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Cellosaurus P3/NS1/1-Ag4.1 (CVCL_2155)

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Cell line name P3/NS1/1-Ag4.1
Synonyms P3/NSI/1-AG4-1; P3/NS1/1-Ag4-1; P3/NS1/1-AG4-1; P3/NS1/Ag4-1; P3 NS1 Ag4/1; P3 NS1 Ag4; P3.NS-1/1.Ag4.1; P3-NS/1-Ag4-1; P3-NS1/1-Ag4-1; P3-NS1/1Ag 4.1; P3/NS-1; NS1/1-Ag4.1; NS1-1 Ag4.1; NS-1-Ag4-1; NS1-Ag4/1; NS1-Ag 4/1; NS1-Ag4; P3X63NS1; NS-I/1; NSI/1; NSI/1-Ag4-1; NS-1; NS1; P301; GM03573; GM-3573; GM03573A
Accession CVCL_2155
Resource Identification Initiative To cite this cell line use: P3/NS1/1-Ag4.1 (RRID:CVCL_2155)
Comments Group: Hybridoma fusion partner cell line.
Part of: Tumor Immunology Bank (TIB) collection from Salk (transferred to ATCC in 1981).
Doubling time: ~24 hours (DSMZ).
Selected for resistance to: ChEBI; CHEBI:63486; 8-azaguanine.
Caution: There seems to be two distinct cell lines which were assigned NCBI_Iran catalog number C522.
Disease Mouse plasma cell myeloma (NCIt: C125417)
Species of origin Mus musculus (Mouse) (NCBI Taxonomy: 10090)
Breed/subspecies: BALB/c.
Hierarchy Parent: CVCL_3411 (P3X63Ag8)
CVCL_J077 (07-4D )CVCL_C0E0 (1-11A )CVCL_B3Y8 (1-12 )
CVCL_B3Y9 (1-2 )CVCL_B3YA (1-6 )CVCL_B3YB (1-9 )
CVCL_B377 (10-2.16 )CVCL_B378 (10-3.6.2 )CVCL_A9KM (10.2 )
CVCL_J815 (101A )CVCL_B3QI (104-2 )CVCL_B7CJ (10B5.B4 )
CVCL_B7CK (10B9.E8 )CVCL_XE21 (10F10 )CVCL_N538 (10H )
CVCL_C0E1 (11-1H )CVCL_G219 (11-4.1 )CVCL_G189 (11- )
CVCL_J078 (11-5F )CVCL_G221 (116-13.1 )CVCL_9139 (11B11 )
CVCL_A5DE (11H4-1C7 )CVCL_G222 (12.1 [Mouse hybridoma against human CD6] )CVCL_G753 (12/44 )
CVCL_G762 (12/49 )CVCL_J037 (127A )CVCL_J036 (127H )
CVCL_B7CL (12H1.B1 )CVCL_J917 (133B )CVCL_J802 (139A )
CVCL_J803 (147A )CVCL_VI48 (15E3/53 )CVCL_J085 (16-1-11N )
CVCL_J086 (16-1-2N )CVCL_J089 (16-3-1N )CVCL_J270 (16-8 )
CVCL_J087 (162-21.2 )CVCL_J088 (162-46.2 )CVCL_B0NS (169A [Mouse hybridoma against ITGAD] )
CVCL_B0NT (169B )CVCL_N540 (16B )CVCL_J097 (17/14 )
CVCL_J038 (173E )CVCL_J090 (17aba )CVCL_J271 (19-7 )
CVCL_VS73 (19/178C1 )CVCL_A0HF (1A1/B2 )CVCL_J100 (1A3.1 )
CVCL_J714 (1B1.1 )CVCL_B6LD (1B2 )CVCL_J101 (1B2-1B7 )
CVCL_B6LE (1C1 [Mouse hybridoma against Ebola virus VP40] )CVCL_B0JW (1C10 [Mouse hybridoma against human MBL2] )CVCL_B0WT (1C10 [Mouse/sheep heteromyeloma] )
CVCL_B7CN (1C5 [Mouse hybridoma against Pseudomonas P.J. 874 hpd] )CVCL_B6LJ (1C6 [Mouse hybridoma against Ebola virus VP35] )CVCL_WI92 (1D3 [Mouse hybridoma against human neutrophils] )
CVCL_9146 (1D3 [Rat hybridoma against mouse Itgb1] )CVCL_J163 (1D4 [Mouse hybridoma against human herpesvirus 1 p40] )CVCL_C0PL (1D4 [Mouse hybridoma against human TG] )
