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Cellosaurus RWP-1 (CVCL_4373)

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Cell line name RWP-1
Synonyms RWP 1; RWP1; Roger Williams Pancreatic-1
Accession CVCL_4373
Resource Identification Initiative To cite this cell line use: RWP-1 (RRID:CVCL_4373)
Comments Doubling time: 45 hours (PubMed=7083162; PubMed=8026879); 23.6 +- 0.54 hours (PubMed=27067801).
Omics: Transcriptome analysis.
Sequence variations Mutation; HGNC; 1787; CDKN2A; Simple; p.Arg58Ter (c.172C>T) (p.Pro72Leu, c.215C>T); ClinVar=VCV000376310; Zygosity=Unspecified (PubMed=11787853).
Mutation; HGNC; 6407; KRAS; Simple; p.Gly12Asp (c.35G>A); ClinVar=VCV000012582; Zygosity=Unspecified (PubMed=8026879; PubMed=11169959; PubMed=11787853).
Mutation; HGNC; 11998; TP53; Simple; p.Arg175His (c.524G>A); ClinVar=VCV000012374; Zygosity=Unspecified (PubMed=11169959; PubMed=11787853).
Disease Pancreatic adenocarcinoma (NCIt: C8294)
Derived from metastatic site: Liver.
Species of origin Homo sapiens (Human) (NCBI Taxonomy: 9606)
Sex of cell Female
Age at sampling 57Y
Category Cancer cell line
Web pages https://web.expasy.org/cellosaurus/pawefish/PancCellLineDescriptions/RWP-1.html

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Encyclopedic resources Wikidata; Q54951495
Gene expression databases GEO; GSM244429
Polymorphism and mutation databases Cosmic; 710870
Cosmic; 948739
Progenetix; CVCL_4373
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