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Cellosaurus MCA-205 (CVCL_VR90)

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Cell line name MCA-205
Synonyms MCA 205; MCA205
Accession CVCL_VR90
Resource Identification Initiative To cite this cell line use: MCA-205 (RRID:CVCL_VR90)
Comments Characteristics: Excellent model for studying the immune responses to tumor cells and for supporting the development of targeted cancer immunotherapies (Millipore).
Transformant: ChEBI; CHEBI:34342; 3-methylcholanthrene (3-MC; 20-methylcholanthrene; 20-MC; MCA).
Disease Mouse fibrosarcoma (NCIt: C24017)
Species of origin Mus musculus (Mouse) (NCBI Taxonomy: 10090)
Breed/subspecies: C57BL/6.
Category Cancer cell line
STR profile Source(s): Millipore

Mouse STR 1-116
Mouse STR 1-219
Mouse STR 2-116
Mouse STR 3-213,14
Mouse STR 4-220.3
Mouse STR 5-517
Mouse STR 6-418
Mouse STR 6-714,15
Mouse STR 7-126.2
Mouse STR 8-116
Mouse STR 11-216
Mouse STR 12-117,18
Mouse STR 13-117
Mouse STR 15-322.3
Mouse STR 17-215
Mouse STR 18-316
Mouse STR 19-213,14
Mouse STR X-127

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Cell line collections Millipore; SCC173
Cell line databases/resources Lonza; 1177
Encyclopedic resources Wikidata; Q95985779
Entry history
Entry creation25-Feb-2019
Last entry update29-Oct-2020
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