CVCL_WT33 (1E8 [Mouse hybridoma against human DSCs] )CVCL_1929 (1G1 )CVCL_J166 (1H11 )
CVCL_C0E2 (1H7-4B )CVCL_B3YC (2-13 )CVCL_B3YD (2-2 [Mouse hybridoma against human TCN2] )
CVCL_B3YE (2-6 )CVCL_WT45 (22 )CVCL_J621 (226H )
CVCL_J804 (230C )CVCL_J622 (236L )CVCL_4W87 (23F2G )
CVCL_J805 (240A )CVCL_J806 (245A )CVCL_J715 (25-32 )
CVCL_J807 (262C )CVCL_J808 (264E )CVCL_J809 (265A )
CVCL_J624 (26ic )CVCL_A9NL (273 )CVCL_J810 (274D )
CVCL_J811 (280A )CVCL_J812 (280B )CVCL_1930 (2A1 )
CVCL_J627 (2A3A1H )CVCL_B0JX (2A9 )CVCL_J450 (2B5.3 )
CVCL_4479 (2BD4E4 K99 )CVCL_B6MB (2C3C5 )CVCL_B6MC (2D3B5 )
CVCL_G090 (2D4 [Mouse hybridoma against ganglioside GM2] )CVCL_RY65 (2D5 )CVCL_B7CP (2E6 [Mouse hybridoma against Pseudomonas P.J. 874 hpd] )
CVCL_WU14 (2G3-6E3-2E2 )CVCL_1933 (2M6 )CVCL_XA93 (2T60 )
CVCL_J632 (2T8-3E10 )CVCL_B3YF (3-11 )CVCL_B3YG (3-5 )
CVCL_C0E3 (3-7G )CVCL_B3YH (3-9 )CVCL_9155 (30-C7 )
CVCL_9156 (30-H12 )CVCL_J633 (30/15 )CVCL_C0E4 (308/3-3 )
CVCL_B4FJ (30N47-1 )CVCL_XG66 (30Q4H )CVCL_XG65 (30Q8A )
CVCL_XG78 (30S2F )CVCL_XG79 (30T11G )CVCL_J717 (32-2B )
CVCL_J660 (32.2 )CVCL_J661 (32B11 )CVCL_J718 (33-3D )
CVCL_J663 (34 )CVCL_7239 (35.1 )CVCL_J538 (372 )
CVCL_J860 (38.1 )CVCL_J600 (39-S )CVCL_VS74 (39/3C2.2 )
CVCL_VI49 (3A9/48 )CVCL_VI50 (3B10/64 )CVCL_J723 (3C7.2 )
CVCL_A7VD (3D1 [Mouse hybridoma against monkeypox virus vCCI] )CVCL_B0SZ (3D4 [Mouse hybridoma against hepatitis B virus HBsAG] )CVCL_4491 (3E1 [Mouse hybridoma against HSV-2 p40] )
CVCL_C0E5 (3E10-3 )CVCL_B4NS (3E10.2 )CVCL_VI51 (3E10/18 )
CVCL_B4NT (3E11.5 )CVCL_B4NU (3E14.5 )CVCL_B4NV (3E19.8 )
CVCL_B4NW (3E22.1 )CVCL_VI52 (3E6/64 )CVCL_A9X7 (3E8 [Mouse hybridoma against EBV BHRF1] )
CVCL_XB79 (3F16A4 )CVCL_B0JV (3F8 [Mouse hybridoma against human MBL2] )CVCL_B6LF (3F9 )
CVCL_XG91 (3H5 )CVCL_VI53 (3H7/64 )CVCL_J724 (3Pt12B8 )
CVCL_J273 (4-2D )CVCL_B3YI (4-7 )CVCL_J272 (4-8H )
CVCL_J727 (41-3.48 )CVCL_J601 (44aacb )CVCL_XG80 (45A5G )
CVCL_XG81 (45C6A )CVCL_B4FK (47N3-6 )CVCL_B4FQ (47N30A32 )
CVCL_B4FL (47N30A35 )CVCL_B4FM (47N38B27 )CVCL_B4FN (47N48B22 )
CVCL_B4FP (47N9-11 )CVCL_J728 (48 )CVCL_B6LG (4A2 [Mouse hybridoma against Ebola virus VP40] )
CVCL_B0H3 (4A2 [Mouse hybridoma against human CD7] )CVCL_RY66 (4A8 )CVCL_9161 (4D11 )
CVCL_J729 (4D9D4 )CVCL_J730 (4E11 )CVCL_RY67 (4E2 [Mouse hybridoma against Goose parvovirus VP3] )
CVCL_B4NX (4EAB10.4 )CVCL_B4NY (4EAB3.7 )CVCL_B4NZ (4EAB8.2 )
CVCL_WW82 (4F9 )CVCL_B6JH (4G1-D2 )CVCL_C0E6 (4H6-20 )
CVCL_B3YJ (5-18 )CVCL_J888 (50-11-10 )CVCL_A9NJ (500 )
CVCL_J926 (514 )CVCL_K117 (52-3D )CVCL_J597 (52-S )
CVCL_J596 (528 [Mouse hybridoma against human EGFR] )CVCL_9162 (53-6.72 )CVCL_9163 (53-7.313 )
CVCL_J598 (53-S )CVCL_K119 (548 )CVCL_J599 (58-S )
