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Cellosaurus SEES3-1V (CVCL_ZJ91)

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Cell line name SEES3-1V
Synonyms 1V
Accession CVCL_ZJ91
Resource Identification Initiative To cite this cell line use: SEES3-1V (RRID:CVCL_ZJ91)
Comments Characteristics: Transfected with a pG-flox-CAGrtTA3G-IRES-Hyg-pA construct that contains a reverse tetracycline-controlled transactivator (rtTA), a fusion between a mutated version of E.coli TetR and the activating domain of HSV-1 VP16.
Transfected with: UniProtKB; P00557; Escherichia coli hygromycin-B 4-O-kinase (hph).
Transfected with: UniProtKB; P04483; Escherichia coli Tn10 tetR.
Transfected with: UniProtKB; P06492; Human herpesvirus 1 VP16 (UL28) (with del 1-360).
Species of origin Homo sapiens (Human) (NCBI Taxonomy: 9606)
Hierarchy Parent: CVCL_1Q91 (SEES3)
CVCL_ZK54 (SEES3-1V Emerald, clone1 )CVCL_ZK55 (SEES3-1V Emerald, clone2 )CVCL_ZK56 (SEES3-1V Emerald, clone3 )
CVCL_A0A0 (SEES3-1V human AATF, clone1 )CVCL_A0A1 (SEES3-1V human AATF, clone2 )CVCL_A0A2 (SEES3-1V human AATF, clone3 )
CVCL_A0A3 (SEES3-1V human AES, clone1 )CVCL_A0A4 (SEES3-1V human AES, clone2 )CVCL_A0A5 (SEES3-1V human AES, clone3 )
CVCL_A0A6 (SEES3-1V human ALX1, clone1 )CVCL_A0A7 (SEES3-1V human ALX1, clone2 )CVCL_A0A8 (SEES3-1V human ALX1, clone3 )
CVCL_A0A9 (SEES3-1V human ALX3, clone1 )CVCL_A0B0 (SEES3-1V human ALX3, clone2 )CVCL_A0B1 (SEES3-1V human ALX3, clone3 )
CVCL_A0B2 (SEES3-1V human ALX4, clone1 )CVCL_A0B3 (SEES3-1V human ALX4, clone2 )CVCL_A0B4 (SEES3-1V human ALX4, clone3 )
CVCL_A0B5 (SEES3-1V human ANKRD22, clone1 )CVCL_A0B6 (SEES3-1V human ANKRD22, clone2 )CVCL_A0B7 (SEES3-1V human ANKRD22, clone3 )
CVCL_A0B8 (SEES3-1V human AR, clone1 )CVCL_A0B9 (SEES3-1V human AR, clone2 )CVCL_A0C0 (SEES3-1V human AR, clone3 )
CVCL_A0C1 (SEES3-1V human ARID3A, clone1 )CVCL_A0C2 (SEES3-1V human ARID3A, clone2 )CVCL_A0C3 (SEES3-1V human ARID3A, clone3 )
CVCL_A0C4 (SEES3-1V human ARID3B, clone1 )CVCL_A0C5 (SEES3-1V human ARID3B, clone2 )CVCL_A0C6 (SEES3-1V human ARID3B, clone3 )
CVCL_A0C7 (SEES3-1V human ARNT2, clone1 )CVCL_A0C8 (SEES3-1V human ARNT2, clone2 )CVCL_A0C9 (SEES3-1V human ARNT2, clone3 )
CVCL_A0D0 (SEES3-1V human ASCL1, clone1 )CVCL_A0D1 (SEES3-1V human ASCL1, clone2 )CVCL_A0D2 (SEES3-1V human ASCL1, clone3 )
CVCL_A0D3 (SEES3-1V human ASCL2, clone1 )CVCL_A0D4 (SEES3-1V human ASCL2, clone2 )CVCL_A0D5 (SEES3-1V human ASCL2, clone3 )
CVCL_A0D6 (SEES3-1V human ASH2L, clone1 )CVCL_A0D7 (SEES3-1V human ASH2L, clone2 )CVCL_A0D8 (SEES3-1V human ASH2L, clone3 )
CVCL_A0D9 (SEES3-1V human ATF1, clone1 )CVCL_A0E0 (SEES3-1V human ATF1, clone2 )CVCL_A0E1 (SEES3-1V human ATF1, clone3 )
CVCL_A0E2 (SEES3-1V human ATF2, clone1 )CVCL_A0E3 (SEES3-1V human ATF2, clone2 )CVCL_A0E4 (SEES3-1V human ATF2, clone3 )
CVCL_A0E5 (SEES3-1V human ATF3, clone1 )CVCL_A0E6 (SEES3-1V human ATF3, clone2 )CVCL_A0E7 (SEES3-1V human ATF3, clone3 )
CVCL_A0E8 (SEES3-1V human ATF4, clone1 )CVCL_A0E9 (SEES3-1V human ATF4, clone2 )CVCL_A0F0 (SEES3-1V human ATF4, clone3 )
CVCL_A0F1 (SEES3-1V human ATOH1, clone1 )CVCL_A0F2 (SEES3-1V human ATOH1, clone2 )CVCL_A0F3 (SEES3-1V human ATOH1, clone3 )
CVCL_A0F4 (SEES3-1V human ATOH7, clone1 )CVCL_A0F5 (SEES3-1V human ATOH7, clone2 )CVCL_A0F6 (SEES3-1V human ATOH7, clone3 )
CVCL_A0F7 (SEES3-1V human BACH1, clone1 )CVCL_A0F8 (SEES3-1V human BACH1, clone2 )CVCL_A0F9 (SEES3-1V human BACH1, clone3 )
CVCL_A0G0 (SEES3-1V human BANP, clone1 )CVCL_A0G1 (SEES3-1V human BANP, clone2 )CVCL_A0G2 (SEES3-1V human BANP, clone3 )
CVCL_A0G3 (SEES3-1V human BARHL2, clone1 )CVCL_A0G4 (SEES3-1V human BARHL2, clone2 )CVCL_A0G5 (SEES3-1V human BARHL2, clone3 )
CVCL_A0G6 (SEES3-1V human BARX2, clone1 )CVCL_A0G7 (SEES3-1V human BARX2, clone2 )CVCL_A0G8 (SEES3-1V human BARX2, clone3 )
CVCL_A0G9 (SEES3-1V human BATF, clone1 )CVCL_A0H0 (SEES3-1V human BATF, clone2 )CVCL_A0H1 (SEES3-1V human BATF, clone3 )
CVCL_A0H2 (SEES3-1V human BATF3, clone1 )CVCL_A0H3 (SEES3-1V human BATF3, clone2 )CVCL_A0H4 (SEES3-1V human BATF3, clone3 )
CVCL_A0H5 (SEES3-1V human BCL11A, clone1 )CVCL_A0H6 (SEES3-1V human BCL11A, clone2 )CVCL_A0H7 (SEES3-1V human BCL11A, clone3 )
CVCL_A0H8 (SEES3-1V human BCL6, clone1 )CVCL_A0H9 (SEES3-1V human BCL6, clone2 )CVCL_A0I0 (SEES3-1V human BCL6, clone3 )
CVCL_A0I1 (SEES3-1V human BHLHE40, clone1 )CVCL_A0I2 (SEES3-1V human BHLHE40, clone2 )CVCL_A0I3 (SEES3-1V human BHLHE40, clone3 )
CVCL_A0I4 (SEES3-1V human BLZF1, clone1 )CVCL_A0I5 (SEES3-1V human BLZF1, clone2 )CVCL_A0I6 (SEES3-1V human BLZF1, clone3 )
CVCL_A0I7 (SEES3-1V human BMI1, clone1 )CVCL_A0I8 (SEES3-1V human BMI1, clone3 )CVCL_A0I9 (SEES3-1V human BMP2, clone1 )
CVCL_A0J0 (SEES3-1V human BMP2, clone2 )CVCL_A0J1 (SEES3-1V human BMP2, clone3 )CVCL_A0J2 (SEES3-1V human BMP4, clone1 )
CVCL_A0J3 (SEES3-1V human BMP4, clone2 )CVCL_A0J4 (SEES3-1V human BMP4, clone3 )CVCL_A0J5 (SEES3-1V human BMP7, clone1 )
CVCL_A0J6 (SEES3-1V human BMP7, clone2 )CVCL_A0J7 (SEES3-1V human BMP7, clone3 )CVCL_A0J8 (SEES3-1V human BRF1, clone1 )
CVCL_A0J9 (SEES3-1V human BRF1, clone2 )CVCL_A0K0 (SEES3-1V human BRF1, clone3 )CVCL_A0K1 (SEES3-1V human BRF2, clone1 )
CVCL_A0K2 (SEES3-1V human BRF2, clone2 )CVCL_A0K3 (SEES3-1V human BRF2, clone3 )CVCL_A0K4 (SEES3-1V human CARM1, clone1 )
CVCL_A0K5 (SEES3-1V human CARM1, clone2 )CVCL_A0K6 (SEES3-1V human CARM1, clone3 )CVCL_A0K7 (SEES3-1V human CBFB, clone1 )
CVCL_A0K8 (SEES3-1V human CBFB, clone2 )CVCL_A0K9 (SEES3-1V human CBFB, clone3 )CVCL_A0L0 (SEES3-1V human CBX2, clone1 )
CVCL_A0L1 (SEES3-1V human CBX2, clone2 )CVCL_A0L2 (SEES3-1V human CBX2, clone3 )CVCL_A0L3 (SEES3-1V human CBX3, clone1 )
CVCL_A0L4 (SEES3-1V human CBX3, clone2 )CVCL_A0L5 (SEES3-1V human CBX3, clone3 )CVCL_A0L6 (SEES3-1V human CBX8, clone1 )
CVCL_A0L7 (SEES3-1V human CBX8, clone2 )CVCL_A0L8 (SEES3-1V human CBX8, clone3 )CVCL_A0L9 (SEES3-1V human CCNE1, clone1 )
CVCL_A0M0 (SEES3-1V human CCNE1, clone2 )CVCL_A0M1 (SEES3-1V human CCNE1, clone3 )CVCL_A0M2 (SEES3-1V human CDK9, clone1 )
CVCL_A0M3 (SEES3-1V human CDK9, clone2 )CVCL_A0M4 (SEES3-1V human CDK9, clone3 )CVCL_A0M5 (SEES3-1V human CDKN1B, clone1 )
CVCL_A0M6 (SEES3-1V human CDKN1B, clone2 )CVCL_A0M7 (SEES3-1V human CDKN1B, clone3 )CVCL_A0M8 (SEES3-1V human CDKN2D, clone1 )
CVCL_A0M9 (SEES3-1V human CDKN2D, clone2 )CVCL_A0N0 (SEES3-1V human CDKN2D, clone3 )CVCL_A0N1 (SEES3-1V human CDX2, clone1 )
CVCL_A0N2 (SEES3-1V human CDX2, clone2 )CVCL_A0N3 (SEES3-1V human CDX2, clone3 )CVCL_A0N4 (SEES3-1V human CDYL, clone1 )
CVCL_A0N5 (SEES3-1V human CDYL, clone2 )CVCL_A0N6 (SEES3-1V human CDYL, clone3 )CVCL_A0N7 (SEES3-1V human CDYL2, clone1 )
CVCL_A0N8 (SEES3-1V human CDYL2, clone2 )CVCL_A0N9 (SEES3-1V human CDYL2, clone3 )CVCL_A0P0 (SEES3-1V human CEBPA, clone1 )
CVCL_A0P1 (SEES3-1V human CEBPA, clone2 )CVCL_A0P2 (SEES3-1V human CEBPA, clone3 )CVCL_A0P3 (SEES3-1V human CEBPB, clone1 )
CVCL_A0P4 (SEES3-1V human CEBPB, clone2 )CVCL_A0P5 (SEES3-1V human CEBPB, clone3 )CVCL_A0P6 (SEES3-1V human CEBPD, clone1 )
CVCL_A0P7 (SEES3-1V human CEBPD, clone2 )CVCL_A0P8 (SEES3-1V human CEBPD, clone3 )CVCL_A0P9 (SEES3-1V human CEBPE, clone1 )
CVCL_A0Q0 (SEES3-1V human CEBPE, clone2 )CVCL_A0Q1 (SEES3-1V human CEBPE, clone3 )CVCL_A0Q2 (SEES3-1V human CEBPG, clone1 )
CVCL_A0Q3 (SEES3-1V human CEBPG, clone2 )CVCL_A0Q4 (SEES3-1V human CEBPG, clone3 )CVCL_A0Q5 (SEES3-1V human CERS2, clone1 )
CVCL_A0Q6 (SEES3-1V human CERS2, clone2 )CVCL_A0Q7 (SEES3-1V human CERS2, clone3 )CVCL_A0Q8 (SEES3-1V human CHD1, clone1 )
CVCL_A0Q9 (SEES3-1V human CHD1, clone2 )CVCL_A0R0 (SEES3-1V human CHD1, clone3 )CVCL_A0R1 (SEES3-1V human CHD4, clone1 )
CVCL_A0R2 (SEES3-1V human CHD4, clone2 )CVCL_A0R3 (SEES3-1V human CHD4, clone3 )CVCL_A0R4 (SEES3-1V human CHD5, clone1 )
CVCL_A0R5 (SEES3-1V human CHD5, clone2 )CVCL_A0R6 (SEES3-1V human CHD5, clone3 )CVCL_A0R7 (SEES3-1V human CITED1, clone1 )
CVCL_A0R8 (SEES3-1V human CITED1, clone2 )CVCL_A0R9 (SEES3-1V human CITED1, clone3 )CVCL_A0S0 (SEES3-1V human CREB1, clone1 )
CVCL_A0S1 (SEES3-1V human CREB1, clone2 )CVCL_A0S2 (SEES3-1V human CREB1, clone3 )CVCL_A0S3 (SEES3-1V human CREB3, clone1 )
CVCL_A0S4 (SEES3-1V human CREB3, clone2 )CVCL_A0S5 (SEES3-1V human CREB3, clone3 )CVCL_A0S6 (SEES3-1V human CRX, clone1 )
CVCL_A0S7 (SEES3-1V human CRX, clone2 )CVCL_A0S8 (SEES3-1V human CRX, clone3 )CVCL_A0S9 (SEES3-1V human CRY1, clone1 )
CVCL_A0T0 (SEES3-1V human CRY1, clone2 )CVCL_A0T1 (SEES3-1V human CRY1, clone3 )CVCL_A0T2 (SEES3-1V human CRY2, clone1 )
CVCL_A0T3 (SEES3-1V human CRY2, clone2 )CVCL_A0T4 (SEES3-1V human CRY2, clone3 )CVCL_A0T5 (SEES3-1V human CTBP1, clone1 )
CVCL_A0T6 (SEES3-1V human CTBP1, clone2 )CVCL_A0T7 (SEES3-1V human CTBP1, clone3 )CVCL_A0T8 (SEES3-1V human CTBP2, clone1 )
CVCL_A0T9 (SEES3-1V human CTBP2, clone2 )CVCL_A0U0 (SEES3-1V human CTBP2, clone3 )CVCL_A0U1 (SEES3-1V human CTCF, clone1 )
CVCL_A0U2 (SEES3-1V human CTCF, clone2 )CVCL_A0U3 (SEES3-1V human CTCF, clone3 )CVCL_A0U4 (SEES3-1V human CTCFL, clone1 )
CVCL_A0U5 (SEES3-1V human CTCFL, clone2 )CVCL_A0U6 (SEES3-1V human CTCFL, clone3 )CVCL_A0U7 (SEES3-1V human CTGF, clone1 )
