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Cellosaurus MRC-5 (CVCL_0440)

Cell line name MRC-5
Synonyms MRC5; MRC 5; MRCV; MRC-V; Medical Research Council cell strain-5
Accession CVCL_0440
Resource Identification Initiative To cite this cell line use: MRC-5 (RRID:CVCL_0440)
Comments Group: Vaccine production cell line.
Biotechnology: Used for the production of the Human Diploid Cell Vaccine (HDCV) against rabies (Trade name: Imovax Rabies).
Biotechnology: Used for the production of the Hepatitis A vaccines Avaxim, Epaxal, Havrix and Vaqta.
Biotechnology: Used for the production of the live varicella virus vaccine (Trade name: Varivax).
Biotechnology: Used for the production of the live zoster vaccine (Trade name: Zostavax).
Characteristics: Senesces at 26 PDL (PubMed=17395773).
Doubling time: ~34 hours (lot 06022011), ~1.5 days (lot 05202005), ~2 days (lot 05192003), 36 hours (lot 041392), ~5 days (lot 031098), ~38 hours (lot 04212016) (JCRB).
Omics: DNA methylation analysis.
Omics: Proteome analysis by 2D-DE.
Omics: Proteome analysis by 2D-DE/MS.
Omics: Transcriptome analysis.
Misspelling: MCR-5; Occasionally.
Species of origin Homo sapiens (Human) (NCBI Taxonomy: 9606)
Hierarchy Children:
CVCL_2837 (A9(Neo1))CVCL_2838 (A9(Neo11))CVCL_2844 (A9(Neo19))
CVCL_2846 (A9(Neo20))CVCL_2848 (A9(Neo4))CVCL_F664 (Flow13000)
CVCL_JG29 (HuS-L12/10)CVCL_4W54 (HuSI-L23)CVCL_RG58 (iPSC D1)
CVCL_RG59 (iPSC D4)CVCL_RB14 (IRR-MRC-5)CVCL_4W64 (L12.28-1/1)
CVCL_U651 (L12.9-2(1))CVCL_U661 (L23immo)CVCL_E260 (MRC-5 CV1)
CVCL_2621 (MRC-5 pd13)CVCL_2622 (MRC-5 pd19)CVCL_2623 (MRC-5 pd25)
CVCL_2624 (MRC-5 pd30)CVCL_JF54 (MRC-5 PDL12)CVCL_H749 (MRC-5 PDL27)
CVCL_H748 (MRC-5 PDL40)CVCL_8B13 (MRC-5 PDL5.51)CVCL_2625 (MRC-5 SV1 TG1)
CVCL_2626 (MRC-5 SV1 TG2)CVCL_3027 (MRC-5-30)CVCL_3028 (MRC-5-40)
CVCL_3029 (MRC-5-50)CVCL_D690 (MRC-5V1)CVCL_2627 (MRC-5V2)
CVCL_D923 (MRC-iPS-1)CVCL_D924 (MRC-iPS-10)CVCL_D925 (MRC-iPS-100)
CVCL_D926 (MRC-iPS-101)CVCL_8343 (MRC-iPS-11)CVCL_D927 (MRC-iPS-12)
CVCL_D928 (MRC-iPS-13)CVCL_D929 (MRC-iPS-14)CVCL_D930 (MRC-iPS-15)
CVCL_D931 (MRC-iPS-16)CVCL_D932 (MRC-iPS-17)CVCL_8367 (MRC-iPS-18)
CVCL_D933 (MRC-iPS-19)CVCL_D934 (MRC-iPS-2)CVCL_D935 (MRC-iPS-20)
CVCL_D936 (MRC-iPS-21)CVCL_8426 (MRC-iPS-22)CVCL_D937 (MRC-iPS-23)
CVCL_D938 (MRC-iPS-24)CVCL_8433 (MRC-iPS-25)CVCL_D939 (MRC-iPS-26)