CVCL_C0E7 (5C8C4 )CVCL_VI54 (5D11/49 )CVCL_B0T0 (5D3 )
CVCL_VI55 (5D5/47 )CVCL_U333 (5E10 [Human hybridoma against human 110 kDa glycoprotein] )CVCL_B7CM (5E11.E11 )
CVCL_B6LH (5F1 )CVCL_B6LI (5F10 )CVCL_B6MD (5F2B1 )
CVCL_A9ES (6/11 )CVCL_C0E8 (6/40c )CVCL_J905 (60bca )
CVCL_J643 (61/7 )CVCL_XG82 (64G11F )CVCL_XE22 (6C2 )
CVCL_KA97 (6E2 )CVCL_VI56 (6F4/53 )CVCL_B6LK (6F7 )
CVCL_B7CQ (6H11 )CVCL_XH70 (6N5-2-1 )CVCL_X742 (7.16.4 )
CVCL_A9NK (715 )CVCL_B4II (791T/36 )CVCL_B4IJ (791T/48 )
CVCL_XE23 (7A6 )CVCL_B4P0 (7B17.7 )CVCL_B4P1 (7B24.4 )
CVCL_B4P2 (7B3.5 )CVCL_B4P3 (7B5.4 )CVCL_B4P4 (7BC9.1 )
CVCL_B6LM (7C4 )CVCL_J156 (7C8 [Mouse hybridoma against synthetic peptide] )CVCL_C0ED (7D-2/12 )
CVCL_B6LN (7D8 )CVCL_XC12 (7E11A1 )CVCL_B6LP (7H10 [Mouse hybridoma against Marburg virus VP40] )
CVCL_VI57 (7H8/50 )CVCL_XH71 (7N2-4 )CVCL_XH72 (7N4-1 )
CVCL_J732 (80 V 5B4 )CVCL_J733 (88B )CVCL_J736 (8C9 )
CVCL_VI58 (8D12/49 )CVCL_VI59 (8G10/48 )CVCL_B6M3 (8G3 )
CVCL_J738 (9-A5 )CVCL_J047 (9-B1 )CVCL_A9KL (9.3 )
CVCL_C553 (9.4 )CVCL_A9EB (9.6 )CVCL_A0CM (902 )
CVCL_XG92 (9A10C3 )CVCL_A5DB (9A3-2G8 )CVCL_A5DC (9C11 )
CVCL_B6M2 (9C7 )CVCL_XC17 (9C9H9 )CVCL_XC13 (9D47A1 )
CVCL_B6M4 (9D8 [Mouse hybridoma against Marburg virus VP35] )CVCL_A5DD (9D9-2F5 )CVCL_B6M5 (9G6 )
CVCL_VI60 (9H11/53 )CVCL_J176 (A 123 )CVCL_J177 (A 124 )
CVCL_K121 (a intermediate filament )CVCL_B3QH (A-20 )CVCL_LN00 (A1-201 )
CVCL_LN01 (A1-245 )CVCL_LN02 (A1-267 )CVCL_LN03 (A1-287 )
CVCL_LN04 (A1-410 )CVCL_LN05 (A1-425 )CVCL_J975 (A33 )
CVCL_A7DN (A5201A )CVCL_A7DP (A5226A )CVCL_4499 (ACT I )
CVCL_KB59 (AJ17 )CVCL_KB60 (AJ2 )CVCL_KB61 (AJ225 )
CVCL_KB62 (AJ425 )CVCL_KB63 (AJ60 )CVCL_N321 (AJ8 )
CVCL_KB64 (AJ9 )CVCL_J741 (AL 1-27 )CVCL_K122 (alpha-ACE 3.1.1 )
CVCL_B5J9 (alpha-Mel/11 )CVCL_B5JA (alpha-Mel/12 )CVCL_B5JB (alpha-Mel/14 )
CVCL_B5JC (alpha-Mel/34 )CVCL_B5JD (alpha-Mel/37 )CVCL_B5J7 (alpha-Mel/5 )
CVCL_B5J8 (alpha-Mel/7 )CVCL_KB65 (AO10 )CVCL_KB66 (AO122 )
CVCL_KB67 (AO50 )CVCL_KB68 (AO92 )CVCL_J157 (AP-3 )
CVCL_A6YU (AQP4(C9401-A3-29) )CVCL_A6YV (AQP4(D12092-1C3-02) )CVCL_A6YQ (AQP4(D15107-3D7-33) )
CVCL_A6YW (AQP4(E5206-1B10-8) )CVCL_A6YX (AQP4(E5209-1C8-22) )CVCL_A6YY (AQP4(E5413-1G11-49) )
CVCL_A6YZ (AQP4(E5415A-1H6-68) )CVCL_A6ZA (AQP4(E5415B-1H7-79) )CVCL_A6ZB (AQP4(E5504-2G2-105) )
CVCL_A6ZC (AQP4(E5505-3D12-129) )CVCL_A6ZD (AQP4(E5507-3A1-113) )CVCL_XX91 (AVND-3C8 )
CVCL_J748 (B 5 )CVCL_J941 (B14.2 )CVCL_J942 (B25.2 )
CVCL_J943 (B38.1 )CVCL_J944 (B39.1 )CVCL_YB02 (B4.2 )
CVCL_J945 (B50.1 )CVCL_J946 (B50.4 )CVCL_J947 (B6.2 )
CVCL_G097 (B72.3 )CVCL_J948 (B84.1 )CVCL_K124 (BA7.3C.9 )
CVCL_7245 (BB7.1 )CVCL_7246 (BB7.2 )CVCL_CW41 (BB7.3 )
