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Cellosaurus RIN-m5F (CVCL_0501)

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Cell line name RIN-m5F
Synonyms RIN m5F; Rin-M-5F; Rin-m-5F; RIN-m 5F; RINm-5F; RINm5F; RIN-m clone 5F; RIN Cl-5F; RIN-5F; Rin-5F; RIN 5F; RIN5F; m5F; 5F
Accession CVCL_0501
Secondary accession CVCL_2177
Resource Identification Initiative To cite this cell line use: RIN-m5F (RRID:CVCL_0501)
Comments Characteristics: Secretes mainly insulin and little somatostatin (PubMed=6141566; PubMed=6295859).
Transformant: NCIt; C17262; X-Ray.
Derived from sampling site: Pancreas; islets of Langerhans.
Disease Rat insulinoma (NCIt: C121566)
Species of origin Rattus norvegicus (Rat) (NCBI Taxonomy: 10116)
Breed/subspecies: NEDH.
Hierarchy Parent: CVCL_3584 (RIN-m)
CVCL_0500 (RIN-5AH)CVCL_5T79 (RIN-5F-Bcl-2)CVCL_5T80 (RIN-5F-CrmA)
Sex of cell Male
Age at sampling 666D
Category Cancer cell line
Web pages http://www.cells-talk.com/index.php/page/copelibrary?key=RINm5F

PubMed=6295859; DOI=10.2337/diab.31.6.521
Bhathena S.J., Oie H.K., Gazdar A.F., Voyles N.R., Wilkins S.D., Recant L.
Insulin, glucagon, and somatostatin receptors on cultured cells and clones from rat islet cell tumor.
Diabetes 31:521-531(1982)

PubMed=6129963; DOI=10.1210/endo-112-3-1070
Oie H.K., Gazdar A.F., Minna J.D., Weir G.C., Baylin S.B.
Clonal analysis of insulin and somatostatin secretion and L-dopa decarboxylase expression by a rat islet cell tumor.
Endocrinology 112:1070-1075(1983)

PubMed=6141566; DOI=10.3181/00379727-175-41762
Bhathena S.J., Awoke S., Voyles N.R., Wilkins S.D., Recant L., Oie H.K., Gazdar A.F.
Insulin, glucagon, and somatostatin secretion by cultured rat islet cell tumor and its clones.
Proc. Soc. Exp. Biol. Med. 175:35-38(1984)

PubMed=2550270; DOI=10.1055/s-0029-1210869
Nielsen J.H.
Mechanisms of pancreatic beta-cell growth and regeneration: studies on rat insulinoma cells.
Exp. Clin. Endocrinol. 93:277-285(1989)

PubMed=2090331; DOI=10.1016/0922-3371(90)90097-G
Bartholomeusz R.K., Campbell I.L., Harrison L.C.
A2B5-reactive ganglioside expression determines the differentiation stage and capacity of rat insulinoma (RIN) sublines.
Cell Differ. Dev. 32:39-46(1990)

PubMed=2156672; DOI=10.1210/endo-126-4-1927
Bartholomeusz R.K., Campbell I.L., Harrison L.C.
A2B5-reactive ganglioside expression is an index of differentiation in rat insulinoma (RIN) cells.
Endocrinology 126:1927-1933(1990)

Poitout V., Olson L.K., Robertson R.P.
Insulin-secreting cell lines: classification, characteristics and potential applications.
Diabetes Metab. 22:7-14(1996)

PubMed=10417352; DOI=10.1042/bj3410847
Fiskerstrand C.E., Newey P., Ebrahimi B., Gerrard L., Harrison P., McGregor G.P., Quinn J.P.
Novel cell lines for the analysis of preprotachykinin A gene expression identify a repressor domain 3' of the major transcriptional start site.
Biochem. J. 341:847-852(1999)

Ogawa A., Terada S., Saito Y., Kimura T., Yamaguchi A., Miki M.
CrmA and Bcl-2 protect a cell line derived from islet of Langerhans, RIN-5F from hypoxia-induced apoptosis.
Biochem. Eng. J. 20:209-215(2004)

PubMed=22538498; DOI=10.1159/000338793
Grozinsky-Glasberg S., Shimon I., Rubinfeld H.
The role of cell lines in the study of neuroendocrine tumors.
Neuroendocrinology 96:173-187(2012)

Cell line collections ATCC; CRL-2058
ATCC; CRL-11605
BCRC; 60410
ECACC; 95090402
IBRC; C10101
NCBI_Iran; C526
Cell line databases/resources CLDB; cl4150
CCRID; 3111C0001CCC000386
Lonza; 1056
Ontologies BTO; BTO:0001185
CLO; CLO_0008817
CLO; CLO_0008819
MCCL; MCC:0000398
Other Wikidata; Q54950482
Wikidata; Q54950473
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