CVCL_A0U8 (SEES3-1V human CTGF, clone2 )CVCL_A0U9 (SEES3-1V human CTGF, clone3 )CVCL_A0V0 (SEES3-1V human CTNNB1, clone1 )
CVCL_A0V1 (SEES3-1V human CTNNB1, clone2 )CVCL_A0V2 (SEES3-1V human CTNNB1, clone3 )CVCL_A0V3 (SEES3-1V human CUX1, clone1 )
CVCL_A0V4 (SEES3-1V human CUX1, clone2 )CVCL_A0V5 (SEES3-1V human CUX1, clone3 )CVCL_A0V6 (SEES3-1V human CXXC5, clone1 )
CVCL_A0V7 (SEES3-1V human CXXC5, clone2 )CVCL_A0V8 (SEES3-1V human CXXC5, clone3 )CVCL_A0V9 (SEES3-1V human DBX1, clone1 )
CVCL_A0W0 (SEES3-1V human DBX1, clone2 )CVCL_A0W1 (SEES3-1V human DBX1, clone3 )CVCL_A0W2 (SEES3-1V human DBX2, clone1 )
CVCL_A0W3 (SEES3-1V human DBX2, clone2 )CVCL_A0W4 (SEES3-1V human DBX2, clone3 )CVCL_A0W5 (SEES3-1V human DCP1A, clone1 )
CVCL_A0W6 (SEES3-1V human DCP1A, clone2 )CVCL_A0W7 (SEES3-1V human DCP1A, clone3 )CVCL_A0W8 (SEES3-1V human DCT, clone1 )
CVCL_A0W9 (SEES3-1V human DCT, clone2 )CVCL_A0X0 (SEES3-1V human DCT, clone3 )CVCL_A0X1 (SEES3-1V human DEDD2, clone1 )
CVCL_A0X2 (SEES3-1V human DEDD2, clone2 )CVCL_A0X3 (SEES3-1V human DEDD2, clone3 )CVCL_A0X4 (SEES3-1V human DLK1, clone1 )
CVCL_A0X5 (SEES3-1V human DLK1, clone2 )CVCL_A0X6 (SEES3-1V human DLK1, clone3 )CVCL_A0X7 (SEES3-1V human DLX1, clone1 )
CVCL_A0X8 (SEES3-1V human DLX1, clone2 )CVCL_A0X9 (SEES3-1V human DLX1, clone3 )CVCL_A0Y0 (SEES3-1V human DLX2, clone1 )
CVCL_A0Y1 (SEES3-1V human DLX2, clone2 )CVCL_A0Y2 (SEES3-1V human DLX2, clone3 )CVCL_A0Y3 (SEES3-1V human DLX3, clone1 )
CVCL_A0Y4 (SEES3-1V human DLX3, clone2 )CVCL_A0Y5 (SEES3-1V human DLX3, clone3 )CVCL_A0Y6 (SEES3-1V human DLX4, clone1 )
CVCL_A0Y7 (SEES3-1V human DLX4, clone2 )CVCL_A0Y8 (SEES3-1V human DLX4, clone3 )CVCL_A0Y9 (SEES3-1V human DLX5, clone1 )
CVCL_A0Z0 (SEES3-1V human DLX5, clone2 )CVCL_A0Z1 (SEES3-1V human DLX5, clone3 )CVCL_A0Z2 (SEES3-1V human DLX6, clone1 )
CVCL_A0Z3 (SEES3-1V human DLX6, clone2 )CVCL_A0Z4 (SEES3-1V human DLX6, clone3 )CVCL_A0Z5 (SEES3-1V human DMRT1, clone1 )
CVCL_A0Z6 (SEES3-1V human DMRT1, clone2 )CVCL_A0Z7 (SEES3-1V human DMRT1, clone3 )CVCL_A0Z8 (SEES3-1V human DMRT2, clone1 )
CVCL_A0Z9 (SEES3-1V human DMRT2, clone2 )CVCL_A1A0 (SEES3-1V human DMRT2, clone3 )CVCL_A1A1 (SEES3-1V human DMRTC2, clone1 )
CVCL_A1A2 (SEES3-1V human DMRTC2, clone2 )CVCL_A1A3 (SEES3-1V human DNMT3B, clone1 )CVCL_A1A4 (SEES3-1V human DNMT3B, clone2 )
CVCL_A1A5 (SEES3-1V human DNMT3B, clone3 )CVCL_A1A6 (SEES3-1V human DNMT3L, clone1 )CVCL_A1A7 (SEES3-1V human DNMT3L, clone2 )
CVCL_A1A8 (SEES3-1V human DNMT3L, clone3 )CVCL_A1A9 (SEES3-1V human DPF1, clone1 )CVCL_A1B0 (SEES3-1V human DPF1, clone2 )
CVCL_A1B1 (SEES3-1V human DPF1, clone3 )CVCL_A1B2 (SEES3-1V human DUX4, clone1 )CVCL_A1B3 (SEES3-1V human DUX4, clone2 )
CVCL_A1B4 (SEES3-1V human DUX4, clone3 )CVCL_A1B5 (SEES3-1V human DVL2, clone1 )CVCL_A1B6 (SEES3-1V human DVL2, clone2 )
CVCL_A1B7 (SEES3-1V human DVL2, clone3 )CVCL_A1B8 (SEES3-1V human E2F1, clone1 )CVCL_A1B9 (SEES3-1V human E2F1, clone2 )
CVCL_A1C0 (SEES3-1V human E2F1, clone3 )CVCL_A1C1 (SEES3-1V human E2F3, clone1 )CVCL_A1C2 (SEES3-1V human E2F3, clone2 )
CVCL_A1C3 (SEES3-1V human E2F3, clone3 )CVCL_A1C4 (SEES3-1V human E2F4, clone1 )CVCL_A1C5 (SEES3-1V human E2F4, clone2 )
CVCL_A1C6 (SEES3-1V human E2F4, clone3 )CVCL_A1C7 (SEES3-1V human E2F5, clone1 )CVCL_A1C8 (SEES3-1V human E2F5, clone2 )
CVCL_A1C9 (SEES3-1V human E2F5, clone3 )CVCL_A1D0 (SEES3-1V human E2F6, clone1 )CVCL_A1D1 (SEES3-1V human E2F6, clone2 )
CVCL_A1D2 (SEES3-1V human E2F6, clone3 )CVCL_A1D3 (SEES3-1V human E2F7, clone1 )CVCL_A1D4 (SEES3-1V human E2F7, clone2 )
CVCL_A1D5 (SEES3-1V human E2F7, clone3 )CVCL_A1D6 (SEES3-1V human EBF1, clone1 )CVCL_A1D7 (SEES3-1V human EBF1, clone2 )
CVCL_A1D8 (SEES3-1V human EBF1, clone3 )CVCL_A1D9 (SEES3-1V human EDF1, clone1 )CVCL_A1E0 (SEES3-1V human EDF1, clone2 )
CVCL_A1E1 (SEES3-1V human EDF1, clone3 )CVCL_A1E2 (SEES3-1V human EDN3, clone1 )CVCL_A1E3 (SEES3-1V human EDN3, clone2 )
CVCL_A1E4 (SEES3-1V human EDN3, clone3 )CVCL_A1E5 (SEES3-1V human EED, clone1 )CVCL_A1E6 (SEES3-1V human EED, clone2 )
CVCL_A1E7 (SEES3-1V human EED, clone3 )CVCL_A1E8 (SEES3-1V human EEF1A1, clone1 )CVCL_A1E9 (SEES3-1V human EEF1A1, clone2 )
CVCL_A1F0 (SEES3-1V human EEF1A1, clone3 )CVCL_A1F1 (SEES3-1V human EGFLAM, clone1 )CVCL_A1F2 (SEES3-1V human EGFLAM, clone2 )
CVCL_A1F3 (SEES3-1V human EGFLAM, clone3 )CVCL_A1F4 (SEES3-1V human EGR1, clone1 )CVCL_A1F5 (SEES3-1V human EGR1, clone2 )
CVCL_A1F6 (SEES3-1V human EGR1, clone3 )CVCL_A1F7 (SEES3-1V human EGR2, clone1 )CVCL_A1F8 (SEES3-1V human EGR2, clone2 )
CVCL_A1F9 (SEES3-1V human EGR2, clone3 )CVCL_A1G0 (SEES3-1V human EHF, clone1 )CVCL_A1G1 (SEES3-1V human EHF, clone2 )
CVCL_A1G2 (SEES3-1V human EHF, clone3 )CVCL_A1G3 (SEES3-1V human EIF4E, clone1 )CVCL_A1G4 (SEES3-1V human EIF4E, clone2 )
CVCL_A1G5 (SEES3-1V human EIF4E, clone3 )CVCL_A1G6 (SEES3-1V human ELF1, clone1 )CVCL_A1G7 (SEES3-1V human ELF1, clone2 )
CVCL_A1G8 (SEES3-1V human ELF1, clone3 )CVCL_A1G9 (SEES3-1V human ELF2, clone1 )CVCL_A1H0 (SEES3-1V human ELF2, clone2 )
CVCL_A1H1 (SEES3-1V human ELF2, clone3 )CVCL_A1H2 (SEES3-1V human ELF3, clone1 )CVCL_A1H3 (SEES3-1V human ELF3, clone2 )
CVCL_A1H4 (SEES3-1V human ELF3, clone3 )CVCL_A1H5 (SEES3-1V human ELF4, clone1 )CVCL_A1H6 (SEES3-1V human ELF4, clone2 )
CVCL_A1H7 (SEES3-1V human ELF4, clone3 )CVCL_A1H8 (SEES3-1V human ELF5, clone1 )CVCL_A1H9 (SEES3-1V human ELF5, clone2 )
CVCL_A1I0 (SEES3-1V human ELF5, clone3 )CVCL_A1I1 (SEES3-1V human ELF5, clone4 )CVCL_A1I2 (SEES3-1V human ELF5, clone5 )
CVCL_A1I3 (SEES3-1V human ELK1, clone1 )CVCL_A1I4 (SEES3-1V human ELK1, clone2 )CVCL_A1I5 (SEES3-1V human ELK1, clone3 )
CVCL_A1I6 (SEES3-1V human ELK3, clone1 )CVCL_A1I7 (SEES3-1V human ELK3, clone2 )CVCL_A1I8 (SEES3-1V human ELK3, clone3 )
CVCL_A1I9 (SEES3-1V human ELL2, clone1 )CVCL_A1J0 (SEES3-1V human ELL2, clone2 )CVCL_A1J1 (SEES3-1V human ELL2, clone3 )
CVCL_A1J2 (SEES3-1V human EMX2, clone1 )CVCL_A1J3 (SEES3-1V human EMX2, clone2 )CVCL_A1J4 (SEES3-1V human EMX2, clone3 )
CVCL_A1J5 (SEES3-1V human EN1, clone1 )CVCL_A1J6 (SEES3-1V human EN1, clone2 )CVCL_A1J7 (SEES3-1V human EN1, clone3 )
CVCL_A1J8 (SEES3-1V human EOMES, clone1 )CVCL_A1J9 (SEES3-1V human EOMES, clone2 )CVCL_A1K0 (SEES3-1V human EOMES, clone3 )
CVCL_A1K1 (SEES3-1V human ERG, clone1 )CVCL_A1K2 (SEES3-1V human ERG, clone2 )CVCL_A1K3 (SEES3-1V human ERG, clone3 )
CVCL_A1K4 (SEES3-1V human ESR1, clone1 )CVCL_A1K5 (SEES3-1V human ESR1, clone2 )CVCL_A1K6 (SEES3-1V human ESR1, clone3 )
CVCL_A1K7 (SEES3-1V human ESR2, clone1 )CVCL_A1K8 (SEES3-1V human ESR2, clone2 )CVCL_A1K9 (SEES3-1V human ESR2, clone3 )
CVCL_A1L0 (SEES3-1V human ESRRA, clone1 )CVCL_A1L1 (SEES3-1V human ESRRA, clone2 )CVCL_A1L2 (SEES3-1V human ESRRA, clone3 )
CVCL_A1L3 (SEES3-1V human ESRRB, clone1 )CVCL_A1L4 (SEES3-1V human ESRRB, clone2 )CVCL_A1L5 (SEES3-1V human ESRRB, clone3 )
CVCL_A1L6 (SEES3-1V human ESRRG, clone1 )CVCL_A1L7 (SEES3-1V human ESRRG, clone2 )CVCL_A1L8 (SEES3-1V human ESRRG, clone3 )
CVCL_A1L9 (SEES3-1V human ESX1, clone1 )CVCL_A1M0 (SEES3-1V human ESX1, clone2 )CVCL_A1M1 (SEES3-1V human ESX1, clone3 )
CVCL_A1M2 (SEES3-1V human ETS1, clone1 )CVCL_A1M3 (SEES3-1V human ETS1, clone2 )CVCL_A1M4 (SEES3-1V human ETS1, clone3 )
CVCL_A1M5 (SEES3-1V human ETS2, clone1 )CVCL_A1M6 (SEES3-1V human ETS2, clone2 )CVCL_A1M7 (SEES3-1V human ETS2, clone3 )
CVCL_A1M8 (SEES3-1V human ETV1, clone1 )CVCL_A1M9 (SEES3-1V human ETV1, clone2 )CVCL_A1N0 (SEES3-1V human ETV1, clone3 )
CVCL_A1N1 (SEES3-1V human ETV2, clone1 )CVCL_A1N2 (SEES3-1V human ETV2, clone2 )CVCL_A1N3 (SEES3-1V human ETV2, clone3 )
CVCL_A1N4 (SEES3-1V human ETV3, clone1 )CVCL_A1N5 (SEES3-1V human ETV3, clone2 )CVCL_A1N6 (SEES3-1V human ETV3, clone3 )
CVCL_A1N7 (SEES3-1V human ETV4, clone1 )CVCL_A1N8 (SEES3-1V human ETV4, clone2 )CVCL_A1N9 (SEES3-1V human ETV4, clone3 )
CVCL_A1P0 (SEES3-1V human ETV5, clone1 )CVCL_A1P1 (SEES3-1V human ETV5, clone2 )CVCL_A1P2 (SEES3-1V human ETV5, clone3 )
CVCL_A1P3 (SEES3-1V human ETV6, clone1 )CVCL_A1P4 (SEES3-1V human ETV6, clone2 )CVCL_A1P5 (SEES3-1V human ETV6, clone3 )
CVCL_A1P6 (SEES3-1V human EVX1, clone1 )CVCL_A1P7 (SEES3-1V human EVX1, clone2 )CVCL_A1P8 (SEES3-1V human EVX1, clone3 )
CVCL_A1P9 (SEES3-1V human EYA1, clone1 )CVCL_A1Q0 (SEES3-1V human EYA1, clone2 )CVCL_A1Q1 (SEES3-1V human EYA1, clone3 )
CVCL_A1Q2 (SEES3-1V human EZH2, clone1 )CVCL_A1Q3 (SEES3-1V human EZH2, clone2 )CVCL_A1Q4 (SEES3-1V human EZH2, clone3 )
CVCL_A1Q5 (SEES3-1V human FAM48A, clone1 )CVCL_A1Q6 (SEES3-1V human FAM48A, clone2 )CVCL_A1Q7 (SEES3-1V human FAM48A, clone3 )
CVCL_A1Q8 (SEES3-1V human FBXO15, clone1 )CVCL_A1Q9 (SEES3-1V human FBXO15, clone2 )CVCL_A1R0 (SEES3-1V human FBXO15, clone3 )
CVCL_A1R1 (SEES3-1V human FEM1B, clone1 )CVCL_A1R2 (SEES3-1V human FEM1B, clone2 )CVCL_A1R3 (SEES3-1V human FEM1B, clone3 )
CVCL_A1R4 (SEES3-1V human FERD3L, clone1 )CVCL_A1R5 (SEES3-1V human FERD3L, clone2 )CVCL_A1R6 (SEES3-1V human FERD3L, clone3 )
CVCL_A1R7 (SEES3-1V human FEV, clone1 )CVCL_A1R8 (SEES3-1V human FEV, clone2 )CVCL_A1R9 (SEES3-1V human FEV, clone3 )
CVCL_A1S0 (SEES3-1V human FGF1, clone1 )CVCL_A1S1 (SEES3-1V human FGF1, clone2 )CVCL_A1S2 (SEES3-1V human FGF1, clone3 )