CVCL_CW42 (BB7.4 )CVCL_7247 (BB7.5 )CVCL_7248 (BB7.6 )
CVCL_7249 (BB7.7 )CVCL_CW43 (BB7.8 )CVCL_A9ET (BC18 )
CVCL_2099 (BC3 )CVCL_DD26 (BC8 )CVCL_G193 (BC9-E5 )
CVCL_B389 (bcd mab23 )CVCL_J749 (BE2 )CVCL_8835 (Bet-1 )
CVCL_8836 (Bet-2 )CVCL_XC60 (BFR87-124 )CVCL_XC61 (BFR87-70 )
CVCL_6G46 (BLCA-30 )CVCL_6G47 (BLCA-38 )CVCL_6G45 (BLCA-8 )
CVCL_A6LI (BP102 )CVCL_LG13 (BR64 [Mouse hybridoma against Lewis Y] )CVCL_XB09 (BrE1 )
CVCL_B6SR (BRIC 68 )CVCL_K132 (C44 )CVCL_K133 (CA3-F4 )
CVCL_K137 (CC 11 )CVCL_K138 (CC 15 )CVCL_K139 (CC 30 )
CVCL_K140 (CC 46 )CVCL_K141 (CC 49 )CVCL_K142 (CC 83 )
CVCL_K143 (CC 92 )CVCL_M062 (CC1 [Mouse hybridoma against bovine PTPRC] )CVCL_U062 (CC101 )
CVCL_M047 (CC104 )CVCL_G098 (CC13 )CVCL_G099 (CC14 )
CVCL_G100 (CC15 )CVCL_G101 (CC17 )CVCL_U063 (CC171 )
CVCL_G102 (CC20 [Mouse hybridoma] )CVCL_G103 (CC21 [Mouse hybridoma against bovine CR2] )CVCL_G104 (CC29 )
CVCL_G105 (CC30 )CVCL_M048 (CC32 )CVCL_G106 (CC37 )
CVCL_G107 (CC38 )CVCL_G108 (CC39 )CVCL_G109 (CC42 )
CVCL_G110 (CC51 )CVCL_G111 (CC55 )CVCL_G112 (CC56 )
CVCL_G113 (CC57 )CVCL_G114 (CC58 )CVCL_U061 (CC62 )
CVCL_G115 (CC63 )CVCL_M050 (CC76A )CVCL_G116 (CC8 )
CVCL_M049 (CC94 )CVCL_U060 (CC98 )CVCL_A6XU (CCR4aN(Y6206) )
CVCL_Y989 (CE-25 )CVCL_5272 (CF4-C4 )CVCL_8951 (Ch13 )
CVCL_U048 (CLXXVI-3C11-F14 )CVCL_LH49 (Css-12 )CVCL_KR83 (CT43 )
CVCL_KR84 (CT66 )CVCL_A6XV (Cys-SN2(N3306) )CVCL_A6XW (Cys-SN2(N3312) )
CVCL_A6XX (Cys-SN2(N3316) )CVCL_A6XY (Cys-SN2(N3323) )CVCL_A6XZ (Cys-SN2(N3331) )
CVCL_A6YA (Cys-SN2(N3338) )CVCL_A6YB (Cys-SN2(N3349) )CVCL_A6YC (Cys-SN2(N3372) )
CVCL_J750 (D 14 )CVCL_CY53 (D11G10 )CVCL_C0EB (D2-4H )
CVCL_2014 (D3 [Mouse hybridoma against chicken NCAM1] )CVCL_L549 (DA6.147 )CVCL_L550 (DA6.231 )
CVCL_9170 (DC101 )CVCL_B7D4 (DCR-2 )CVCL_K135 (DG4-1 )
CVCL_B0Q4 (Dig 25-54 )CVCL_J289 (DIG104.10H.1 )CVCL_J290 (DIG222.4D.5 )
CVCL_J291 (DIG64.2B.5 )CVCL_A6ZE (DP2(D5203-1D8-31) )CVCL_B4H9 (DPH1.1 )
CVCL_J751 (E 20 )CVCL_J898 (EL-NC-1S )CVCL_2894 (Ep-16 )
CVCL_DD91 (Ev248 )CVCL_CW34 (F-3 )CVCL_M396 (F10-89-4 )
CVCL_M397 (F15-42-1-5 )CVCL_M398 (F16-4-4-11 )CVCL_M399 (F17-23-2 )
CVCL_N322 (F23 )CVCL_J950 (F25.2 )CVCL_T985 (F3-20-7 )
CVCL_T976 (F3-87-8-1 )CVCL_N323 (F31 )CVCL_8953 (F3B6 )
CVCL_B0FL (F4 )CVCL_7263 (F4/80 )CVCL_L513 (F45J )
CVCL_J951 (F64.5 )CVCL_T977 (F8-11-13 )CVCL_LB89 (FA6 IIG5 )
CVCL_YJ47 (FUB-1 )CVCL_B7RY (FW-4 )CVCL_C554 (G-3-5 )
CVCL_XC62 (G10-1 )CVCL_XC63 (G17-2 )CVCL_XC64 (G19-2 )
CVCL_XC65 (G19-4 )CVCL_L516 (G28-5 )CVCL_K214 (G2a.5 )
CVCL_K215 (G2b.2 )CVCL_WV62 (G2C51A2 )CVCL_B0FI (G8-2 )
CVCL_J883 (GA4 )CVCL_A5XA (GC302 )CVCL_K216 (Genox 3.53 )
CVCL_J277 (GHBP116 )CVCL_JK05 (GLI-H7 )CVCL_A6YD (Glut1(D3638-22) )
