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Cellosaurus P19 (CVCL_2153)

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Cell line name P19
Synonyms P-19
Accession CVCL_2153
Resource Identification Initiative To cite this cell line use: P19 (RRID:CVCL_2153)
Comments Doubling time: ~2-3 days (DSMZ).
Caution: There seems to be 3 distinct cell lines which were assigned NCBI_Iran catalog number C422.
Disease Mouse teratocarcinoma (NCIt: C129859)
Species of origin Mus musculus (Mouse) (NCBI Taxonomy: 10090)
Breed/subspecies: C3H/He.
Hierarchy Children:
CVCL_L988 (P19C6)CVCL_L981 (P19CL6)CVCL_J421 (RAC65)
Sex of cell Male
Category Cancer cell line
STR profile Source(s): PubMed=31220119

Mouse STR 1-110
Mouse STR 1-216,17
Mouse STR 2-19
Mouse STR 3-214
Mouse STR 4-213,21.3
Mouse STR 5-514
Mouse STR 6-418
Mouse STR 6-712
Mouse STR 7-126
Mouse STR 8-116
Mouse STR 11-216
Mouse STR 12-116
Mouse STR 13-117
Mouse STR 15-326.3
Mouse STR 17-215
Mouse STR 18-316,17
Mouse STR 19-212,14
Mouse STR X-126

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Web pages https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/P19_cell

PubMed=7056443; DOI=10.1016/0012-1606(82)90338-4
McBurney M.W., Rogers B.J.
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McBurney M.W.
P19 embryonal carcinoma cells.
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PubMed=8069455; DOI=10.1007/BF02631450
Fukuchi K.-I., Hearn M.G., Deeb S.S., Smith A.C., Dang N., Miyazaki J.-I., Bothwell M., Martin G.M.
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PubMed=12757864; DOI=10.1016/S0008-6363(02)00771-X
van der Heyden M.A.G., Defize L.H.K.
Twenty one years of P19 cells: what an embryonal carcinoma cell line taught us about cardiomyocyte differentiation.
Cardiovasc. Res. 58:292-302(2003)

PubMed=31220119; DOI=10.1371/journal.pone.0218412
Almeida J.L., Dakic A., Kindig K., Kone M., Letham D.L.D., Langdon S., Peat R., Holding-Pillai J., Hall E.M., Ladd M., Shaffer M.D., Berg H., Li J., Wigger G., Lund S., Steffen C.R., Fransway B.B., Geraghty B., Natoli M., Bauer B., Gollin S.M., Lewis D.W., Reid Y.A.
Interlaboratory study to validate a STR profiling method for intraspecies identification of mouse cell lines.
PLoS ONE 14:E0218412-E0218412(2019)

Cell line collections ATCC; CRL-1825
BCRC; 60052
CLS; 400416/p533_P19
ECACC; 95102107
IBRC; C10213
ICLC; ATL99013
KCB; KCB 200844YJ
NCBI_Iran; C422
Cell line databases/resources CLDB; cl3813
CLDB; cl4980
CCRID; 3111C0001CCC000020
CCRID; 3131C0001000800027
Lonza; 797
TOKU-E; 2822
Ontologies BTO; BTO:0000596
CLO; CLO_0008301
CLO; CLO_0008302
Biological sample resources BioSample; SAMN11397635
Chemistry resources ChEMBL-Cells; CHEMBL3307297
ChEMBL-Targets; CHEMBL614064
Other Wikidata; Q7117837
Proteomic databases PRIDE; PXD016871
PRIDE; PXD016884
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