CVCL_A1S3 (SEES3-1V human FGF10, clone1 )CVCL_A1S4 (SEES3-1V human FGF10, clone2 )CVCL_A1S5 (SEES3-1V human FGF10, clone3 )
CVCL_A1S6 (SEES3-1V human FGF18, clone1 )CVCL_A1S7 (SEES3-1V human FGF18, clone2 )CVCL_A1S8 (SEES3-1V human FGF18, clone3 )
CVCL_A1S9 (SEES3-1V human FGF21, clone1 )CVCL_A1T0 (SEES3-1V human FGF21, clone2 )CVCL_A1T1 (SEES3-1V human FGF21, clone3 )
CVCL_A1T2 (SEES3-1V human FGF4, clone1 )CVCL_A1T3 (SEES3-1V human FGF4, clone2 )CVCL_A1T4 (SEES3-1V human FGF4, clone3 )
CVCL_A1T5 (SEES3-1V human FGF7, clone1 )CVCL_A1T6 (SEES3-1V human FGF7, clone2 )CVCL_A1T7 (SEES3-1V human FGF7, clone3 )
CVCL_A1T8 (SEES3-1V human FGFBP1, clone1 )CVCL_A1T9 (SEES3-1V human FGFBP1, clone2 )CVCL_A1U0 (SEES3-1V human FGFBP1, clone3 )
CVCL_A1U1 (SEES3-1V human FGR, clone1 )CVCL_A1U2 (SEES3-1V human FGR, clone2 )CVCL_A1U3 (SEES3-1V human FGR, clone3 )
CVCL_A1U4 (SEES3-1V human FIGLA, clone1 )CVCL_A1U5 (SEES3-1V human FIGLA, clone2 )CVCL_A1U6 (SEES3-1V human FIGLA, clone3 )
CVCL_A1U7 (SEES3-1V human FLI1, clone1 )CVCL_A1U8 (SEES3-1V human FLI1, clone2 )CVCL_A1U9 (SEES3-1V human FLI1, clone3 )
CVCL_A1V0 (SEES3-1V human FOS, clone1 )CVCL_A1V1 (SEES3-1V human FOS, clone2 )CVCL_A1V2 (SEES3-1V human FOS, clone3 )
CVCL_A1V3 (SEES3-1V human FOSB, clone1 )CVCL_A1V4 (SEES3-1V human FOSB, clone2 )CVCL_A1V5 (SEES3-1V human FOSB, clone3 )
CVCL_A1V6 (SEES3-1V human FOSL1, clone1 )CVCL_A1V7 (SEES3-1V human FOSL1, clone2 )CVCL_A1V8 (SEES3-1V human FOSL1, clone3 )
CVCL_A1V9 (SEES3-1V human FOSL2, clone1 )CVCL_A1W0 (SEES3-1V human FOSL2, clone2 )CVCL_A1W1 (SEES3-1V human FOSL2, clone3 )
CVCL_A1W2 (SEES3-1V human FOXA1, clone1 )CVCL_A1W3 (SEES3-1V human FOXA1, clone2 )CVCL_A1W4 (SEES3-1V human FOXA1, clone3 )
CVCL_A1W5 (SEES3-1V human FOXA2, clone1 )CVCL_A1W6 (SEES3-1V human FOXA2, clone2 )CVCL_A1W7 (SEES3-1V human FOXA2, clone3 )
CVCL_A1W8 (SEES3-1V human FOXB1, clone1 )CVCL_A1W9 (SEES3-1V human FOXB1, clone2 )CVCL_A1X0 (SEES3-1V human FOXB1, clone3 )
CVCL_A1X1 (SEES3-1V human FOXC1, clone1 )CVCL_A1X2 (SEES3-1V human FOXC1, clone2 )CVCL_A1X3 (SEES3-1V human FOXC1, clone3 )
CVCL_A1X4 (SEES3-1V human FOXC2, clone1 )CVCL_A1X5 (SEES3-1V human FOXC2, clone2 )CVCL_A1X6 (SEES3-1V human FOXC2, clone3 )
CVCL_A1X7 (SEES3-1V human FOXD1, clone1 )CVCL_A1X8 (SEES3-1V human FOXD1, clone2 )CVCL_A1X9 (SEES3-1V human FOXD1, clone3 )
CVCL_A1Y0 (SEES3-1V human FOXD3, clone1 )CVCL_A1Y1 (SEES3-1V human FOXD3, clone2 )CVCL_A1Y2 (SEES3-1V human FOXD3, clone3 )
CVCL_A1Y3 (SEES3-1V human FOXD4L1, clone1 )CVCL_A1Y4 (SEES3-1V human FOXD4L1, clone2 )CVCL_A1Y5 (SEES3-1V human FOXD4L3, clone1 )
CVCL_A1Y6 (SEES3-1V human FOXD4L3, clone2 )CVCL_A1Y7 (SEES3-1V human FOXD4L3, clone3 )CVCL_A1Y8 (SEES3-1V human FOXD4L4, clone1 )
CVCL_A1Y9 (SEES3-1V human FOXD4L4, clone2 )CVCL_A1Z0 (SEES3-1V human FOXD4L4, clone3 )CVCL_A1Z1 (SEES3-1V human FOXE1, clone1 )
CVCL_A1Z2 (SEES3-1V human FOXE1, clone2 )CVCL_A1Z3 (SEES3-1V human FOXE1, clone3 )CVCL_A1Z4 (SEES3-1V human FOXE3, clone1 )
CVCL_A1Z5 (SEES3-1V human FOXE3, clone2 )CVCL_A1Z6 (SEES3-1V human FOXE3, clone3 )CVCL_A1Z7 (SEES3-1V human FOXF1, clone1 )
CVCL_A1Z8 (SEES3-1V human FOXF1, clone2 )CVCL_A1Z9 (SEES3-1V human FOXF1, clone3 )CVCL_A2A0 (SEES3-1V human FOXG1, clone1 )
CVCL_A2A1 (SEES3-1V human FOXG1, clone2 )CVCL_A2A2 (SEES3-1V human FOXG1, clone3 )CVCL_A2A3 (SEES3-1V human FOXH1, clone1 )
CVCL_A2A4 (SEES3-1V human FOXH1, clone2 )CVCL_A2A5 (SEES3-1V human FOXH1, clone3 )CVCL_A2A6 (SEES3-1V human FOXJ1, clone1 )
CVCL_A2A7 (SEES3-1V human FOXJ1, clone2 )CVCL_A2A8 (SEES3-1V human FOXJ1, clone3 )CVCL_A2A9 (SEES3-1V human FOXJ2, clone1 )
CVCL_A2B0 (SEES3-1V human FOXJ2, clone2 )CVCL_A2B1 (SEES3-1V human FOXJ2, clone3 )CVCL_A2B2 (SEES3-1V human FOXL1, clone1 )
CVCL_A2B3 (SEES3-1V human FOXL1, clone2 )CVCL_A2B4 (SEES3-1V human FOXL1, clone3 )CVCL_A2B5 (SEES3-1V human FOXL2, clone1 )
CVCL_A2B6 (SEES3-1V human FOXL2, clone2 )CVCL_A2B7 (SEES3-1V human FOXL2, clone3 )CVCL_A2B8 (SEES3-1V human FOXM1, clone1 )
CVCL_A2B9 (SEES3-1V human FOXM1, clone2 )CVCL_A2C0 (SEES3-1V human FOXM1, clone3 )CVCL_A2C1 (SEES3-1V human FOXN1, clone1 )
CVCL_A2C2 (SEES3-1V human FOXN1, clone2 )CVCL_A2C3 (SEES3-1V human FOXN1, clone3 )CVCL_A2C4 (SEES3-1V human FOXN3, clone1 )
CVCL_A2C5 (SEES3-1V human FOXN3, clone2 )CVCL_A2C6 (SEES3-1V human FOXN3, clone3 )CVCL_A2C7 (SEES3-1V human FOXO3, clone1 )
CVCL_A2C8 (SEES3-1V human FOXO3, clone2 )CVCL_A2C9 (SEES3-1V human FOXO3, clone3 )CVCL_A2D0 (SEES3-1V human FOXP1, clone1 )
CVCL_A2D1 (SEES3-1V human FOXP1, clone2 )CVCL_A2D2 (SEES3-1V human FOXP1, clone3 )CVCL_A2D3 (SEES3-1V human FOXP3, clone1 )
CVCL_A2D4 (SEES3-1V human FOXP3, clone2 )CVCL_A2D5 (SEES3-1V human FOXP3, clone3 )CVCL_A2D6 (SEES3-1V human FOXS1, clone1 )
CVCL_A2D7 (SEES3-1V human FOXS1, clone2 )CVCL_A2D8 (SEES3-1V human FOXS1, clone3 )CVCL_A2D9 (SEES3-1V human FUBP1, clone1 )
CVCL_A2E0 (SEES3-1V human FUBP1, clone2 )CVCL_A2E1 (SEES3-1V human FUBP1, clone3 )CVCL_A2E2 (SEES3-1V human FXR1, clone1 )
CVCL_A2E3 (SEES3-1V human FXR1, clone2 )CVCL_A2E4 (SEES3-1V human FXR1, clone3 )CVCL_A2E5 (SEES3-1V human GABPA, clone1 )
CVCL_A2E6 (SEES3-1V human GABPA, clone2 )CVCL_A2E7 (SEES3-1V human GABPA, clone3 )CVCL_A2E8 (SEES3-1V human GADD45A, clone1 )
CVCL_A2E9 (SEES3-1V human GADD45A, clone2 )CVCL_A2F0 (SEES3-1V human GADD45A, clone3 )CVCL_A2F1 (SEES3-1V human GATA1, clone1 )
CVCL_A2F2 (SEES3-1V human GATA1, clone2 )CVCL_A2F3 (SEES3-1V human GATA1, clone3 )CVCL_A2F4 (SEES3-1V human GATA2, clone1 )
CVCL_A2F5 (SEES3-1V human GATA2, clone2 )CVCL_A2F6 (SEES3-1V human GATA2, clone3 )CVCL_A2F7 (SEES3-1V human GATA3, clone1 )
CVCL_A2F8 (SEES3-1V human GATA3, clone2 )CVCL_A2F9 (SEES3-1V human GATA3, clone3 )CVCL_A2G0 (SEES3-1V human GATA6, clone1 )
CVCL_A2G1 (SEES3-1V human GATA6, clone2 )CVCL_A2G2 (SEES3-1V human GATA6, clone3 )CVCL_A2G3 (SEES3-1V human GBX2, clone1 )
CVCL_A2G4 (SEES3-1V human GBX2, clone2 )CVCL_A2G5 (SEES3-1V human GBX2, clone3 )CVCL_A2G6 (SEES3-1V human GLI1, clone1 )
CVCL_A2G7 (SEES3-1V human GLI1, clone2 )CVCL_A2G8 (SEES3-1V human GLI1, clone3 )CVCL_A2G9 (SEES3-1V human GLI4, clone1 )
CVCL_A2H0 (SEES3-1V human GLI4, clone2 )CVCL_A2H1 (SEES3-1V human GLI4, clone3 )CVCL_A2H2 (SEES3-1V human GLIS2, clone1 )
CVCL_A2H3 (SEES3-1V human GLIS2, clone2 )CVCL_A2H4 (SEES3-1V human GLIS2, clone3 )CVCL_A2H5 (SEES3-1V human GPBP1L1, clone1 )
CVCL_A2H6 (SEES3-1V human GPBP1L1, clone2 )CVCL_A2H7 (SEES3-1V human GPBP1L1, clone3 )CVCL_A2H8 (SEES3-1V human GRHL2, clone1 )
CVCL_A2H9 (SEES3-1V human GRHL2, clone2 )CVCL_A2I0 (SEES3-1V human GRHL2, clone3 )CVCL_A2I1 (SEES3-1V human GSC, clone1 )
CVCL_A2I2 (SEES3-1V human GSC, clone2 )CVCL_A2I3 (SEES3-1V human GSC, clone3 )CVCL_A2I4 (SEES3-1V human GTF2B, clone1 )
CVCL_A2I5 (SEES3-1V human GTF2B, clone2 )CVCL_A2I6 (SEES3-1V human GTF2B, clone3 )CVCL_A2I7 (SEES3-1V human GTF2F1, clone1 )
CVCL_A2I8 (SEES3-1V human GTF2F1, clone2 )CVCL_A2I9 (SEES3-1V human GTF2F1, clone3 )CVCL_A2J0 (SEES3-1V human GTF2H4, clone1 )
CVCL_A2J1 (SEES3-1V human GTF2H4, clone2 )CVCL_A2J2 (SEES3-1V human GTF2H4, clone3 )CVCL_A2J3 (SEES3-1V human GTF3C2, clone1 )
CVCL_A2J4 (SEES3-1V human GTF3C2, clone2 )CVCL_A2J5 (SEES3-1V human GTF3C2, clone3 )CVCL_A2J6 (SEES3-1V human GTF3C5, clone1 )
CVCL_A2J7 (SEES3-1V human GTF3C5, clone2 )CVCL_A2J8 (SEES3-1V human GTF3C5, clone3 )CVCL_A2J9 (SEES3-1V human H2AFX, clone1 )
CVCL_A2K0 (SEES3-1V human H2AFX, clone2 )CVCL_A2K1 (SEES3-1V human H2AFX, clone3 )CVCL_A2K2 (SEES3-1V human H2AFY, clone1 )
CVCL_A2K3 (SEES3-1V human H2AFY, clone2 )CVCL_A2K4 (SEES3-1V human H2AFY, clone3 )CVCL_A2K5 (SEES3-1V human H2AFY2, clone1 )
CVCL_A2K6 (SEES3-1V human H2AFY2, clone2 )CVCL_A2K7 (SEES3-1V human H2AFY2, clone3 )CVCL_A2K8 (SEES3-1V human H2AFZ, clone1 )
CVCL_A2K9 (SEES3-1V human H2AFZ, clone2 )CVCL_A2L0 (SEES3-1V human H2AFZ, clone3 )CVCL_A2L1 (SEES3-1V human H3F3A, clone1 )
CVCL_A2L2 (SEES3-1V human H3F3A, clone2 )CVCL_A2L3 (SEES3-1V human H3F3A, clone3 )CVCL_A2L4 (SEES3-1V human HCFC1, clone1 )
CVCL_A2L5 (SEES3-1V human HCFC1, clone2 )CVCL_A2L6 (SEES3-1V human HCFC1, clone3 )CVCL_A2L7 (SEES3-1V human HDAC1, clone1 )
CVCL_A2L8 (SEES3-1V human HDAC1, clone2 )CVCL_A2L9 (SEES3-1V human HDAC1, clone3 )CVCL_A2M0 (SEES3-1V human HDAC2, clone1 )
CVCL_A2M1 (SEES3-1V human HDAC2, clone2 )CVCL_A2M2 (SEES3-1V human HDAC2, clone3 )CVCL_A2M3 (SEES3-1V human HDAC3, clone1 )
CVCL_A2M4 (SEES3-1V human HDAC3, clone2 )CVCL_A2M5 (SEES3-1V human HDAC6, clone1 )CVCL_A2M6 (SEES3-1V human HDAC6, clone2 )
CVCL_A2M7 (SEES3-1V human HDAC6, clone3 )CVCL_A2M8 (SEES3-1V human HDAC8, clone1 )CVCL_A2M9 (SEES3-1V human HDAC8, clone2 )
CVCL_A2N0 (SEES3-1V human HDAC8, clone3 )CVCL_A2N1 (SEES3-1V human HDGF, clone1 )CVCL_A2N2 (SEES3-1V human HDGF, clone2 )
CVCL_A2N3 (SEES3-1V human HDGF, clone3 )CVCL_A2N4 (SEES3-1V human HES1, clone1 )CVCL_A2N5 (SEES3-1V human HES1, clone2 )
CVCL_A2N6 (SEES3-1V human HES1, clone3 )CVCL_A2N7 (SEES3-1V human HES6, clone1 )CVCL_A2N8 (SEES3-1V human HES6, clone2 )
CVCL_A2N9 (SEES3-1V human HES6, clone3 )CVCL_A2P0 (SEES3-1V human HESX1, clone1 )CVCL_A2P1 (SEES3-1V human HESX1, clone2 )
CVCL_A2P2 (SEES3-1V human HESX1, clone3 )CVCL_A2P3 (SEES3-1V human HEY1, clone1 )CVCL_A2P4 (SEES3-1V human HEY1, clone2 )
