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Cellosaurus JTC-1 (CVCL_M884)

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Cell line name JTC-1
Synonyms Japanese Tissue Culture-1
Accession CVCL_M884
Resource Identification Initiative To cite this cell line use: JTC-1 (RRID:CVCL_M884)
Comments Transformant: ChEBI; CHEBI:76329; 3'-methyl-4-dimethylaminoazobenzene (3'-Me-DAB).
Disease Rat hepatocellular carcinoma (NCIt: C60416)
Derived from metastatic site: Ascites.
Species of origin Rattus norvegicus (Rat) (NCBI Taxonomy: 10116)
Hierarchy Parent: CVCL_4367 (AH130)
Category Cancer cell line

PubMed=4358144; DOI=10.1093/jnci/51.6.1841
Katsuta H., Takaoka T., Yasumoto S.
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Katsuta H., Takaoka T., Ito K., Okumura H.
Changes in back-transplantability by fluid-suspension culture and by long-term of cultivation of two tissue culture cell strains, JTC-1 and JTC-2, originated from rat ascites hepatoma AH-130.
Jpn. J. Exp. Med. 43:483-493(1973)

Takaoka T., Katsuta H., Akatsuka T.
Carcinogenesis in tissue culture 24: tumorigenicity and aggregate-forming capacity of mammalian cells in culture.
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Kuroda Y.
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Tissue Cult. Res. Commun. 11:287-303(1992)

PubMed=8390914; DOI=10.1007/BF00755143
Kondo M., Hirota N., Takaoka T., Kajiwara M.
Heme-biosynthetic enzyme activities and porphyrin accumulation in normal liver and hepatoma cell lines of rat.
Cell Biol. Toxicol. 9:95-105(1993)

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