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Cellosaurus Sdhb-/- CL 7 (CVCL_HG13)

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Cell line name Sdhb-/- CL 7
Synonyms Sdhb -/- CL 7
Accession CVCL_HG13
Resource Identification Initiative To cite this cell line use: Sdhb-/- CL 7 (RRID:CVCL_HG13)
Comments Knockout cell: Method=Cre/loxP; MGI; MGI:1914930; Sdhb.
Transformant: NCBI_TaxID; 1891767; Simian virus 40 (SV40).
Species of origin Mus musculus (Mouse) (NCBI Taxonomy: 10090)
Breed/subspecies: C57BL/6Ncr x 129S6/SvEvTac.
Hierarchy Parent: CVCL_HG11 (Sdhb fl/fl)
Sex of cell Male
Age at sampling Blastocyst stage
Category Transformed cell line

PubMed=26302408; DOI=10.1038/ncb3233
Cardaci S., Zheng L., MacKay G., van den Broek N.J.F., MacKenzie E.D., Nixon C., Stevenson D., Tumanov S., Bulusu V., Kamphorst J.J., Vazquez A., Fleming S., Schiavi F., Kalna G., Blyth K., Strathdee D., Gottlieb E.
Pyruvate carboxylation enables growth of SDH-deficient cells by supporting aspartate biosynthesis.
Nat. Cell Biol. 17:1317-1326(2015)

Cell line collections Ximbio; 153293
Other Wikidata; Q54952717
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