CVCL_A2P5 (SEES3-1V human HEY1, clone3 )CVCL_A2P6 (SEES3-1V human HEY2, clone1 )CVCL_A2P7 (SEES3-1V human HEY2, clone2 )
CVCL_A2P8 (SEES3-1V human HEY2, clone3 )CVCL_A2P9 (SEES3-1V human HGF, clone1 )CVCL_A2Q0 (SEES3-1V human HGF, clone2 )
CVCL_A2Q1 (SEES3-1V human HGF, clone3 )CVCL_A2Q2 (SEES3-1V human HHEX, clone1 )CVCL_A2Q3 (SEES3-1V human HHEX, clone2 )
CVCL_A2Q4 (SEES3-1V human HHEX, clone3 )CVCL_A2Q5 (SEES3-1V human HIC2, clone1 )CVCL_A2Q6 (SEES3-1V human HIC2, clone2 )
CVCL_A2Q7 (SEES3-1V human HIC2, clone3 )CVCL_A2Q8 (SEES3-1V human HIST2H2AC, clone1 )CVCL_A2Q9 (SEES3-1V human HIST2H2AC, clone2 )
CVCL_A2R0 (SEES3-1V human HIST2H2AC, clone3 )CVCL_A2R1 (SEES3-1V human HIST2H3C, clone1 )CVCL_A2R2 (SEES3-1V human HIST2H3C, clone2 )
CVCL_A2R3 (SEES3-1V human HIST2H3C, clone3 )CVCL_A2R4 (SEES3-1V human HIST2H4A, clone1 )CVCL_A2R5 (SEES3-1V human HIST2H4A, clone2 )
CVCL_A2R6 (SEES3-1V human HIST2H4A, clone3 )CVCL_A2R7 (SEES3-1V human HLX, clone1 )CVCL_A2R8 (SEES3-1V human HLX, clone2 )
CVCL_A2R9 (SEES3-1V human HLX, clone3 )CVCL_A2S0 (SEES3-1V human HMG2L1, clone1 )CVCL_A2S1 (SEES3-1V human HMG2L1, clone2 )
CVCL_A2S2 (SEES3-1V human HMG2L1, clone3 )CVCL_A2S3 (SEES3-1V human HMGA1, clone1 )CVCL_A2S4 (SEES3-1V human HMGA1, clone2 )
CVCL_A2S5 (SEES3-1V human HMGA1, clone3 )CVCL_A2S6 (SEES3-1V human HMGA2, clone1 )CVCL_A2S7 (SEES3-1V human HMGA2, clone2 )
CVCL_A2S8 (SEES3-1V human HMGA2, clone3 )CVCL_A2S9 (SEES3-1V human HMGB1, clone1 )CVCL_A2T0 (SEES3-1V human HMGB1, clone2 )
CVCL_A2T1 (SEES3-1V human HMGB1, clone3 )CVCL_A2T2 (SEES3-1V human HMGB2, clone1 )CVCL_A2T3 (SEES3-1V human HMGB2, clone2 )
CVCL_A2T4 (SEES3-1V human HMGB2, clone3 )CVCL_A2T5 (SEES3-1V human HMGN1, clone1 )CVCL_A2T6 (SEES3-1V human HMGN1, clone2 )
CVCL_A2T7 (SEES3-1V human HMGN1, clone3 )CVCL_A2T8 (SEES3-1V human HMGN3, clone1 )CVCL_A2T9 (SEES3-1V human HMGN3, clone2 )
CVCL_A2U0 (SEES3-1V human HMGN3, clone3 )CVCL_A2U1 (SEES3-1V human HMX1, clone1 )CVCL_A2U2 (SEES3-1V human HMX1, clone2 )
CVCL_A2U3 (SEES3-1V human HMX1, clone3 )CVCL_A2U4 (SEES3-1V human HMX2, clone1 )CVCL_A2U5 (SEES3-1V human HMX2, clone2 )
CVCL_A2U6 (SEES3-1V human HNF1A, clone1 )CVCL_A2U7 (SEES3-1V human HNF1A, clone2 )CVCL_A2U8 (SEES3-1V human HNF1A, clone3 )
CVCL_A2U9 (SEES3-1V human HNF4A, clone1 )CVCL_A2V0 (SEES3-1V human HNF4A, clone2 )CVCL_A2V1 (SEES3-1V human HNF4A, clone3 )
CVCL_A2V2 (SEES3-1V human HNF4G, clone1 )CVCL_A2V3 (SEES3-1V human HNF4G, clone2 )CVCL_A2V4 (SEES3-1V human HNF4G, clone3 )
CVCL_A2V5 (SEES3-1V human HNRNPD, clone1 )CVCL_A2V6 (SEES3-1V human HNRNPD, clone2 )CVCL_A2V7 (SEES3-1V human HNRNPD, clone3 )
CVCL_A2V8 (SEES3-1V human HOPX, clone1 )CVCL_A2V9 (SEES3-1V human HOPX, clone2 )CVCL_A2W0 (SEES3-1V human HOPX, clone3 )
CVCL_A2W1 (SEES3-1V human HOXA1, clone1 )CVCL_A2W2 (SEES3-1V human HOXA1, clone2 )CVCL_A2W3 (SEES3-1V human HOXA1, clone3 )
CVCL_A2W4 (SEES3-1V human HOXA10, clone1 )CVCL_A2W5 (SEES3-1V human HOXA10, clone2 )CVCL_A2W6 (SEES3-1V human HOXA10, clone3 )
CVCL_A2W7 (SEES3-1V human HOXA2, clone1 )CVCL_A2W8 (SEES3-1V human HOXA2, clone2 )CVCL_A2W9 (SEES3-1V human HOXA2, clone3 )
CVCL_A2X0 (SEES3-1V human HOXA3, clone1 )CVCL_A2X1 (SEES3-1V human HOXA3, clone2 )CVCL_A2X2 (SEES3-1V human HOXA3, clone3 )
CVCL_A2X3 (SEES3-1V human HOXA5, clone1 )CVCL_A2X4 (SEES3-1V human HOXA5, clone2 )CVCL_A2X5 (SEES3-1V human HOXA5, clone3 )
CVCL_A2X6 (SEES3-1V human HOXA7, clone1 )CVCL_A2X7 (SEES3-1V human HOXA7, clone2 )CVCL_A2X8 (SEES3-1V human HOXA7, clone3 )
CVCL_A2X9 (SEES3-1V human HOXA9, clone1 )CVCL_A2Y0 (SEES3-1V human HOXA9, clone2 )CVCL_A2Y1 (SEES3-1V human HOXB1, clone1 )
CVCL_A2Y2 (SEES3-1V human HOXB1, clone2 )CVCL_A2Y3 (SEES3-1V human HOXB1, clone3 )CVCL_A2Y4 (SEES3-1V human HOXB3, clone1 )
CVCL_A2Y5 (SEES3-1V human HOXB3, clone2 )CVCL_A2Y6 (SEES3-1V human HOXB3, clone3 )CVCL_A2Y7 (SEES3-1V human HOXB4, clone1 )
CVCL_A2Y8 (SEES3-1V human HOXB4, clone2 )CVCL_A2Y9 (SEES3-1V human HOXB4, clone3 )CVCL_A2Z0 (SEES3-1V human HOXB6, clone1 )
CVCL_A2Z1 (SEES3-1V human HOXB6, clone2 )CVCL_A2Z2 (SEES3-1V human HOXB6, clone3 )CVCL_A2Z3 (SEES3-1V human HOXC13, clone1 )
CVCL_A2Z4 (SEES3-1V human HOXC13, clone2 )CVCL_A2Z5 (SEES3-1V human HOXC13, clone3 )CVCL_A2Z6 (SEES3-1V human HOXC5, clone1 )
CVCL_A2Z7 (SEES3-1V human HOXC5, clone2 )CVCL_A2Z8 (SEES3-1V human HOXC5, clone3 )CVCL_A2Z9 (SEES3-1V human HOXC8, clone1 )
CVCL_A3A0 (SEES3-1V human HOXC8, clone2 )CVCL_A3A1 (SEES3-1V human HOXC8, clone3 )CVCL_A3A2 (SEES3-1V human HOXC9, clone1 )
CVCL_A3A3 (SEES3-1V human HOXC9, clone2 )CVCL_A3A4 (SEES3-1V human HOXC9, clone3 )CVCL_A3A5 (SEES3-1V human HOXD1, clone1 )
CVCL_A3A6 (SEES3-1V human HOXD1, clone2 )CVCL_A3A7 (SEES3-1V human HOXD1, clone3 )CVCL_A3A8 (SEES3-1V human HOXD10, clone1 )
CVCL_A3A9 (SEES3-1V human HOXD10, clone2 )CVCL_A3B0 (SEES3-1V human HOXD10, clone3 )CVCL_A3B1 (SEES3-1V human HOXD13, clone1 )
CVCL_A3B2 (SEES3-1V human HOXD13, clone2 )CVCL_A3B3 (SEES3-1V human HOXD13, clone3 )CVCL_A3B4 (SEES3-1V human HOXD3, clone1 )
CVCL_A3B5 (SEES3-1V human HOXD3, clone2 )CVCL_A3B6 (SEES3-1V human HOXD3, clone3 )CVCL_A3B7 (SEES3-1V human HSF1, clone1 )
CVCL_A3B8 (SEES3-1V human HSF1, clone2 )CVCL_A3B9 (SEES3-1V human HSF1, clone3 )CVCL_A3C0 (SEES3-1V human HSF4, clone1 )
CVCL_A3C1 (SEES3-1V human HSF4, clone2 )CVCL_A3C2 (SEES3-1V human HSF4, clone3 )CVCL_A3C3 (SEES3-1V human HSFX1, clone1 )
CVCL_A3C4 (SEES3-1V human HSFX1, clone2 )CVCL_A3C5 (SEES3-1V human HSFX1, clone3 )CVCL_A3C6 (SEES3-1V human HSFY2, clone1 )
CVCL_A3C7 (SEES3-1V human HSFY2, clone2 )CVCL_A3C8 (SEES3-1V human HSFY2, clone3 )CVCL_A3C9 (SEES3-1V human ID1, clone1 )
CVCL_A3D0 (SEES3-1V human ID1, clone2 )CVCL_A3D1 (SEES3-1V human ID1, clone3 )CVCL_A3D2 (SEES3-1V human ID3, clone1 )
CVCL_A3D3 (SEES3-1V human ID3, clone2 )CVCL_A3D4 (SEES3-1V human ID3, clone3 )CVCL_A3D5 (SEES3-1V human IGF1, clone1 )
CVCL_A3D6 (SEES3-1V human IGF1, clone2 )CVCL_A3D7 (SEES3-1V human IGF1, clone3 )CVCL_A3D8 (SEES3-1V human IKZF1, clone1 )
CVCL_A3D9 (SEES3-1V human IKZF1, clone2 )CVCL_A3E0 (SEES3-1V human IKZF1, clone3 )CVCL_A3E1 (SEES3-1V human IKZF5, clone1 )
CVCL_A3E2 (SEES3-1V human IKZF5, clone2 )CVCL_A3E3 (SEES3-1V human IKZF5, clone3 )CVCL_A3E4 (SEES3-1V human ILF2, clone1 )
CVCL_A3E5 (SEES3-1V human ILF2, clone2 )CVCL_A3E6 (SEES3-1V human ILF2, clone3 )CVCL_A3E7 (SEES3-1V human IRF1, clone1 )
CVCL_A3E8 (SEES3-1V human IRF1, clone2 )CVCL_A3E9 (SEES3-1V human IRF1, clone3 )CVCL_A3F0 (SEES3-1V human IRF2, clone1 )
CVCL_A3F1 (SEES3-1V human IRF2, clone2 )CVCL_A3F2 (SEES3-1V human IRF2, clone3 )CVCL_A3F3 (SEES3-1V human IRF2BP2, clone1 )
CVCL_A3F4 (SEES3-1V human IRF2BP2, clone2 )CVCL_A3F5 (SEES3-1V human IRF2BP2, clone3 )CVCL_A3F6 (SEES3-1V human IRF3, clone1 )
CVCL_A3F7 (SEES3-1V human IRF3, clone2 )CVCL_A3F8 (SEES3-1V human IRF3, clone3 )CVCL_A3F9 (SEES3-1V human IRF4, clone1 )
CVCL_A3G0 (SEES3-1V human IRF4, clone2 )CVCL_A3G1 (SEES3-1V human IRF4, clone3 )CVCL_A3G2 (SEES3-1V human IRF5, clone1 )
CVCL_A3G3 (SEES3-1V human IRF5, clone2 )CVCL_A3G4 (SEES3-1V human IRF5, clone3 )CVCL_A3G5 (SEES3-1V human IRF6, clone1 )
CVCL_A3G6 (SEES3-1V human IRF6, clone2 )CVCL_A3G7 (SEES3-1V human IRF6, clone3 )CVCL_A3G8 (SEES3-1V human IRF7, clone1 )
CVCL_A3G9 (SEES3-1V human IRF7, clone2 )CVCL_A3H0 (SEES3-1V human IRF7, clone3 )CVCL_A3H1 (SEES3-1V human IRF8, clone1 )
CVCL_A3H2 (SEES3-1V human IRF8, clone2 )CVCL_A3H3 (SEES3-1V human IRF8, clone3 )CVCL_A3H4 (SEES3-1V human IRF9, clone1 )
CVCL_A3H5 (SEES3-1V human IRF9, clone2 )CVCL_A3H6 (SEES3-1V human IRF9, clone3 )CVCL_A3H7 (SEES3-1V human IRX1, clone1 )
CVCL_A3H8 (SEES3-1V human IRX1, clone2 )CVCL_A3H9 (SEES3-1V human IRX1, clone3 )CVCL_A3I0 (SEES3-1V human IRX2, clone1 )
CVCL_A3I1 (SEES3-1V human IRX2, clone2 )CVCL_A3I2 (SEES3-1V human IRX2, clone3 )CVCL_A3I3 (SEES3-1V human ISL1, clone1 )
CVCL_A3I4 (SEES3-1V human ISL1, clone2 )CVCL_A3I5 (SEES3-1V human ISL1, clone3 )CVCL_A3I6 (SEES3-1V human ISL2, clone1 )
CVCL_A3I7 (SEES3-1V human ISL2, clone2 )CVCL_A3I8 (SEES3-1V human ISL2, clone3 )CVCL_A3I9 (SEES3-1V human JAG1, clone1 )
CVCL_A3J0 (SEES3-1V human JAG1, clone2 )CVCL_A3J1 (SEES3-1V human JAG1, clone3 )CVCL_A3J2 (SEES3-1V human JARID2, clone1 )
CVCL_A3J3 (SEES3-1V human JARID2, clone2 )CVCL_A3J4 (SEES3-1V human JARID2, clone3 )CVCL_A3J5 (SEES3-1V human JUN, clone1 )
CVCL_A3J6 (SEES3-1V human JUN, clone2 )CVCL_A3J7 (SEES3-1V human JUN, clone3 )CVCL_A3J8 (SEES3-1V human JUNB, clone1 )
CVCL_A3J9 (SEES3-1V human JUNB, clone2 )CVCL_A3K0 (SEES3-1V human JUNB, clone3 )CVCL_A3K1 (SEES3-1V human JUND, clone1 )
CVCL_A3K2 (SEES3-1V human JUND, clone2 )CVCL_A3K3 (SEES3-1V human JUND, clone3 )CVCL_A3K4 (SEES3-1V human KAT2A, clone1 )
CVCL_A3K5 (SEES3-1V human KAT2A, clone2 )CVCL_A3K6 (SEES3-1V human KAT2A, clone3 )CVCL_A3K7 (SEES3-1V human KAT6A, clone1 )
CVCL_A3K8 (SEES3-1V human KAT6A, clone2 )CVCL_A3K9 (SEES3-1V human KAT6A, clone3 )CVCL_A3L0 (SEES3-1V human KAT8, clone1 )
CVCL_A3L1 (SEES3-1V human KAT8, clone2 )CVCL_A3L2 (SEES3-1V human KAT8, clone3 )CVCL_A3L3 (SEES3-1V human KDM1A, clone1 )