CVCL_8434 (MRC-iPS-27)CVCL_D940 (MRC-iPS-28)CVCL_D941 (MRC-iPS-29)
CVCL_D942 (MRC-iPS-3)CVCL_D943 (MRC-iPS-30)CVCL_D944 (MRC-iPS-31)
CVCL_D945 (MRC-iPS-32)CVCL_D946 (MRC-iPS-33)CVCL_D947 (MRC-iPS-34)
CVCL_D948 (MRC-iPS-35)CVCL_D949 (MRC-iPS-36)CVCL_D950 (MRC-iPS-37)
CVCL_D951 (MRC-iPS-38)CVCL_D952 (MRC-iPS-39)CVCL_D953 (MRC-iPS-4)
CVCL_D954 (MRC-iPS-40)CVCL_D955 (MRC-iPS-41)CVCL_D956 (MRC-iPS-42)
CVCL_D957 (MRC-iPS-43)CVCL_D958 (MRC-iPS-44)CVCL_D959 (MRC-iPS-45)
CVCL_D960 (MRC-iPS-46)CVCL_D961 (MRC-iPS-47)CVCL_D962 (MRC-iPS-48)
CVCL_D963 (MRC-iPS-49)CVCL_D964 (MRC-iPS-5)CVCL_D965 (MRC-iPS-50)
CVCL_D966 (MRC-iPS-51)CVCL_D967 (MRC-iPS-52)CVCL_D968 (MRC-iPS-53)
CVCL_D969 (MRC-iPS-54)CVCL_D970 (MRC-iPS-55)CVCL_D971 (MRC-iPS-56)
CVCL_D972 (MRC-iPS-57)CVCL_D973 (MRC-iPS-58)CVCL_D974 (MRC-iPS-59)
CVCL_D975 (MRC-iPS-6)CVCL_D976 (MRC-iPS-60)CVCL_D977 (MRC-iPS-61)
CVCL_D978 (MRC-iPS-62)CVCL_D979 (MRC-iPS-63)CVCL_D980 (MRC-iPS-64)
CVCL_D981 (MRC-iPS-65)CVCL_D982 (MRC-iPS-66)CVCL_D983 (MRC-iPS-67)
CVCL_D984 (MRC-iPS-68)CVCL_D985 (MRC-iPS-69)CVCL_D986 (MRC-iPS-7)
CVCL_D987 (MRC-iPS-70)CVCL_D988 (MRC-iPS-71)CVCL_D989 (MRC-iPS-72)
CVCL_D990 (MRC-iPS-73)CVCL_D991 (MRC-iPS-74)CVCL_D992 (MRC-iPS-75)
CVCL_D993 (MRC-iPS-76)CVCL_D994 (MRC-iPS-77)CVCL_D995 (MRC-iPS-78)
CVCL_D996 (MRC-iPS-79)CVCL_D997 (MRC-iPS-8)CVCL_D998 (MRC-iPS-80)
CVCL_D999 (MRC-iPS-81)CVCL_E000 (MRC-iPS-82)CVCL_E001 (MRC-iPS-83)
CVCL_E002 (MRC-iPS-84)CVCL_E003 (MRC-iPS-85)CVCL_E004 (MRC-iPS-86)
CVCL_E005 (MRC-iPS-87)CVCL_E006 (MRC-iPS-88)CVCL_E007 (MRC-iPS-89)
CVCL_E008 (MRC-iPS-9)CVCL_E009 (MRC-iPS-90)CVCL_E010 (MRC-iPS-91)
CVCL_E011 (MRC-iPS-92)CVCL_E012 (MRC-iPS-93)CVCL_E013 (MRC-iPS-94)
CVCL_E014 (MRC-iPS-95)CVCL_E015 (MRC-iPS-96)CVCL_E016 (MRC-iPS-97)
CVCL_E017 (MRC-iPS-98)CVCL_E018 (MRC-iPS-99)CVCL_C975 (MRC5-iPS12)
CVCL_C974 (MRC5-iPS17)CVCL_V234 (MRC5-iPS2)CVCL_C976 (MRC5-RiPS-1.11)
CVCL_C977 (MRC5-RiPS-1.2)CVCL_C978 (MRC5-RiPS-1.3)CVCL_C979 (MRC5-RiPS-1.8)
CVCL_C980 (MRC5-RiPS-1.9)CVCL_Y625 (SR2)
Sex of cell Male
Age at sampling 14FW
Category Finite cell line
STR profile Source(s): AddexBio; ATCC; JCRB; KCLB; PubMed=11416159; PubMed=21637780; PubMed=25877200; RCB

Penta D12
Penta E12,16
Web pages https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MRC-5

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