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Cellosaurus RCC6 (CVCL_E056)

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Cell line name RCC6
Synonyms RCC-6
Accession CVCL_E056
Resource Identification Initiative To cite this cell line use: RCC6 (RRID:CVCL_E056)
Sequence variations Hemizygous for VHL p.Ser111Gly (c.331A>G) (ClinVar=VCV000633016) (PubMed=21258414).
HLA typing Source: PubMed=12351398
Class I
Disease Clear cell renal cell carcinoma (NCIt: C4033)
Clear cell renal carcinoma (ORDO: Orphanet_319276)
Species of origin Homo sapiens (Human) (NCBI Taxonomy: 9606)
Hierarchy Children:
Category Cancer cell line

PubMed=12351398; DOI=10.1182/blood-2002-02-0643
Guerra N., Michel F., Gati A., Gaudin C., Mishal Z., Escudier B., Acuto O., Chouaib S., Caignard A.
Engagement of the inhibitory receptor CD158a interrupts TCR signaling, preventing dynamic membrane reorganization in CTL/tumor cell interaction.
Blood 100:2874-2881(2002)

PubMed=15661891; DOI=10.4049/jimmunol.174.3.1338
Viey E., Fromont G., Escudier B., Morel Y., Da Rocha S., Chouaib S., Caignard A.
Phosphostim-activated gamma delta T cells kill autologous metastatic renal cell carcinoma.
J. Immunol. 174:1338-1347(2005)

PubMed=21258414; DOI=10.1038/onc.2010.638
Perier A., Fregni G., Wittnebel S., Gad S., Allard M., Gervois N., Escudier B., Azzarone B., Caignard A.
Mutations of the von Hippel-Lindau gene confer increased susceptibility to natural killer cells of clear-cell renal cell carcinoma.
Oncogene 30:2622-2632(2011)

Other Wikidata; Q54949469
Polymorphism and mutation databases Cosmic; 1497326
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