CVCL_A3L4 (SEES3-1V human KDM1A, clone2 )CVCL_A3L5 (SEES3-1V human KDM1A, clone3 )CVCL_A3L6 (SEES3-1V human KDM3A, clone1 )
CVCL_A3L7 (SEES3-1V human KDM3A, clone2 )CVCL_A3L8 (SEES3-1V human KDM3A, clone3 )CVCL_A3L9 (SEES3-1V human KDM4C, clone1 )
CVCL_A3M0 (SEES3-1V human KDM4C, clone2 )CVCL_A3M1 (SEES3-1V human KDM4C, clone3 )CVCL_A3M2 (SEES3-1V human KDM5A, clone1 )
CVCL_A3M3 (SEES3-1V human KDM5A, clone2 )CVCL_A3M4 (SEES3-1V human KDM5A, clone3 )CVCL_A3M5 (SEES3-1V human KDM5B, clone1 )
CVCL_A3M6 (SEES3-1V human KDM5B, clone2 )CVCL_A3M7 (SEES3-1V human KDM5B, clone3 )CVCL_A3M8 (SEES3-1V human KITLG, clone1 )
CVCL_A3M9 (SEES3-1V human KITLG, clone2 )CVCL_A3N0 (SEES3-1V human KITLG, clone3 )CVCL_A3N1 (SEES3-1V human KLF1, clone1 )
CVCL_A3N2 (SEES3-1V human KLF1, clone2 )CVCL_A3N3 (SEES3-1V human KLF1, clone3 )CVCL_A3N4 (SEES3-1V human KLF10, clone1 )
CVCL_A3N5 (SEES3-1V human KLF10, clone2 )CVCL_A3N6 (SEES3-1V human KLF10, clone3 )CVCL_A3N7 (SEES3-1V human KLF11, clone1 )
CVCL_A3N8 (SEES3-1V human KLF11, clone2 )CVCL_A3N9 (SEES3-1V human KLF11, clone3 )CVCL_A3P0 (SEES3-1V human KLF12, clone1 )
CVCL_A3P1 (SEES3-1V human KLF12, clone2 )CVCL_A3P2 (SEES3-1V human KLF12, clone3 )CVCL_A3P3 (SEES3-1V human KLF14, clone1 )
CVCL_A3P4 (SEES3-1V human KLF14, clone2 )CVCL_A3P5 (SEES3-1V human KLF14, clone3 )CVCL_A3P6 (SEES3-1V human KLF15, clone1 )
CVCL_A3P7 (SEES3-1V human KLF15, clone2 )CVCL_A3P8 (SEES3-1V human KLF15, clone3 )CVCL_A3P9 (SEES3-1V human KLF16, clone1 )
CVCL_A3Q0 (SEES3-1V human KLF16, clone2 )CVCL_A3Q1 (SEES3-1V human KLF16, clone3 )CVCL_A3Q2 (SEES3-1V human KLF2, clone1 )
CVCL_A3Q3 (SEES3-1V human KLF2, clone2 )CVCL_A3Q4 (SEES3-1V human KLF2, clone3 )CVCL_A3Q5 (SEES3-1V human KLF3, clone1 )
CVCL_A3Q6 (SEES3-1V human KLF3, clone2 )CVCL_A3Q7 (SEES3-1V human KLF3, clone3 )CVCL_A3Q8 (SEES3-1V human KLF4, clone1 )
CVCL_A3Q9 (SEES3-1V human KLF4, clone2 )CVCL_A3R0 (SEES3-1V human KLF4, clone3 )CVCL_A3R1 (SEES3-1V human KLF5, clone1 )
CVCL_A3R2 (SEES3-1V human KLF5, clone2 )CVCL_A3R3 (SEES3-1V human KLF5, clone3 )CVCL_A3R4 (SEES3-1V human KLF6, clone1 )
CVCL_A3R5 (SEES3-1V human KLF6, clone2 )CVCL_A3R6 (SEES3-1V human KLF6, clone3 )CVCL_A3R7 (SEES3-1V human KLF7, clone1 )
CVCL_A3R8 (SEES3-1V human KLF7, clone2 )CVCL_A3R9 (SEES3-1V human KLF7, clone3 )CVCL_A3S0 (SEES3-1V human KLF8, clone1 )
CVCL_A3S1 (SEES3-1V human KLF8, clone2 )CVCL_A3S2 (SEES3-1V human KLF8, clone3 )CVCL_A3S3 (SEES3-1V human KLF9, clone1 )
CVCL_A3S4 (SEES3-1V human KLF9, clone2 )CVCL_A3S5 (SEES3-1V human KLF9, clone3 )CVCL_A3S6 (SEES3-1V human KLRG1, clone1 )
CVCL_A3S7 (SEES3-1V human KLRG1, clone2 )CVCL_A3S8 (SEES3-1V human KLRG1, clone3 )CVCL_A3S9 (SEES3-1V human KRBA2, clone1 )
CVCL_A3T0 (SEES3-1V human KRBA2, clone2 )CVCL_A3T1 (SEES3-1V human KRBA2, clone3 )CVCL_A3T2 (SEES3-1V human L3MBTL2, clone1 )
CVCL_A3T3 (SEES3-1V human L3MBTL2, clone2 )CVCL_A3T4 (SEES3-1V human L3MBTL2, clone3 )CVCL_A3T5 (SEES3-1V human LBX2, clone1 )
CVCL_A3T6 (SEES3-1V human LBX2, clone2 )CVCL_A3T7 (SEES3-1V human LBX2, clone3 )CVCL_A3T8 (SEES3-1V human LEF1, clone1 )
CVCL_A3T9 (SEES3-1V human LEF1, clone2 )CVCL_A3U0 (SEES3-1V human LEF1, clone3 )CVCL_A3U1 (SEES3-1V human LFNG, clone1 )
CVCL_A3U2 (SEES3-1V human LFNG, clone2 )CVCL_A3U3 (SEES3-1V human LFNG, clone3 )CVCL_A3U4 (SEES3-1V human LHFP, clone1 )
CVCL_A3U5 (SEES3-1V human LHFP, clone2 )CVCL_A3U6 (SEES3-1V human LHFP, clone3 )CVCL_A3U7 (SEES3-1V human LHX1, clone1 )
CVCL_A3U8 (SEES3-1V human LHX1, clone2 )CVCL_A3U9 (SEES3-1V human LHX1, clone3 )CVCL_A3V0 (SEES3-1V human LHX2, clone1 )
CVCL_A3V1 (SEES3-1V human LHX2, clone2 )CVCL_A3V2 (SEES3-1V human LHX2, clone3 )CVCL_A3V3 (SEES3-1V human LHX3, clone1 )
CVCL_A3V4 (SEES3-1V human LHX3, clone2 )CVCL_A3V5 (SEES3-1V human LHX3, clone3 )CVCL_A3V6 (SEES3-1V human LHX4, clone1 )
CVCL_A3V7 (SEES3-1V human LHX4, clone2 )CVCL_A3V8 (SEES3-1V human LHX4, clone3 )CVCL_A3V9 (SEES3-1V human LHX5, clone1 )
CVCL_A3W0 (SEES3-1V human LHX5, clone2 )CVCL_A3W1 (SEES3-1V human LHX5, clone3 )CVCL_A3W2 (SEES3-1V human LHX6, clone1 )
CVCL_A3W3 (SEES3-1V human LHX6, clone2 )CVCL_A3W4 (SEES3-1V human LHX6, clone3 )CVCL_A3W5 (SEES3-1V human LHX8, clone1 )
CVCL_A3W6 (SEES3-1V human LHX8, clone2 )CVCL_A3W7 (SEES3-1V human LHX8, clone3 )CVCL_A3W8 (SEES3-1V human LHX9, clone1 )
CVCL_A3W9 (SEES3-1V human LHX9, clone2 )CVCL_A3X0 (SEES3-1V human LHX9, clone3 )CVCL_A3X1 (SEES3-1V human LIF, clone1 )
CVCL_A3X2 (SEES3-1V human LIF, clone2 )CVCL_A3X3 (SEES3-1V human LIF, clone3 )CVCL_A3X4 (SEES3-1V human LIN28, clone1 )
CVCL_A3X5 (SEES3-1V human LIN28, clone2 )CVCL_A3X6 (SEES3-1V human LIN28, clone3 )CVCL_A3X7 (SEES3-1V human LMO1, clone1 )
CVCL_A3X8 (SEES3-1V human LMO1, clone2 )CVCL_A3X9 (SEES3-1V human LMO1, clone3 )CVCL_A3Y0 (SEES3-1V human LMO2, clone1 )
CVCL_A3Y1 (SEES3-1V human LMO2, clone2 )CVCL_A3Y2 (SEES3-1V human LMO2, clone3 )CVCL_A3Y3 (SEES3-1V human LMX1A, clone1 )
CVCL_A3Y4 (SEES3-1V human LMX1A, clone2 )CVCL_A3Y5 (SEES3-1V human LMX1A, clone3 )CVCL_A3Y6 (SEES3-1V human LMX1B, clone1 )
CVCL_A3Y7 (SEES3-1V human LMX1B, clone2 )CVCL_A3Y8 (SEES3-1V human LMX1B, clone3 )CVCL_A3Y9 (SEES3-1V human MAB21L1, clone1 )
CVCL_A3Z0 (SEES3-1V human MAB21L1, clone2 )CVCL_A3Z1 (SEES3-1V human MAB21L1, clone3 )CVCL_A3Z2 (SEES3-1V human MAB21L2, clone1 )
CVCL_A3Z3 (SEES3-1V human MAB21L2, clone2 )CVCL_A3Z4 (SEES3-1V human MAB21L2, clone3 )CVCL_A3Z5 (SEES3-1V human MAB21L3, clone1 )
CVCL_A3Z6 (SEES3-1V human MAB21L3, clone2 )CVCL_A3Z7 (SEES3-1V human MAB21L3, clone3 )CVCL_A3Z8 (SEES3-1V human MAFA, clone1 )
CVCL_A3Z9 (SEES3-1V human MAFA, clone2 )CVCL_A4A0 (SEES3-1V human MAFA, clone3 )CVCL_A4A1 (SEES3-1V human MAFK, clone1 )
CVCL_A4A2 (SEES3-1V human MAFK, clone2 )CVCL_A4A3 (SEES3-1V human MAFK, clone3 )CVCL_A4A4 (SEES3-1V human MAX, clone1 )
CVCL_A4A5 (SEES3-1V human MAX, clone2 )CVCL_A4A6 (SEES3-1V human MAX, clone3 )CVCL_A4A7 (SEES3-1V human MAZ, clone1 )
CVCL_A4A8 (SEES3-1V human MAZ, clone2 )CVCL_A4A9 (SEES3-1V human MAZ, clone3 )CVCL_A4B0 (SEES3-1V human MBD3, clone1 )
CVCL_A4B1 (SEES3-1V human MBD3, clone2 )CVCL_A4B2 (SEES3-1V human MBD3, clone3 )CVCL_A4B3 (SEES3-1V human MECOM, clone1 )
CVCL_A4B4 (SEES3-1V human MECOM, clone2 )CVCL_A4B5 (SEES3-1V human MECOM, clone3 )CVCL_A4B6 (SEES3-1V human MED12, clone1 )
CVCL_A4B7 (SEES3-1V human MED12, clone2 )CVCL_A4B8 (SEES3-1V human MED12, clone3 )CVCL_A4B9 (SEES3-1V human MEF2A, clone1 )
CVCL_A4C0 (SEES3-1V human MEF2A, clone2 )CVCL_A4C1 (SEES3-1V human MEF2A, clone3 )CVCL_A4C2 (SEES3-1V human MEF2C, clone1 )
CVCL_A4C3 (SEES3-1V human MEF2C, clone2 )CVCL_A4C4 (SEES3-1V human MEF2C, clone3 )CVCL_A4C5 (SEES3-1V human MEIS1, clone1 )
CVCL_A4C6 (SEES3-1V human MEIS1, clone2 )CVCL_A4C7 (SEES3-1V human MEIS1, clone3 )CVCL_A4C8 (SEES3-1V human MEIS2, clone1 )
CVCL_A4C9 (SEES3-1V human MEIS2, clone2 )CVCL_A4D0 (SEES3-1V human MEIS2, clone3 )CVCL_A4D1 (SEES3-1V human METTL5, clone1 )
CVCL_A4D2 (SEES3-1V human METTL5, clone2 )CVCL_A4D3 (SEES3-1V human METTL5, clone3 )CVCL_A4D4 (SEES3-1V human MIF4GD, clone1 )
CVCL_A4D5 (SEES3-1V human MIF4GD, clone2 )CVCL_A4D6 (SEES3-1V human MIF4GD, clone3 )CVCL_A4D7 (SEES3-1V human MITF, clone1 )
CVCL_A4D8 (SEES3-1V human MITF, clone2 )CVCL_A4D9 (SEES3-1V human MITF, clone3 )CVCL_A4E0 (SEES3-1V human MKRN1, clone1 )
CVCL_A4E1 (SEES3-1V human MKRN1, clone2 )CVCL_A4E2 (SEES3-1V human MKRN1, clone3 )CVCL_A4E3 (SEES3-1V human MLLT1, clone1 )
CVCL_A4E4 (SEES3-1V human MLLT1, clone2 )CVCL_A4E5 (SEES3-1V human MLLT1, clone3 )CVCL_A4E6 (SEES3-1V human MNX1, clone1 )
CVCL_A4E7 (SEES3-1V human MNX1, clone2 )CVCL_A4E8 (SEES3-1V human MNX1, clone3 )CVCL_A4E9 (SEES3-1V human MSC, clone1 )
CVCL_A4F0 (SEES3-1V human MSC, clone2 )CVCL_A4F1 (SEES3-1V human MSC, clone3 )CVCL_A4F2 (SEES3-1V human MSGN1, clone1 )
CVCL_A4F3 (SEES3-1V human MSGN1, clone2 )CVCL_A4F4 (SEES3-1V human MSGN1, clone3 )CVCL_A4F5 (SEES3-1V human MSI1, clone1 )
CVCL_A4F6 (SEES3-1V human MSI1, clone2 )CVCL_A4F7 (SEES3-1V human MSI1, clone3 )CVCL_A4F8 (SEES3-1V human MSL3L1, clone1 )
CVCL_A4F9 (SEES3-1V human MSL3L1, clone2 )CVCL_A4G0 (SEES3-1V human MSL3L1, clone3 )CVCL_A4G1 (SEES3-1V human MSX2, clone1 )
CVCL_A4G2 (SEES3-1V human MSX2, clone2 )CVCL_A4G3 (SEES3-1V human MSX2, clone3 )CVCL_A4G4 (SEES3-1V human MXD3, clone1 )
CVCL_A4G5 (SEES3-1V human MXD3, clone2 )CVCL_A4G6 (SEES3-1V human MXD3, clone3 )CVCL_A4G7 (SEES3-1V human MXI1, clone1 )
CVCL_A4G8 (SEES3-1V human MXI1, clone2 )CVCL_A4G9 (SEES3-1V human MXI1, clone3 )CVCL_A4H0 (SEES3-1V human MYB, clone1 )
CVCL_A4H1 (SEES3-1V human MYB, clone2 )CVCL_A4H2 (SEES3-1V human MYB, clone3 )CVCL_A4H3 (SEES3-1V human MYBL2, clone1 )
CVCL_A4H4 (SEES3-1V human MYBL2, clone2 )CVCL_A4H5 (SEES3-1V human MYBL2, clone3 )CVCL_A4H6 (SEES3-1V human MYC, clone1 )
CVCL_A4H7 (SEES3-1V human MYC, clone2 )CVCL_A4H8 (SEES3-1V human MYC, clone3 )CVCL_A4H9 (SEES3-1V human MYCN, clone1 )
CVCL_A4I0 (SEES3-1V human MYCN, clone2 )CVCL_A4I1 (SEES3-1V human MYCN, clone3 )CVCL_A4I2 (SEES3-1V human MYF5, clone1 )
CVCL_A4I3 (SEES3-1V human MYF5, clone2 )CVCL_A4I4 (SEES3-1V human MYF5, clone3 )CVCL_A4I5 (SEES3-1V human MYF6, clone1 )
CVCL_A4I6 (SEES3-1V human MYF6, clone2 )CVCL_A4I7 (SEES3-1V human MYF6, clone3 )CVCL_A4I8 (SEES3-1V human MYOD1, clone1 )