CVCL_A6YE (Glut1(D3643-9) )CVCL_A6YI (Glut1(D4402-6) )CVCL_A6YK (Glut1(D4404-9) )
CVCL_A6YG (Glut1(D4416-3) )CVCL_A6YH (Glut1(D4417-14) )CVCL_A6YJ (Glut1(D4418-30) )
CVCL_A6YF (Glut1(D4425-2) )CVCL_1S46 (GM11939 )CVCL_8958 (Gr431 )
CVCL_B0JU (GS17F1C4 )CVCL_J545 (H1.6 )CVCL_L517 (H18/7 )
CVCL_L519 (H21F8-1 )CVCL_2053 (H25B10 )CVCL_L521 (H4/18 )
CVCL_QZ05 (H6-3C4 )CVCL_JK06 (H73C11 )CVCL_M106 (H9-14.8 )
CVCL_9179 (HD168 )CVCL_IR43 (Hepama-1 )CVCL_IR44 (Hepama-2 )
CVCL_J453 (HGH1.1.3 )CVCL_J454 (HGH1.11.1 )CVCL_J455 (HGH1.15.3 )
CVCL_J456 (HGH1.17.2 )CVCL_J457 (HGH1.31.3 )CVCL_J458 (HGH1.32.4 )
CVCL_J459 (HGH1.35.2 )CVCL_J460 (HGH1.37.3 )CVCL_J461 (HGH1.41.1 )
CVCL_J462 (HGH1.46.1 )CVCL_J463 (HGH1.6.5 )CVCL_J464 (HGH1.8.1 )
CVCL_J465 (HGH1.9.3 )CVCL_J466 (HGH2.15.4 )CVCL_J467 (HGH2.4.2 )
CVCL_J468 (HGH2.6.1 )CVCL_B3XR (HMB-45 )CVCL_B3XS (HMB-50 )
CVCL_B0JY (hMBL1.2 )CVCL_A8KB (HML-1 )CVCL_A8KC (HML-2 [Mouse hybridoma against human ITGAE/ITGB7] )
CVCL_A8KD (HML-3 )CVCL_J292 (HPSV178-4-3 )CVCL_DF13 (HS-63 )
CVCL_A6YL (hTobC(Y5432) )CVCL_A6YM (hTobC(Y5443) )CVCL_A6YN (hTobC(Y5444) )
CVCL_A6YP (hTobC(Y5452) )CVCL_N459 (Hybridoma cell line 23 )CVCL_L527 (I(TL.m9) )
CVCL_L845 (IC-01 )CVCL_Z932 (IC-04 )CVCL_L846 (IC-07 )
CVCL_L847 (IC-08 )CVCL_L848 (IC-09 )CVCL_L528 (Ig(1a)8.3 )
CVCL_L529 (Ig(4a)10.9 )CVCL_L530 (Ig(5a)7.2 )CVCL_L531 (Ig(5b)6.3 )
CVCL_L597 (IgG-11H4 )CVCL_G662 (IgG-4A4 )CVCL_G126 (IgG-B16 )
CVCL_C0EC (ivi4/27 )CVCL_U035 (IX-2H7-E10 )CVCL_U046 (IX-5H9-C10 )
CVCL_C555 (J1-31 )CVCL_N324 (J143 )CVCL_N325 (J233 )
CVCL_U053 (JB1 [Mouse hybridoma against human HFE] )CVCL_N326 (JP165 )CVCL_9U15 (JT1-1F3 )
CVCL_9U17 (JT2-N15 )CVCL_9U18 (JT4C12 )CVCL_9U19 (JT4C16 )
CVCL_9U20 (JT4C8 )CVCL_G225 (K 114 )CVCL_CW35 (K21 )
CVCL_CW36 (K4 [Mouse hybridoma] )CVCL_G227 (K66 )CVCL_2538 (K6H6/B5 )
CVCL_LH64 (K8 [Mouse hybridoma] )CVCL_B6DU (KB-26.5 )CVCL_VR94 (KOLT-2 )
CVCL_J756 (L 101 )CVCL_J017 (L 230 )CVCL_J018 (L 235 )
CVCL_J014 (L18 )CVCL_A0QN (L20 )CVCL_J015 (L203 )
CVCL_J016 (L227 )CVCL_4533 (L243 )CVCL_4532 (L2I-6 )
CVCL_K217 (L3 [Mouse hybridoma] )CVCL_E981 (L368 )CVCL_WZ59 (L45 [Mouse hybridoma against human CD166] )
CVCL_K218 (L5 )CVCL_CW49 (L6-20-4 )CVCL_J159 (LI 27 )
CVCL_J160 (LI 66 )CVCL_U036 (LI-3H2-G6 )CVCL_0U47 (LiCo 6a3-1 )
CVCL_0U48 (LiCo 7a4 )CVCL_XH45 (LICR-LON-Fib-75 )CVCL_LH65 (LK24 )
CVCL_LH62 (LK26 )CVCL_B6WT (LM 17/19 )CVCL_B6WU (LM 17/20 )
CVCL_C519 (LO-22 )CVCL_J834 (LP3IIG2 )CVCL_RQ28 (LuCa2 )
CVCL_RQ29 (LuCa3 )CVCL_RQ30 (LuCa4 )CVCL_B0XQ (LXVI-5A5-C7 )
CVCL_U047 (LXVIII-1D7-B8 )CVCL_U037 (LXVIII-4D8-E3 )CVCL_U052 (LXXIX-1G12-G7 )
CVCL_U038 (LXXVIII-2E5-A8 )CVCL_E985 (Lym-1 )CVCL_E986 (Lym-2 )
CVCL_J757 (M 111 )CVCL_J758 (M 138 )CVCL_J759 (M 144 )
