AC   CVCL_5I54
DR   Kerafast; EQ1002
DR   Wikidata; Q54953227
RX   PubMed=17194693;
CC   Sequence variation: Mutation; HGNC; 427; ALK; Simple; p.Phe1174Leu (c.3522C>A); ClinVar=VCV000217852; Zygosity=Unspecified (from parent cell line).
CC   Transfected with: HGNC; 4886; HFE (with p.His63Asp).
CC   Derived from metastatic site: Bone marrow.
DI   NCIt; C3270; Neuroblastoma
DI   ORDO; Orphanet_635; Neuroblastoma
OX   NCBI_TaxID=9606; ! Homo sapiens
HI   CVCL_0019 ! SH-SY5Y
SX   Female
AG   4Y
CA   Cancer cell line
DT   Created: 14-12-15; Last updated: 20-05-21; Version: 9
RX   PubMed=17194693; DOI=10.1096/fj.06-6397com;
RA   Lee S.Y., Patton S.M., Henderson R.J., Connor J.R.;
RT   "Consequences of expressing mutants of the hemochromatosis gene (HFE)
RT   into a human neuronal cell line lacking endogenous HFE.";
RL   FASEB J. 21:564-576(2007).