CVCL_A4I9 (SEES3-1V human MYOD1, clone2 )CVCL_A4J0 (SEES3-1V human MYOD1, clone3 )CVCL_A4J1 (SEES3-1V human MYT1, clone1 )
CVCL_A4J2 (SEES3-1V human MYT1, clone2 )CVCL_A4J3 (SEES3-1V human MYT1, clone3 )CVCL_A4J4 (SEES3-1V human MYT1L, clone1 )
CVCL_A4J5 (SEES3-1V human MYT1L, clone2 )CVCL_A4J6 (SEES3-1V human MYT1L, clone3 )CVCL_A4J7 (SEES3-1V human NANOG, clone1 )
CVCL_A4J8 (SEES3-1V human NANOG, clone2 )CVCL_A4J9 (SEES3-1V human NANOG, clone3 )CVCL_A4K0 (SEES3-1V human NEUROD1, clone1 )
CVCL_A4K1 (SEES3-1V human NEUROD1, clone2 )CVCL_A4K2 (SEES3-1V human NEUROD1, clone3 )CVCL_A4K3 (SEES3-1V human NEUROD2, clone1 )
CVCL_A4K4 (SEES3-1V human NEUROD2, clone2 )CVCL_A4K5 (SEES3-1V human NEUROD2, clone3 )CVCL_A4K6 (SEES3-1V human NEUROD4, clone1 )
CVCL_A4K7 (SEES3-1V human NEUROD4, clone2 )CVCL_A4K8 (SEES3-1V human NEUROD4, clone3 )CVCL_A4K9 (SEES3-1V human NEUROD6, clone1 )
CVCL_A4L0 (SEES3-1V human NEUROD6, clone2 )CVCL_A4L1 (SEES3-1V human NEUROD6, clone3 )CVCL_A4L2 (SEES3-1V human NEUROG1, clone1 )
CVCL_A4L3 (SEES3-1V human NEUROG1, clone2 )CVCL_A4L4 (SEES3-1V human NEUROG1, clone3 )CVCL_A4L5 (SEES3-1V human NEUROG2, clone1 )
CVCL_A4L6 (SEES3-1V human NEUROG2, clone2 )CVCL_A4L7 (SEES3-1V human NEUROG2, clone3 )CVCL_A4L8 (SEES3-1V human NEUROG3, clone1 )
CVCL_A4L9 (SEES3-1V human NEUROG3, clone2 )CVCL_A4M0 (SEES3-1V human NEUROG3, clone3 )CVCL_A4M1 (SEES3-1V human NFATC1, clone1 )
CVCL_A4M2 (SEES3-1V human NFATC1, clone2 )CVCL_A4M3 (SEES3-1V human NFATC1, clone3 )CVCL_A4M4 (SEES3-1V human NFE2L1, clone1 )
CVCL_A4M5 (SEES3-1V human NFE2L1, clone2 )CVCL_A4M6 (SEES3-1V human NFE2L1, clone3 )CVCL_A4M7 (SEES3-1V human NFIA, clone1 )
CVCL_A4M8 (SEES3-1V human NFIA, clone2 )CVCL_A4M9 (SEES3-1V human NFIA, clone3 )CVCL_A4N0 (SEES3-1V human NFIB, clone1 )
CVCL_A4N1 (SEES3-1V human NFIB, clone2 )CVCL_A4N2 (SEES3-1V human NFIB, clone3 )CVCL_A4N3 (SEES3-1V human NFIC, clone1 )
CVCL_A4N4 (SEES3-1V human NFIC, clone2 )CVCL_A4N5 (SEES3-1V human NFIL3, clone1 )CVCL_A4N6 (SEES3-1V human NFIL3, clone2 )
CVCL_A4N7 (SEES3-1V human NFIL3, clone3 )CVCL_A4N8 (SEES3-1V human NFX1, clone1 )CVCL_A4N9 (SEES3-1V human NFX1, clone2 )
CVCL_A4P0 (SEES3-1V human NFX1, clone3 )CVCL_A4P1 (SEES3-1V human NFYA, clone1 )CVCL_A4P2 (SEES3-1V human NFYA, clone2 )
CVCL_A4P3 (SEES3-1V human NFYA, clone3 )CVCL_A4P4 (SEES3-1V human NFYB, clone1 )CVCL_A4P5 (SEES3-1V human NFYB, clone2 )
CVCL_A4P6 (SEES3-1V human NFYB, clone3 )CVCL_A4P7 (SEES3-1V human NGF, clone1 )CVCL_A4P8 (SEES3-1V human NGF, clone2 )
CVCL_A4P9 (SEES3-1V human NGF, clone3 )CVCL_A4Q0 (SEES3-1V human NKX2-1, clone1 )CVCL_A4Q1 (SEES3-1V human NKX2-1, clone2 )
CVCL_A4Q2 (SEES3-1V human NKX2-1, clone3 )CVCL_A4Q3 (SEES3-1V human NKX2-2, clone1 )CVCL_A4Q4 (SEES3-1V human NKX2-2, clone2 )
CVCL_A4Q5 (SEES3-1V human NKX2-2, clone3 )CVCL_A4Q6 (SEES3-1V human NKX2-5, clone1 )CVCL_A4Q7 (SEES3-1V human NKX2-5, clone2 )
CVCL_A4Q8 (SEES3-1V human NKX2-5, clone3 )CVCL_A4Q9 (SEES3-1V human NKX6-1, clone1 )CVCL_A4R0 (SEES3-1V human NKX6-1, clone2 )
CVCL_A4R1 (SEES3-1V human NKX6-1, clone3 )CVCL_A4R2 (SEES3-1V human NKX6-2, clone1 )CVCL_A4R3 (SEES3-1V human NKX6-2, clone2 )
CVCL_A4R4 (SEES3-1V human NKX6-2, clone3 )CVCL_A4R5 (SEES3-1V human NKX6-3, clone1 )CVCL_A4R6 (SEES3-1V human NKX6-3, clone2 )
CVCL_A4R7 (SEES3-1V human NKX6-3, clone3 )CVCL_A4R8 (SEES3-1V human NPAS2, clone1 )CVCL_A4R9 (SEES3-1V human NPAS2, clone2 )
CVCL_A4S0 (SEES3-1V human NPAS2, clone3 )CVCL_A4S1 (SEES3-1V human NR0B2, clone1 )CVCL_A4S2 (SEES3-1V human NR0B2, clone2 )
CVCL_A4S3 (SEES3-1V human NR0B2, clone3 )CVCL_A4S4 (SEES3-1V human NR1D1, clone1 )CVCL_A4S5 (SEES3-1V human NR1D1, clone2 )
CVCL_A4S6 (SEES3-1V human NR1D1, clone3 )CVCL_A4S7 (SEES3-1V human NR1D2, clone1 )CVCL_A4S8 (SEES3-1V human NR1D2, clone2 )
CVCL_A4S9 (SEES3-1V human NR1D2, clone3 )CVCL_A4T0 (SEES3-1V human NR1H2, clone1 )CVCL_A4T1 (SEES3-1V human NR1H2, clone2 )
CVCL_A4T2 (SEES3-1V human NR1H2, clone3 )CVCL_A4T3 (SEES3-1V human NR1H3, clone1 )CVCL_A4T4 (SEES3-1V human NR1H3, clone2 )
CVCL_A4T5 (SEES3-1V human NR1H3, clone3 )CVCL_A4T6 (SEES3-1V human NR1H4, clone1 )CVCL_A4T7 (SEES3-1V human NR1H4, clone2 )
CVCL_A4T8 (SEES3-1V human NR1H4, clone3 )CVCL_A4T9 (SEES3-1V human NR1I2, clone1 )CVCL_A4U0 (SEES3-1V human NR1I2, clone2 )
CVCL_A4U1 (SEES3-1V human NR1I2, clone3 )CVCL_A4U2 (SEES3-1V human NR1I3, clone1 )CVCL_A4U3 (SEES3-1V human NR1I3, clone2 )
CVCL_A4U4 (SEES3-1V human NR1I3, clone3 )CVCL_A4U5 (SEES3-1V human NR2C2, clone1 )CVCL_A4U6 (SEES3-1V human NR2C2, clone2 )
CVCL_A4U7 (SEES3-1V human NR2C2, clone3 )CVCL_A4U8 (SEES3-1V human NR2E1, clone1 )CVCL_A4U9 (SEES3-1V human NR2E1, clone2 )
CVCL_A4V0 (SEES3-1V human NR2E1, clone3 )CVCL_A4V1 (SEES3-1V human NR2E3, clone1 )CVCL_A4V2 (SEES3-1V human NR2E3, clone2 )
CVCL_A4V3 (SEES3-1V human NR2E3, clone3 )CVCL_A4V4 (SEES3-1V human NR2F1, clone1 )CVCL_A4V5 (SEES3-1V human NR2F1, clone2 )
CVCL_A4V6 (SEES3-1V human NR2F1, clone3 )CVCL_A4V7 (SEES3-1V human NR2F2, clone1 )CVCL_A4V8 (SEES3-1V human NR2F2, clone2 )
CVCL_A4V9 (SEES3-1V human NR2F2, clone3 )CVCL_A4W0 (SEES3-1V human NR2F6, clone1 )CVCL_A4W1 (SEES3-1V human NR2F6, clone2 )
CVCL_A4W2 (SEES3-1V human NR2F6, clone3 )CVCL_A4W3 (SEES3-1V human NR3C1, clone1 )CVCL_A4W4 (SEES3-1V human NR3C1, clone2 )
CVCL_A4W5 (SEES3-1V human NR3C1, clone3 )CVCL_A4W6 (SEES3-1V human NR4A1, clone1 )CVCL_A4W7 (SEES3-1V human NR4A1, clone2 )
CVCL_A4W8 (SEES3-1V human NR4A1, clone3 )CVCL_A4W9 (SEES3-1V human NR4A2, clone1 )CVCL_A4X0 (SEES3-1V human NR4A2, clone2 )
CVCL_A4X1 (SEES3-1V human NR4A3, clone1 )CVCL_A4X2 (SEES3-1V human NR4A3, clone2 )CVCL_A4X3 (SEES3-1V human NR4A3, clone3 )
CVCL_A4X4 (SEES3-1V human NR5A1, clone1 )CVCL_A4X5 (SEES3-1V human NR5A1, clone2 )CVCL_A4X6 (SEES3-1V human NR5A1, clone3 )
CVCL_A4X7 (SEES3-1V human NR5A2, clone1 )CVCL_A4X8 (SEES3-1V human NR6A1, clone1 )CVCL_A4X9 (SEES3-1V human NR6A1, clone2 )
CVCL_A4Y0 (SEES3-1V human NR6A1, clone3 )CVCL_A4Y1 (SEES3-1V human NRF1, clone1 )CVCL_A4Y2 (SEES3-1V human NRF1, clone2 )
CVCL_A4Y3 (SEES3-1V human NRF1, clone3 )CVCL_A4Y4 (SEES3-1V human NSBP1, clone1 )CVCL_A4Y5 (SEES3-1V human NSBP1, clone2 )
CVCL_A4Y6 (SEES3-1V human NSBP1, clone3 )CVCL_A4Y7 (SEES3-1V human NUPR1, clone1 )CVCL_A4Y8 (SEES3-1V human NUPR1, clone2 )
CVCL_A4Y9 (SEES3-1V human NUPR1, clone3 )CVCL_A4Z0 (SEES3-1V human OLIG1, clone1 )CVCL_A4Z1 (SEES3-1V human OLIG1, clone2 )
CVCL_A4Z2 (SEES3-1V human OLIG1, clone3 )CVCL_A4Z3 (SEES3-1V human OLIG2, clone1 )CVCL_A4Z4 (SEES3-1V human OLIG2, clone2 )
CVCL_A4Z5 (SEES3-1V human OLIG2, clone3 )CVCL_A4Z6 (SEES3-1V human OLIG3, clone1 )CVCL_A4Z7 (SEES3-1V human OLIG3, clone2 )
CVCL_A4Z8 (SEES3-1V human OLIG3, clone3 )CVCL_A4Z9 (SEES3-1V human ONECUT1, clone1 )CVCL_A5A0 (SEES3-1V human ONECUT1, clone2 )
CVCL_A5A1 (SEES3-1V human ONECUT1, clone3 )CVCL_A5A2 (SEES3-1V human OSR1, clone1 )CVCL_A5A3 (SEES3-1V human OSR1, clone2 )
CVCL_A5A4 (SEES3-1V human OSR1, clone3 )CVCL_A5A5 (SEES3-1V human OSTF1, clone1 )CVCL_A5A6 (SEES3-1V human OSTF1, clone2 )
CVCL_A5A7 (SEES3-1V human OSTF1, clone3 )CVCL_A5A8 (SEES3-1V human OTP, clone1 )CVCL_A5A9 (SEES3-1V human OTP, clone2 )
CVCL_A5B0 (SEES3-1V human OTP, clone3 )CVCL_A5B1 (SEES3-1V human OTX1, clone1 )CVCL_A5B2 (SEES3-1V human OTX1, clone2 )
CVCL_A5B3 (SEES3-1V human OTX1, clone3 )CVCL_A5B4 (SEES3-1V human OTX2, clone1 )CVCL_A5B5 (SEES3-1V human OTX2, clone2 )
CVCL_A5B6 (SEES3-1V human OTX2, clone3 )CVCL_A5B7 (SEES3-1V human OVOL2, clone1 )CVCL_A5B8 (SEES3-1V human OVOL2, clone2 )
CVCL_A5B9 (SEES3-1V human OVOL2, clone3 )CVCL_A5C0 (SEES3-1V human PA2G4, clone1 )CVCL_A5C1 (SEES3-1V human PA2G4, clone2 )
CVCL_A5C2 (SEES3-1V human PA2G4, clone3 )CVCL_A5C3 (SEES3-1V human PABPC1, clone1 )CVCL_A5C4 (SEES3-1V human PABPC1, clone2 )
CVCL_A5C5 (SEES3-1V human PABPC1, clone3 )CVCL_A5C6 (SEES3-1V human PATZ1, clone1 )CVCL_A5C7 (SEES3-1V human PATZ1, clone2 )
CVCL_A5C8 (SEES3-1V human PATZ1, clone3 )CVCL_A5C9 (SEES3-1V human PAX2, clone1 )CVCL_A5D0 (SEES3-1V human PAX2, clone2 )
CVCL_A5D1 (SEES3-1V human PAX2, clone3 )CVCL_A5D2 (SEES3-1V human PAX3, clone1 )CVCL_A5D3 (SEES3-1V human PAX3, clone2 )
CVCL_A5D4 (SEES3-1V human PAX3, clone3 )CVCL_A5D5 (SEES3-1V human PAX4, clone1 )CVCL_A5D6 (SEES3-1V human PAX4, clone2 )
CVCL_A5D7 (SEES3-1V human PAX4, clone3 )CVCL_A5D8 (SEES3-1V human PAX5, clone1 )CVCL_A5D9 (SEES3-1V human PAX5, clone2 )
CVCL_A5E0 (SEES3-1V human PAX5, clone3 )CVCL_A5E1 (SEES3-1V human PAX6, clone1 )CVCL_A5E2 (SEES3-1V human PAX6, clone2 )
CVCL_A5E3 (SEES3-1V human PAX6, clone3 )CVCL_A5E4 (SEES3-1V human PAX8, clone1 )CVCL_A5E5 (SEES3-1V human PAX8, clone2 )
CVCL_A5E6 (SEES3-1V human PAX8, clone3 )CVCL_A5E7 (SEES3-1V human PAX9, clone1 )CVCL_A5E8 (SEES3-1V human PAX9, clone2 )
CVCL_A5E9 (SEES3-1V human PAX9, clone3 )CVCL_A5F0 (SEES3-1V human PBX1, clone1 )CVCL_A5F1 (SEES3-1V human PBX1, clone2 )
CVCL_A5F2 (SEES3-1V human PBX1, clone3 )CVCL_A5F3 (SEES3-1V human PBX3, clone1 )CVCL_A5F4 (SEES3-1V human PBX3, clone2 )
CVCL_A5F5 (SEES3-1V human PBX3, clone3 )CVCL_A5F6 (SEES3-1V human PCDH1, clone1 )CVCL_A5F7 (SEES3-1V human PCDH1, clone2 )