CVCL_C507 (M 368 )CVCL_9204 (M1/22.25.8.HL )CVCL_9205 (M1/ )
CVCL_9206 (M1/69.16.11.HL )CVCL_9207 (M1/ )CVCL_9208 (M1/75.16.4.HLK )
CVCL_9209 (M1/87.27.7.HLK )CVCL_9210 (M1/89.18.7.HK )CVCL_9211 (M1/9.3.4.HL.2 )
CVCL_UW10 (M17/4.2 )CVCL_9213 (M17/5.2 )CVCL_S554 (M25.18A1 )
CVCL_7683 (M3/ HL.2 )CVCL_9214 (M3/84.6.34 )CVCL_9215 (M5/114.15.2 )
CVCL_9216 (M5/49.4.1 )CVCL_S555 (M73.24 )CVCL_J837 (MA1-3 )
CVCL_J838 (MA1-6 )CVCL_J839 (MA1-8 )CVCL_L672 (MA2.1 )
CVCL_B0TA (MAb 1-1-11-1 )CVCL_B0TB (MAb 1-5-1-3 )CVCL_B0TC (MAb 1-68-11 )
CVCL_B0TD (MAb 1-7-4-8 )CVCL_L581 (Mab 108 )CVCL_B0TE (MAb 13-1-3 )
CVCL_L585 (MAb 151-45-4 )CVCL_L687 (mAb 239 )CVCL_B0TF (MAb 281-1-1 )
CVCL_B0TG (MAb 292-2-3 )CVCL_B0TH (MAb 327-8-3 )CVCL_B0TI (MAb 5-1-5 )
CVCL_B0TJ (MAb 5-7-5 )CVCL_B0TK (MAb 592-2-5 )CVCL_B0TL (MAb 763-15-20 )
CVCL_B0TM (MAb 763-15-5 )CVCL_L688 (mAb 829 )CVCL_L595 (Mab 96 )
CVCL_L689 (mAb 986.35 )CVCL_A0DY (MAC 2-158 )CVCL_L547 (MAC 2-48 )
CVCL_K144 (MATAG 12 )CVCL_CY50 (MB15C11 )CVCL_9218 (MB23G2 )
CVCL_G232 (MB40.2 )CVCL_G233 (MB40.3 )CVCL_G234 (MB40.5 )
CVCL_9219 (MB4B4 )CVCL_L537 (Mc 39-16 )CVCL_J841 (MD 144 )
CVCL_4987 (ME 1 [Mouse hybridoma] )CVCL_J840 (ME 195 )CVCL_J842 (ME 46 )
CVCL_J762 (MF 116 )CVCL_J843 (MF 61 )CVCL_J224 (MH 55 )
CVCL_J844 (MH 94 )CVCL_J764 (MH-SVM16 )CVCL_J765 (MH-SVM23 )
CVCL_J766 (MH-SVM25 )CVCL_J767 (MH-SVM26 )CVCL_J768 (MH-SVM33C9 )
CVCL_J223 (MH1 )CVCL_B7B7 (MHM23 )CVCL_B7B8 (MHM24 )
CVCL_KS22 (MM2-3C6 )CVCL_KS21 (MM2-9B6 )CVCL_L563 (MN4-91-6.E2 )
CVCL_J469 (MOR115.1.13 )CVCL_J470 (MOR124.2.2 )CVCL_J471 (MOR131.5.13 )
CVCL_J472 (MOR158.1.3 )CVCL_J473 (MOR180.2.4 )CVCL_J474 (MOR33.2.9 )
CVCL_J475 (MOR35.4.12 )CVCL_J476 (MOR39.3.9 )CVCL_J477 (MOR44.4.1 )
CVCL_J478 (MOR76.7F.16 )CVCL_J479 (MOR8.2.1 )CVCL_J480 (MOR83.3.10 )
CVCL_LH59 (MOv16 )CVCL_LH60 (MOv18 )CVCL_LH61 (MOv19 )
CVCL_8964 (MR1 )CVCL_2630 (MRSS-1 )CVCL_J275 (MT-45-5-3 )
CVCL_A8EE (mTES101-RP(N6002) )CVCL_A8EF (mTES101-RP(N6035) )CVCL_C556 (MY904 )
CVCL_XA76 (N-176-15 )CVCL_G338 (N-S.2.1 )CVCL_G339 (N-S.4.1 )
CVCL_G340 (N-S.7 )CVCL_G341 (N-S.8.1 )CVCL_G199 (NA1/34.HLK )
CVCL_KB83 (NGFR5 )CVCL_XC29 (NI 8 )CVCL_J593 (NS-1-503 )
CVCL_3940 (NS0 )CVCL_LI57 (OC125 )CVCL_J481 (OHP101.B11.1 )
CVCL_J482 (OHP138.H8.1 )CVCL_J483 (OHP1E9.3.1 )CVCL_J484 (OHP4B2.2.3 )
CVCL_J485 (OHP57.G6.1 )CVCL_J486 (OHP7D7.2.3 )CVCL_G238 (OM 3-1.1 )
CVCL_N327 (Om37 )CVCL_N328 (Om5 )CVCL_0U30 (Onc-M10 )
CVCL_0U31 (Onc-M11 )CVCL_0U32 (Onc-M12 )CVCL_0U33 (Onc-M15 )
CVCL_0U34 (Onc-M16 )CVCL_0U35 (Onc-M21 )CVCL_0U36 (Onc-M22 )
CVCL_0U37 (Onc-M23 )CVCL_0U38 (Onc-M25 )CVCL_0U39 (Onc-M26 )
CVCL_0U40 (Onc-M27 )CVCL_0U41 (Onc-M29 )CVCL_0U43 (Onc-M30 )
