ID   HAD-C 102
AC   CVCL_B861
SY   HADe008-A; HADe008-B
DR   BioSamples; SAMEA6567198
DR   BioSamples; SAMEA6568766
DR   hPSCreg; HADe008-A
DR   hPSCreg; HADe008-B
DR   ISCR; 1826
DR   SKIP; SKIP002685
DR   Wikidata; Q54872321
RX   PubMed=22745653;
RX   PubMed=31838378;
CC   Group: Clinical grade hESC cell line.
CC   From: Hadassah Hebrew University Medical Center; Jerusalem; Israel.
CC   Registration: NIH Human Embryonic Stem Cell Registry; NIHhESC-11-0124.
OX   NCBI_TaxID=9606; ! Homo sapiens
SX   Male
AG   Blastocyst stage
CA   Embryonic stem cell
DT   Created: 06-06-12; Last updated: 12-03-20; Version: 14
RX   PubMed=22745653; DOI=10.1371/journal.pone.0035325;
RA   Tannenbaum S.E., Turetsky T.T., Singer O., Aizenman E., Kirshberg S.,
RA   Ilouz N., Gil Y., Berman-Zaken Y., Perlman T.S., Geva N., Levy O.,
RA   Arbell D., Simon A., Ben-Meir A., Shufaro Y., Laufer N.,
RA   Reubinoff B.E.;
RT   "Derivation of xeno-free and GMP-grade human embryonic stem cells --
RT   platforms for future clinical applications.";
RL   PLoS ONE 7:E35325-E35325(2012).
RX   PubMed=31838378; DOI=10.1016/j.scr.2019.101670;
RA   Tannenbaum S.E., Singer O., Gil Y., Berman-Zaken Y., Ilouz N.,
RA   Khaner H., Haimov M., Reubinoff B.E.;
RT   "Hadassah, provider of 'Regulatory-Ready' pluripotent clinical-grade
RT   stem cell banks.";
RL   Stem Cell Res. 42:101670-101670(2020).