CVCL_A5F8 (SEES3-1V human PCDH1, clone3 )CVCL_A5F9 (SEES3-1V human PDE4A, clone1 )CVCL_A5G0 (SEES3-1V human PDE4A, clone2 )
CVCL_A5G1 (SEES3-1V human PDE4A, clone3 )CVCL_A5G2 (SEES3-1V human PDGFA, clone1 )CVCL_A5G3 (SEES3-1V human PDGFA, clone2 )
CVCL_A5G4 (SEES3-1V human PDGFA, clone3 )CVCL_A5G5 (SEES3-1V human PDLIM1, clone1 )CVCL_A5G6 (SEES3-1V human PDLIM1, clone2 )
CVCL_A5G7 (SEES3-1V human PDLIM1, clone3 )CVCL_A5G8 (SEES3-1V human PDX1, clone1 )CVCL_A5G9 (SEES3-1V human PDX1, clone2 )
CVCL_A5H0 (SEES3-1V human PDX1, clone3 )CVCL_A5H1 (SEES3-1V human PGF, clone1 )CVCL_A5H2 (SEES3-1V human PGF, clone2 )
CVCL_A5H3 (SEES3-1V human PGF, clone3 )CVCL_A5H4 (SEES3-1V human PGR, clone1 )CVCL_A5H5 (SEES3-1V human PGR, clone2 )
CVCL_A5H6 (SEES3-1V human PGR, clone3 )CVCL_A5H7 (SEES3-1V human PHF2, clone1 )CVCL_A5H8 (SEES3-1V human PHF2, clone2 )
CVCL_A5H9 (SEES3-1V human PHF2, clone3 )CVCL_A5I0 (SEES3-1V human PHF8, clone1 )CVCL_A5I1 (SEES3-1V human PHF8, clone2 )
CVCL_A5I2 (SEES3-1V human PHF8, clone3 )CVCL_A5I3 (SEES3-1V human PHOX2B, clone1 )CVCL_A5I4 (SEES3-1V human PHOX2B, clone2 )
CVCL_A5I5 (SEES3-1V human PHOX2B, clone3 )CVCL_A5I6 (SEES3-1V human PIAS2, clone1 )CVCL_A5I7 (SEES3-1V human PIAS2, clone2 )
CVCL_A5I8 (SEES3-1V human PIAS2, clone3 )CVCL_A5I9 (SEES3-1V human PITX1, clone1 )CVCL_A5J0 (SEES3-1V human PITX1, clone2 )
CVCL_A5J1 (SEES3-1V human PITX1, clone3 )CVCL_A5J2 (SEES3-1V human PITX2, clone1 )CVCL_A5J3 (SEES3-1V human PITX2, clone2 )
CVCL_A5J4 (SEES3-1V human PITX2, clone3 )CVCL_A5J5 (SEES3-1V human PITX3, clone1 )CVCL_A5J6 (SEES3-1V human PITX3, clone2 )
CVCL_A5J7 (SEES3-1V human PITX3, clone3 )CVCL_A5J8 (SEES3-1V human PKNOX2, clone1 )CVCL_A5J9 (SEES3-1V human PKNOX2, clone2 )
CVCL_A5K0 (SEES3-1V human PKNOX2, clone3 )CVCL_A5K1 (SEES3-1V human PLAGL1, clone1 )CVCL_A5K2 (SEES3-1V human PLAGL1, clone2 )
CVCL_A5K3 (SEES3-1V human PLAGL1, clone3 )CVCL_A5K4 (SEES3-1V human PLXNB3, clone1 )CVCL_A5K5 (SEES3-1V human PLXNB3, clone2 )
CVCL_A5K6 (SEES3-1V human PLXNB3, clone3 )CVCL_A5K7 (SEES3-1V human PML, clone1 )CVCL_A5K8 (SEES3-1V human PML, clone2 )
CVCL_A5K9 (SEES3-1V human PML, clone3 )CVCL_A5L0 (SEES3-1V human POLR3A, clone1 )CVCL_A5L1 (SEES3-1V human POLR3A, clone2 )
CVCL_A5L2 (SEES3-1V human POLR3A, clone3 )CVCL_A5L3 (SEES3-1V human POU2AF1, clone1 )CVCL_A5L4 (SEES3-1V human POU2AF1, clone2 )
CVCL_A5L5 (SEES3-1V human POU2AF1, clone3 )CVCL_A5L6 (SEES3-1V human POU2F2, clone1 )CVCL_A5L7 (SEES3-1V human POU2F2, clone2 )
CVCL_A5L8 (SEES3-1V human POU2F2, clone3 )CVCL_A5L9 (SEES3-1V human POU3F2, clone1 )CVCL_A5M0 (SEES3-1V human POU3F2, clone2 )
CVCL_A5M1 (SEES3-1V human POU3F2, clone3 )CVCL_A5M2 (SEES3-1V human POU3F4, clone1 )CVCL_A5M3 (SEES3-1V human POU3F4, clone2 )
CVCL_A5M4 (SEES3-1V human POU3F4, clone3 )CVCL_A5M5 (SEES3-1V human POU4F1, clone1 )CVCL_A5M6 (SEES3-1V human POU4F1, clone2 )
CVCL_A5M7 (SEES3-1V human POU4F1, clone3 )CVCL_A5M8 (SEES3-1V human POU4F3, clone1 )CVCL_A5M9 (SEES3-1V human POU4F3, clone2 )
CVCL_A5N0 (SEES3-1V human POU4F3, clone3 )CVCL_A5N1 (SEES3-1V human POU5F1, clone1 )CVCL_A5N2 (SEES3-1V human POU5F1, clone2 )
CVCL_A5N3 (SEES3-1V human POU5F1, clone3 )CVCL_A5N4 (SEES3-1V human PPARA, clone1 )CVCL_A5N5 (SEES3-1V human PPARA, clone2 )
CVCL_A5N6 (SEES3-1V human PPARA, clone3 )CVCL_A5N7 (SEES3-1V human PPARD, clone1 )CVCL_A5N8 (SEES3-1V human PPARD, clone2 )
CVCL_A5N9 (SEES3-1V human PPARD, clone3 )CVCL_A5P0 (SEES3-1V human PPARG, clone1 )CVCL_A5P1 (SEES3-1V human PPARG, clone2 )
CVCL_A5P2 (SEES3-1V human PPARG, clone3 )CVCL_A5P3 (SEES3-1V human PPARGC1A, clone1 )CVCL_A5P4 (SEES3-1V human PPARGC1A, clone2 )
CVCL_A5P5 (SEES3-1V human PPARGC1A, clone3 )CVCL_A5P6 (SEES3-1V human PRDM1, clone1 )CVCL_A5P7 (SEES3-1V human PRDM1, clone2 )
CVCL_A5P8 (SEES3-1V human PRDM1, clone3 )CVCL_A5P9 (SEES3-1V human PRDM13, clone1 )CVCL_A5Q0 (SEES3-1V human PRDM13, clone2 )
CVCL_A5Q1 (SEES3-1V human PRDM13, clone3 )CVCL_A5Q2 (SEES3-1V human PRDM2, clone1 )CVCL_A5Q3 (SEES3-1V human PRDM2, clone2 )
CVCL_A5Q4 (SEES3-1V human PRDM2, clone3 )CVCL_A5Q5 (SEES3-1V human PRDM4, clone1 )CVCL_A5Q6 (SEES3-1V human PRDM4, clone2 )
CVCL_A5Q7 (SEES3-1V human PRDM4, clone3 )CVCL_A5Q8 (SEES3-1V human PREB, clone1 )CVCL_A5Q9 (SEES3-1V human PREB, clone2 )
CVCL_A5R0 (SEES3-1V human PREB, clone3 )CVCL_A5R1 (SEES3-1V human PRICKLE1, clone1 )CVCL_A5R2 (SEES3-1V human PRICKLE1, clone2 )
CVCL_A5R3 (SEES3-1V human PRICKLE1, clone3 )CVCL_A5R4 (SEES3-1V human PTAFR, clone1 )CVCL_A5R5 (SEES3-1V human PTAFR, clone2 )
CVCL_A5R6 (SEES3-1V human PTAFR, clone3 )CVCL_A5R7 (SEES3-1V human PTF1A, clone1 )CVCL_A5R8 (SEES3-1V human PTF1A, clone2 )
CVCL_A5R9 (SEES3-1V human PTF1A, clone3 )CVCL_A5S0 (SEES3-1V human RAD21, clone1 )CVCL_A5S1 (SEES3-1V human RAD21, clone2 )
CVCL_A5S2 (SEES3-1V human RAD21, clone3 )CVCL_A5S3 (SEES3-1V human RARA, clone1 )CVCL_A5S4 (SEES3-1V human RARA, clone2 )
CVCL_A5S5 (SEES3-1V human RARA, clone3 )CVCL_A5S6 (SEES3-1V human RARB, clone1 )CVCL_A5S7 (SEES3-1V human RARB, clone2 )
CVCL_A5S8 (SEES3-1V human RARB, clone3 )CVCL_A5S9 (SEES3-1V human RARG, clone1 )CVCL_A5T0 (SEES3-1V human RARG, clone2 )
CVCL_A5T1 (SEES3-1V human RARG, clone3 )CVCL_A5T2 (SEES3-1V human RBBP5, clone1 )CVCL_A5T3 (SEES3-1V human RBBP5, clone2 )
CVCL_A5T4 (SEES3-1V human RBBP5, clone3 )CVCL_A5T5 (SEES3-1V human RBBP6, clone1 )CVCL_A5T6 (SEES3-1V human RBBP6, clone2 )
CVCL_A5T7 (SEES3-1V human RBBP6, clone3 )CVCL_A5T8 (SEES3-1V human RBPJ, clone1 )CVCL_A5T9 (SEES3-1V human RBPJ, clone2 )
CVCL_A5U0 (SEES3-1V human RBPJ, clone3 )CVCL_A5U1 (SEES3-1V human RCOR1, clone1 )CVCL_A5U2 (SEES3-1V human RCOR1, clone2 )
CVCL_A5U3 (SEES3-1V human RCOR1, clone3 )CVCL_A5U4 (SEES3-1V human RDBP, clone1 )CVCL_A5U5 (SEES3-1V human RDBP, clone2 )
CVCL_A5U6 (SEES3-1V human RDBP, clone3 )CVCL_A5U7 (SEES3-1V human REPIN1, clone1 )CVCL_A5U8 (SEES3-1V human REPIN1, clone2 )
CVCL_A5U9 (SEES3-1V human REPIN1, clone3 )CVCL_A5V0 (SEES3-1V human REST, clone1 )CVCL_A5V1 (SEES3-1V human REST, clone2 )
CVCL_A5V2 (SEES3-1V human REST, clone3 )CVCL_A5V3 (SEES3-1V human RFX2, clone1 )CVCL_A5V4 (SEES3-1V human RFX2, clone2 )
CVCL_A5V5 (SEES3-1V human RFX2, clone3 )CVCL_A5V6 (SEES3-1V human RFX5, clone1 )CVCL_A5V7 (SEES3-1V human RFX5, clone2 )
CVCL_A5V8 (SEES3-1V human RFX5, clone3 )CVCL_A5V9 (SEES3-1V human RFXAP, clone1 )CVCL_A5W0 (SEES3-1V human RFXAP, clone2 )
CVCL_A5W1 (SEES3-1V human RFXAP, clone3 )CVCL_A5W2 (SEES3-1V human RHOXF2, clone1 )CVCL_A5W3 (SEES3-1V human RHOXF2, clone2 )
CVCL_A5W4 (SEES3-1V human RHOXF2, clone3 )CVCL_A5W5 (SEES3-1V human RNF2, clone1 )CVCL_A5W6 (SEES3-1V human RNF2, clone2 )
CVCL_A5W7 (SEES3-1V human RNF2, clone3 )CVCL_A5W8 (SEES3-1V human RORB, clone1 )CVCL_A5W9 (SEES3-1V human RORB, clone2 )
CVCL_A5X0 (SEES3-1V human RORB, clone3 )CVCL_A5X1 (SEES3-1V human RORC, clone1 )CVCL_A5X2 (SEES3-1V human RORC, clone2 )
CVCL_A5X3 (SEES3-1V human RORC, clone3 )CVCL_A5X4 (SEES3-1V human RPS6KA1, clone1 )CVCL_A5X5 (SEES3-1V human RPS6KA1, clone2 )
CVCL_A5X6 (SEES3-1V human RREB1, clone1 )CVCL_A5X7 (SEES3-1V human RREB1, clone2 )CVCL_A5X8 (SEES3-1V human RREB1, clone3 )
CVCL_A5X9 (SEES3-1V human RSPO1, clone1 )CVCL_A5Y0 (SEES3-1V human RSPO1, clone2 )CVCL_A5Y1 (SEES3-1V human RSPO1, clone3 )
CVCL_A5Y2 (SEES3-1V human RUNX1, clone1 )CVCL_A5Y3 (SEES3-1V human RUNX1, clone2 )CVCL_A5Y4 (SEES3-1V human RUNX1, clone3 )
CVCL_A5Y5 (SEES3-1V human RUNX2, clone1 )CVCL_A5Y6 (SEES3-1V human RUNX2, clone2 )CVCL_A5Y7 (SEES3-1V human RUNX2, clone3 )
CVCL_A5Y8 (SEES3-1V human RUNX3, clone1 )CVCL_A5Y9 (SEES3-1V human RUNX3, clone2 )CVCL_A5Z0 (SEES3-1V human RUNX3, clone3 )
CVCL_A5Z1 (SEES3-1V human RUVBL2, clone1 )CVCL_A5Z2 (SEES3-1V human RUVBL2, clone2 )CVCL_A5Z3 (SEES3-1V human RUVBL2, clone3 )
CVCL_A5Z4 (SEES3-1V human RXRA, clone1 )CVCL_A5Z5 (SEES3-1V human RXRA, clone2 )CVCL_A5Z6 (SEES3-1V human RXRA, clone3 )
CVCL_A5Z7 (SEES3-1V human RXRB, clone1 )CVCL_A5Z8 (SEES3-1V human RXRB, clone2 )CVCL_A5Z9 (SEES3-1V human RXRB, clone3 )
CVCL_A6A0 (SEES3-1V human RXRG, clone1 )CVCL_A6A1 (SEES3-1V human RXRG, clone2 )CVCL_A6A2 (SEES3-1V human RXRG, clone3 )
CVCL_A6A3 (SEES3-1V human RYBP, clone1 )CVCL_A6A4 (SEES3-1V human RYBP, clone2 )CVCL_A6A5 (SEES3-1V human RYBP, clone3 )
CVCL_A6A6 (SEES3-1V human SALL1, clone1 )CVCL_A6A7 (SEES3-1V human SALL1, clone2 )CVCL_A6A8 (SEES3-1V human SALL1, clone3 )
CVCL_A6A9 (SEES3-1V human SALL4, clone1 )CVCL_A6B0 (SEES3-1V human SALL4, clone2 )CVCL_A6B1 (SEES3-1V human SALL4, clone3 )
CVCL_A6B2 (SEES3-1V human SAP30, clone1 )CVCL_A6B3 (SEES3-1V human SAP30, clone2 )CVCL_A6B4 (SEES3-1V human SAP30, clone3 )
CVCL_A6B5 (SEES3-1V human SATB1, clone1 )CVCL_A6B6 (SEES3-1V human SATB1, clone2 )CVCL_A6B7 (SEES3-1V human SATB1, clone3 )
CVCL_A6B8 (SEES3-1V human SETDB1, clone1 )CVCL_A6B9 (SEES3-1V human SETDB1, clone2 )CVCL_A6C0 (SEES3-1V human SETDB1, clone3 )
CVCL_A6C1 (SEES3-1V human SFRS6, clone1 )CVCL_A6C2 (SEES3-1V human SFRS6, clone2 )CVCL_A6C3 (SEES3-1V human SFRS6, clone3 )
CVCL_A6C4 (SEES3-1V human SHH, clone1 )CVCL_A6C5 (SEES3-1V human SHH, clone2 )CVCL_A6C6 (SEES3-1V human SHH, clone3 )
CVCL_A6C7 (SEES3-1V human SHOX, clone1 )CVCL_A6C8 (SEES3-1V human SHOX, clone2 )CVCL_A6C9 (SEES3-1V human SHOX, clone3 )