CVCL_0U44 (Onc-M38 )CVCL_0U45 (Onc-M8 )CVCL_3109 (OVB-3 )
CVCL_G677 (OX-1 )CVCL_JX75 (OX-100 )CVCL_U017 (OX-101 )
CVCL_U018 (OX-102 )CVCL_U019 (OX-104 )CVCL_X517 (OX-106 )
CVCL_JX76 (OX-107 )CVCL_X518 (OX-108 )CVCL_U020 (OX-109 )
CVCL_KA94 (OX-11 )CVCL_X521 (OX-116 )CVCL_X522 (OX-117 )
CVCL_X523 (OX-118 )CVCL_X524 (OX-119 )CVCL_G678 (OX-12 )
CVCL_X525 (OX-129 )CVCL_G679 (OX-14 )CVCL_KA90 (OX-16 )
CVCL_J180 (OX-17 )CVCL_G680 (OX-18 )CVCL_G681 (OX-19 )
CVCL_G682 (OX-2 )CVCL_G684 (OX-21 )CVCL_G685 (OX-22 )
CVCL_J182 (OX-27 )CVCL_J184 (OX-3 )CVCL_G686 (OX-32 )
CVCL_KA92 (OX-37 )CVCL_J192 (OX-40 )CVCL_KA93 (OX-56 )
CVCL_J205 (OX-57 )CVCL_J206 (OX-58 )CVCL_J207 (OX-59 )
CVCL_J208 (OX-6 )CVCL_J213 (OX-7 )CVCL_J214 (OX-74 )
CVCL_J215 (OX-75 )CVCL_U026 (OX-76 )CVCL_J217 (OX-8 )
CVCL_J218 (OX-81 )CVCL_X513 (OX-82 )CVCL_X514 (OX-83 )
CVCL_J219 (OX-85 )CVCL_J220 (OX-86 )CVCL_J221 (OX-87 )
CVCL_U028 (OX-89 )CVCL_U029 (OX-90 )CVCL_JX78 (OX-91 )
CVCL_JX82 (OX-92 )CVCL_X515 (OX-96 )CVCL_X516 (OX-97 )
CVCL_JX73 (OX-98 )CVCL_JX74 (OX-99 )CVCL_CW37 (P12 )
CVCL_N084 (P25.15 )CVCL_G240 (P25.48 )CVCL_N085 (P25.91 )
CVCL_C0EE (P3-7B )CVCL_G245 (PA2.1 )CVCL_G244 (PA2.6 )
CVCL_2156 (PAb 100 )CVCL_4609 (PAb 101 )CVCL_2157 (PAb 122 )
CVCL_4562 (PAb 1400 )CVCL_XK47 (PAb 402 )CVCL_XK48 (PAb 404 )
CVCL_XK49 (PAb 405 )CVCL_XK50 (PAb 406 )CVCL_XK51 (PAb 407 )
CVCL_XK52 (PAb 409 )CVCL_XK53 (PAb 410 )CVCL_XK54 (PAb 413 )
CVCL_XK55 (PAb 414 )CVCL_XK56 (PAb 416 )CVCL_XK57 (PAb 418 )
CVCL_B954 (PAb 419 )CVCL_XK58 (PAb 420 )CVCL_XK59 (PAb 421 )
CVCL_XK60 (PAb 423 )CVCL_XK61 (PAb 427 )CVCL_XK62 (PAb 430 )
CVCL_XK63 (PAb 431 )CVCL_XK64 (PAb 432 )CVCL_XK65 (PAb 433 )
CVCL_XK66 (PAb 435 )CVCL_XK67 (PAb 436 )CVCL_XK68 (PAb 437 )
CVCL_XK69 (PAb 438 )CVCL_XK70 (PAb 439 )CVCL_XK71 (PAb 440 )
CVCL_XK72 (PAb 441 )CVCL_XK73 (PAb 442 )CVCL_XK74 (PAb 443 )
CVCL_XK75 (PAb 444 )CVCL_LB88 (PaF4 IVE8 )CVCL_U140 (PC3.1 )
CVCL_IY28 (PPMX0501 )CVCL_IY29 (PPMX0502 )CVCL_IY30 (PPMX0503 )
CVCL_IY31 (PPMX0504 )CVCL_IY32 (PPMX0507 )CVCL_IY33 (PPMX0508 )
CVCL_IY34 (PPMX0509 )CVCL_IY35 (PPMX0510 )CVCL_IY36 (PPMX0511 )
CVCL_IY37 (PPMX0519 )CVCL_9230 (R187 )CVCL_9231 (R2-10F6 )
CVCL_9232 (R2-9A5 )CVCL_D295 (R24 )CVCL_G149 (RAN-2 )
CVCL_J773 (RFAL3 )CVCL_A6FG (RG11/15 )CVCL_G151 (RG11/39.4 )
CVCL_G152 (RG7/1.30 )CVCL_G153 (RG7/11.1 )CVCL_G154 (RG7/7.6 HL )
CVCL_G155 (RG7/9.1 HLK )CVCL_G156 (RG9/6.13 HLK )CVCL_A8KA (RGL-1 )
CVCL_J281 (S.CET.M8.1.1 )CVCL_U609 (s1A )CVCL_U608 (S1C4 )
CVCL_G141 (S1E4 )CVCL_N329 (S22 )CVCL_N330 (S23 )
CVCL_N331 (S27 )CVCL_U610 (S2G8 )CVCL_G142 (S3D3 )
CVCL_N332 (S4 [Mouse hybridoma against human URO2] )CVCL_U611 (S5B9 )CVCL_U612 (S5E5 )
CVCL_C551 (S6F1 )CVCL_CW33 (S8 )CVCL_J315 (SC78.H81.C81.A9 )
