database provides a comprehensive list of sequenced antibodies with their known targets. Each antibody is assigned a unique ID number that can be used in academic publications to increase reproducibility of experiments.

There are increasing concerns about reproducibility of experimental biomedical research, partially attributed to the lack of reliable and standardized biological reagents. Despite being the most widely used class of protein-binding reagents, antibodies are often poorly characterized and ill-defined, and thus contribute largely to the lack of reliability and reproducibility of biomedical research. The ABCD database promotes the use of standardized and well-characterized antibodies in biomedical results. It reduces the need to use poorly-defined antibodies produced in immunized animals.