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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

What is the ABCD Database?
The ABCD is a database of chemically defined antibodies, i.e. all antibodies with a known primary sequence, and with a known target (to which, most often, a UniProtKB or ChEBI ID can be attributed).

How can I search antibodies in the database?
You can search the database using the name of an antibody. However, we cannot guarantee that all possible names and synonyms used in the literature for a given antibody will be included on the database. The most reliable way is to search using information about the target, such as target name, UniProtKB or ChEBI identifiers, or species.

Which information is available for a given antibody?
For each antibody, we provide the following information:
  • A unique ID number (for example, ABCD_AA001);
  • A common name (most frequently, the name provided in the referenced publication) and a list of synonyms;
  • Information about the target (UniProtKB or ChEBI ID number and description) and about the epitope recognized, when available;
  • The reference of at least one publication (published scientific article or patent), in which the antibody is described (note that this is, by no means, an exhaustive list of all the publications describing uses and applications of a given antibody);
  • Applications for which the antibody has been used (again, also not an exhaustive list of all applications of a given antibody);
  • Cross-references to original databases (in case they were the source of the sequence);

Can I order the same antibodies described in the database from a commercial provider?
Commercial versions of some of the antibodies included on the database can be found in the catalogs of established companies. However, as each company frequently uses a different name for the same antibody, you need to carefully check which is the right one for you.

I found missing or incorrect information in one (or several) entry(ies) in the ABCD database. How can I signal these mistakes?
If you find something wrong or amiss, please contact us (use the "Contact" link on the top right of all ABCD web pages).

I have sequenced some hybridomas, and/or I have sequences coming from phage/yeast display projects. How can I submit these sequences to the ABCD database?
If you want to contribute to our initiative by submitting new antibody sequences, check the guidelines on the Submission page.

I would like to download the full database. How can I proceed?
If you want to obtain the full database, contact us using the Contact link in the top right menu.