CVCL_JZ77 (Sen15C6 )CVCL_4300 (SJK-132-20 )CVCL_4301 (SJK-237-71 )
CVCL_4302 (SJK-287-38 )CVCL_J487 (SRBC-F12-1-19 )CVCL_J488 (SRBC-F12-18-7 )
CVCL_J489 (SRBC-F23-20-22 )CVCL_J490 (SRBC-F31-19-1 )CVCL_J491 (SRBC-F31-2-11 )
CVCL_J492 (SRBC-P13-7-3 )CVCL_J493 (SRBC-P18-3-8 )CVCL_J494 (SRBC-P20-13-13 )
CVCL_J495 (SRBC-RF29-1-3 )CVCL_J496 (SRBC-RP8-18-15 )CVCL_J497 (SRBC-RP8-2-4 )
CVCL_8513 (STK 1 )CVCL_LH63 (SV19 )CVCL_F768 (SV63 )
CVCL_JZ76 (SWA20 )CVCL_2725 (SWLA1 )CVCL_2726 (SWLA2 )
CVCL_2727 (SWLA3 )CVCL_B7RX (T-199 )CVCL_N333 (T101 [Mouse hybridoma against human bladder carcinomas] )
CVCL_DC79 (T101 [Mouse hybridoma against human CD5] )CVCL_N334 (T110 [Mouse hybridoma] )CVCL_F769 (T11D7e2 )
CVCL_N335 (T138 )CVCL_N336 (T16 )CVCL_N337 (T23 )
CVCL_N338 (T43 )CVCL_N339 (T87 )CVCL_F776 (TA99 )
CVCL_F780 (TE15 )CVCL_F782 (TE19 )CVCL_3801 (Te39 )
CVCL_F791 (TS2/16.2.1 )CVCL_F792 (TS2/18.1.1 )CVCL_F793 (TS2/4.1.1 )
CVCL_F794 (TS2/7.1.1 )CVCL_F795 (TS2/ )CVCL_B6U5 (TU101 )
CVCL_B6U6 (TU110 )CVCL_B6T0 (TU165 )CVCL_M872 (UC11 )
CVCL_F801 (UC7 )CVCL_WN42 (UM-A9 )CVCL_WN41 (UM-E7 )
CVCL_B3SR (V-DH2 )CVCL_KB84 (V1 )CVCL_XG89 (V1C12A1 )
CVCL_F806 (VD-10 )CVCL_U040 (VI-2A5-A4 )CVCL_U039 (VI-4D10-D12 )
CVCL_U041 (VII-II-5G3-F3 )CVCL_F807 (VIII-6G10 )CVCL_F808 (VM-2 )
CVCL_EG63 (VV-1H831 )CVCL_G185 (W3/13 )CVCL_G186 (W3/15 )
CVCL_G187 (W3/25 )CVCL_U056 (W6/1 )CVCL_9240 (WFL3C6.1 )
CVCL_9241 (WFL4F12.3 )CVCL_F811 (WI-MN-1 )CVCL_U049 (XCIII-1F8-D7 )
CVCL_U050 (XCIII-3D8-D8 )CVCL_U051 (XCIV-1H2-A8 )CVCL_U043 (XIII-3E6-B11 )
CVCL_U042 (XIII-3H6-A12 )CVCL_U044 (XIV-2A5-A10 )CVCL_U045 (XLIV-5A2-B9 )
CVCL_JX92 (XMMCO-228 )CVCL_F815 (XMMCO-791 )CVCL_B0H4 (XMMLY-H65 )
CVCL_F819 (XVI E6E6G10 )CVCL_5417 (ZEN )
Sex of cell Female
Category Cancer cell line

PubMed=825377; DOI=10.1002/eji.1830060713
Kohler G.J.F., Milstein C.
Derivation of specific antibody-producing tissue culture and tumor lines by cell fusion.
Eur. J. Immunol. 6:511-519(1976)

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(In) Institute for Medical Research (Camden, N.J.) NIH 92-2011; pp.1-918; National Institutes of Health; Bethesda (1992)

Cell line collections ATCC; TIB-18
BCRC; 60036
CLS; 400108
Coriell; GM03573
ECACC; 85011427
KCLB; 40018
KCLB; 60059
NCBI_Iran; C522
RCB; RCB0095
TKG; TKG 0233
Cell line databases/resources CLO; CLO_0008317
CLO; CLO_0008319
CLO; CLO_0008320
CLO; CLO_0017234
CLO; CLO_0050176
CLDB; cl3823
CLDB; cl3824
CLDB; cl3825
CLDB; cl3826
CLDB; cl3827
CLDB; cl3828
CCRID; 1101MOU-PUMC000384
DSMZCellDive; ACC-145
Lonza; 337
Anatomy/cell type resources BTO; BTO:0001907
Encyclopedic resources Wikidata; Q54937244
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