CVCL_A6D0 (SEES3-1V human SIM1, clone1 )CVCL_A6D1 (SEES3-1V human SIM1, clone2 )CVCL_A6D2 (SEES3-1V human SIM1, clone3 )
CVCL_A6D3 (SEES3-1V human SIN3A, clone1 )CVCL_A6D4 (SEES3-1V human SIN3A, clone2 )CVCL_A6D5 (SEES3-1V human SIN3A, clone3 )
CVCL_A6D6 (SEES3-1V human S1PR1, clone1 )CVCL_A6D7 (SEES3-1V human S1PR1, clone2 )CVCL_A6D8 (SEES3-1V human S1PR1, clone3 )
CVCL_A6D9 (SEES3-1V human SIRT3, clone1 )CVCL_A6E0 (SEES3-1V human SIRT3, clone2 )CVCL_A6E1 (SEES3-1V human SIRT3, clone3 )
CVCL_A6E2 (SEES3-1V human SIRT6, clone1 )CVCL_A6E3 (SEES3-1V human SIRT6, clone2 )CVCL_A6E4 (SEES3-1V human SIRT6, clone3 )
CVCL_A6E5 (SEES3-1V human SIX1, clone1 )CVCL_A6E6 (SEES3-1V human SIX1, clone2 )CVCL_A6E7 (SEES3-1V human SIX1, clone3 )
CVCL_A6E8 (SEES3-1V human SIX2, clone1 )CVCL_A6E9 (SEES3-1V human SIX2, clone2 )CVCL_A6F0 (SEES3-1V human SIX2, clone3 )
CVCL_A6F1 (SEES3-1V human SIX5, clone1 )CVCL_A6F2 (SEES3-1V human SIX5, clone2 )CVCL_A6F3 (SEES3-1V human SIX5, clone3 )
CVCL_A6F4 (SEES3-1V human SIX6, clone1 )CVCL_A6F5 (SEES3-1V human SIX6, clone2 )CVCL_A6F6 (SEES3-1V human SIX6, clone3 )
CVCL_A6F7 (SEES3-1V human SLBP, clone1 )CVCL_A6F8 (SEES3-1V human SLBP, clone2 )CVCL_A6F9 (SEES3-1V human SLBP, clone3 )
CVCL_A6G0 (SEES3-1V human SMAD1, clone1 )CVCL_A6G1 (SEES3-1V human SMAD1, clone2 )CVCL_A6G2 (SEES3-1V human SMAD1, clone3 )
CVCL_A6G3 (SEES3-1V human SMAD2, clone1 )CVCL_A6G4 (SEES3-1V human SMAD2, clone2 )CVCL_A6G5 (SEES3-1V human SMAD2, clone3 )
CVCL_A6G6 (SEES3-1V human SMAD3, clone1 )CVCL_A6G7 (SEES3-1V human SMAD3, clone2 )CVCL_A6G8 (SEES3-1V human SMAD3, clone3 )
CVCL_A6G9 (SEES3-1V human SMAD4, clone1 )CVCL_A6H0 (SEES3-1V human SMAD4, clone2 )CVCL_A6H1 (SEES3-1V human SMAD4, clone3 )
CVCL_A6H2 (SEES3-1V human SMAD5, clone1 )CVCL_A6H3 (SEES3-1V human SMAD5, clone2 )CVCL_A6H4 (SEES3-1V human SMAD5, clone3 )
CVCL_A6H5 (SEES3-1V human SMAD7, clone1 )CVCL_A6H6 (SEES3-1V human SMAD7, clone2 )CVCL_A6H7 (SEES3-1V human SMAD7, clone3 )
CVCL_A6H8 (SEES3-1V human SMARCA4, clone1 )CVCL_A6H9 (SEES3-1V human SMARCA4, clone2 )CVCL_A6I0 (SEES3-1V human SMARCA4, clone3 )
CVCL_A6I1 (SEES3-1V human SMARCB1, clone1 )CVCL_A6I2 (SEES3-1V human SMARCB1, clone2 )CVCL_A6I3 (SEES3-1V human SMARCB1, clone3 )
CVCL_A6I4 (SEES3-1V human SMARCC1, clone1 )CVCL_A6I5 (SEES3-1V human SMARCC1, clone2 )CVCL_A6I6 (SEES3-1V human SMARCC1, clone3 )
CVCL_A6I7 (SEES3-1V human SMARCC2, clone1 )CVCL_A6I8 (SEES3-1V human SMARCC2, clone2 )CVCL_A6I9 (SEES3-1V human SMARCC2, clone3 )
CVCL_A6J0 (SEES3-1V human SMC1A, clone1 )CVCL_A6J1 (SEES3-1V human SMC1A, clone2 )CVCL_A6J2 (SEES3-1V human SMC1A, clone3 )
CVCL_A6J3 (SEES3-1V human SMC3, clone1 )CVCL_A6J4 (SEES3-1V human SMC3, clone2 )CVCL_A6J5 (SEES3-1V human SMC3, clone3 )
CVCL_A6J6 (SEES3-1V human SNAI1, clone1 )CVCL_A6J7 (SEES3-1V human SNAI1, clone2 )CVCL_A6J8 (SEES3-1V human SNAI1, clone3 )
CVCL_A6J9 (SEES3-1V human SNAI2, clone1 )CVCL_A6K0 (SEES3-1V human SNAI2, clone2 )CVCL_A6K1 (SEES3-1V human SNAI2, clone3 )
CVCL_A6K2 (SEES3-1V human SNAI3, clone1 )CVCL_A6K3 (SEES3-1V human SNAI3, clone2 )CVCL_A6K4 (SEES3-1V human SNAI3, clone3 )
CVCL_A6K5 (SEES3-1V human SNAPC1, clone1 )CVCL_A6K6 (SEES3-1V human SNAPC1, clone2 )CVCL_A6K7 (SEES3-1V human SNAPC1, clone3 )
CVCL_A6K8 (SEES3-1V human SNAPC4, clone1 )CVCL_A6K9 (SEES3-1V human SNAPC4, clone2 )CVCL_A6L0 (SEES3-1V human SNAPC4, clone3 )
CVCL_A6L1 (SEES3-1V human SOX10, clone1 )CVCL_A6L2 (SEES3-1V human SOX10, clone2 )CVCL_A6L3 (SEES3-1V human SOX10, clone3 )
CVCL_A6L4 (SEES3-1V human SOX11, clone1 )CVCL_A6L5 (SEES3-1V human SOX11, clone2 )CVCL_A6L6 (SEES3-1V human SOX11, clone3 )
CVCL_A6L7 (SEES3-1V human SOX14, clone1 )CVCL_A6L8 (SEES3-1V human SOX14, clone2 )CVCL_A6L9 (SEES3-1V human SOX14, clone3 )
CVCL_A6M0 (SEES3-1V human SOX15, clone1 )CVCL_A6M1 (SEES3-1V human SOX15, clone2 )CVCL_A6M2 (SEES3-1V human SOX15, clone3 )
CVCL_A6M3 (SEES3-1V human SOX17, clone1 )CVCL_A6M4 (SEES3-1V human SOX17, clone2 )CVCL_A6M5 (SEES3-1V human SOX17, clone3 )
CVCL_A6M6 (SEES3-1V human SOX2, clone1 )CVCL_A6M7 (SEES3-1V human SOX2, clone2 )CVCL_A6M8 (SEES3-1V human SOX2, clone3 )
CVCL_A6M9 (SEES3-1V human SOX5, clone1 )CVCL_A6N0 (SEES3-1V human SOX5, clone2 )CVCL_A6N1 (SEES3-1V human SOX5, clone3 )
CVCL_A6N2 (SEES3-1V human SOX6, clone1 )CVCL_A6N3 (SEES3-1V human SOX6, clone2 )CVCL_A6N4 (SEES3-1V human SOX6, clone3 )
CVCL_A6N5 (SEES3-1V human SOX7, clone1 )CVCL_A6N6 (SEES3-1V human SOX7, clone2 )CVCL_A6N7 (SEES3-1V human SOX7, clone3 )
CVCL_A6N8 (SEES3-1V human SOX9, clone1 )CVCL_A6N9 (SEES3-1V human SOX9, clone2 )CVCL_A6P0 (SEES3-1V human SOX9, clone3 )
CVCL_A6P1 (SEES3-1V human SP4, clone1 )CVCL_A6P2 (SEES3-1V human SP4, clone2 )CVCL_A6P3 (SEES3-1V human SP4, clone3 )
CVCL_A6P4 (SEES3-1V human SP8, clone1 )CVCL_A6P5 (SEES3-1V human SP8, clone2 )CVCL_A6P6 (SEES3-1V human SP8, clone3 )
CVCL_A6P7 (SEES3-1V human SPI1, clone1 )CVCL_A6P8 (SEES3-1V human SPI1, clone2 )CVCL_A6P9 (SEES3-1V human SPI1, clone3 )
CVCL_A6Q0 (SEES3-1V human SPIB, clone1 )CVCL_A6Q1 (SEES3-1V human SPIB, clone2 )CVCL_A6Q2 (SEES3-1V human SPIB, clone3 )
CVCL_A6Q3 (SEES3-1V human SPIC, clone1 )CVCL_A6Q4 (SEES3-1V human SPIC, clone2 )CVCL_A6Q5 (SEES3-1V human SPIC, clone3 )
CVCL_A6Q6 (SEES3-1V human SPINT1, clone1 )CVCL_A6Q7 (SEES3-1V human SPINT1, clone2 )CVCL_A6Q8 (SEES3-1V human SPINT1, clone3 )
CVCL_A6Q9 (SEES3-1V human SPRY2, clone1 )CVCL_A6R0 (SEES3-1V human SPRY2, clone2 )CVCL_A6R1 (SEES3-1V human SPRY2, clone3 )
CVCL_A6R2 (SEES3-1V human SPZ1, clone1 )CVCL_A6R3 (SEES3-1V human SPZ1, clone2 )CVCL_A6R4 (SEES3-1V human SPZ1, clone3 )
CVCL_A6R5 (SEES3-1V human SRCAP, clone1 )CVCL_A6R6 (SEES3-1V human SRCAP, clone2 )CVCL_A6R7 (SEES3-1V human SRCAP, clone3 )
CVCL_A6R8 (SEES3-1V human SREBF1, clone1 )CVCL_A6R9 (SEES3-1V human SREBF1, clone2 )CVCL_A6S0 (SEES3-1V human SREBF1, clone3 )
CVCL_A6S1 (SEES3-1V human SREBF2, clone1 )CVCL_A6S2 (SEES3-1V human SREBF2, clone2 )CVCL_A6S3 (SEES3-1V human SREBF2, clone3 )
CVCL_A6S4 (SEES3-1V human SRF, clone1 )CVCL_A6S5 (SEES3-1V human SRF, clone2 )CVCL_A6S6 (SEES3-1V human SRF, clone3 )
CVCL_A6S7 (SEES3-1V human SSX1, clone1 )CVCL_A6S8 (SEES3-1V human SSX1, clone2 )CVCL_A6S9 (SEES3-1V human SSX1, clone3 )
CVCL_A6T0 (SEES3-1V human SSX4B, clone1 )CVCL_A6T1 (SEES3-1V human SSX4B, clone2 )CVCL_A6T2 (SEES3-1V human SSX4B, clone3 )
CVCL_A6T3 (SEES3-1V human SSX6, clone1 )CVCL_A6T4 (SEES3-1V human SSX6, clone2 )CVCL_A6T5 (SEES3-1V human SSX6, clone3 )
CVCL_A6T6 (SEES3-1V human ST18, clone1 )CVCL_A6T7 (SEES3-1V human ST18, clone2 )CVCL_A6T8 (SEES3-1V human ST18, clone3 )
CVCL_A6T9 (SEES3-1V human STAG1, clone1 )CVCL_A6U0 (SEES3-1V human STAG1, clone2 )CVCL_A6U1 (SEES3-1V human STAG1, clone3 )
CVCL_A6U2 (SEES3-1V human STAT3, clone1 )CVCL_A6U3 (SEES3-1V human STAT3, clone2 )CVCL_A6U4 (SEES3-1V human STAT3, clone3 )
CVCL_A6U5 (SEES3-1V human STAT4, clone1 )CVCL_A6U6 (SEES3-1V human STAT4, clone2 )CVCL_A6U7 (SEES3-1V human STAT4, clone3 )
CVCL_A6U8 (SEES3-1V human STAT5A, clone1 )CVCL_A6U9 (SEES3-1V human STAT5A, clone2 )CVCL_A6V0 (SEES3-1V human STAT5A, clone3 )
CVCL_A6V1 (SEES3-1V human STRA13, clone1 )CVCL_A6V2 (SEES3-1V human STRA13, clone2 )CVCL_A6V3 (SEES3-1V human STRA13, clone3 )
CVCL_A6V4 (SEES3-1V human STRA8, clone1 )CVCL_A6V5 (SEES3-1V human STRA8, clone2 )CVCL_A6V6 (SEES3-1V human STRA8, clone3 )
CVCL_A6V7 (SEES3-1V human SUB1, clone1 )CVCL_A6V8 (SEES3-1V human SUB1, clone2 )CVCL_A6V9 (SEES3-1V human SUB1, clone3 )
CVCL_A6W0 (SEES3-1V human SUZ12, clone1 )CVCL_A6W1 (SEES3-1V human SUZ12, clone2 )CVCL_A6W2 (SEES3-1V human SUZ12, clone3 )
CVCL_A6W3 (SEES3-1V human T, clone1 )CVCL_A6W4 (SEES3-1V human T, clone2 )CVCL_A6W5 (SEES3-1V human T, clone3 )
CVCL_A6W6 (SEES3-1V human TAB1, clone1 )CVCL_A6W7 (SEES3-1V human TAB1, clone2 )CVCL_A6W8 (SEES3-1V human TAB1, clone3 )
CVCL_A6W9 (SEES3-1V human TAF10, clone1 )CVCL_A6X0 (SEES3-1V human TAF10, clone2 )CVCL_A6X1 (SEES3-1V human TAF10, clone3 )
CVCL_A6X2 (SEES3-1V human TAF11, clone1 )CVCL_A6X3 (SEES3-1V human TAF11, clone2 )CVCL_A6X4 (SEES3-1V human TAF11, clone3 )
CVCL_A6X5 (SEES3-1V human TAF12, clone1 )CVCL_A6X6 (SEES3-1V human TAF12, clone2 )CVCL_A6X7 (SEES3-1V human TAF12, clone3 )
CVCL_A6X8 (SEES3-1V human TAF13, clone1 )CVCL_A6X9 (SEES3-1V human TAF13, clone2 )CVCL_A6Y0 (SEES3-1V human TAF13, clone3 )
CVCL_A6Y1 (SEES3-1V human TAF1A, clone1 )CVCL_A6Y2 (SEES3-1V human TAF1A, clone2 )CVCL_A6Y3 (SEES3-1V human TAF1A, clone3 )
CVCL_A6Y4 (SEES3-1V human TAF3, clone1 )CVCL_A6Y5 (SEES3-1V human TAF3, clone2 )CVCL_A6Y6 (SEES3-1V human TAF3, clone3 )
CVCL_A6Y7 (SEES3-1V human TAF5, clone1 )CVCL_A6Y8 (SEES3-1V human TAF5, clone2 )CVCL_A6Y9 (SEES3-1V human TAF5, clone3 )
CVCL_A6Z0 (SEES3-1V human TAF6, clone1 )CVCL_A6Z1 (SEES3-1V human TAF6, clone2 )CVCL_A6Z2 (SEES3-1V human TAF6, clone3 )
CVCL_A6Z3 (SEES3-1V human TAF7, clone1 )CVCL_A6Z4 (SEES3-1V human TAF7, clone2 )CVCL_A6Z5 (SEES3-1V human TAF7, clone3 )
CVCL_A6Z6 (SEES3-1V human TAF8, clone1 )CVCL_A6Z7 (SEES3-1V human TAF8, clone2 )CVCL_A6Z8 (SEES3-1V human TAF8, clone3 )
CVCL_A6Z9 (SEES3-1V human TAL1, clone1 )CVCL_A7A0 (SEES3-1V human TAL1, clone2 )CVCL_A7A1 (SEES3-1V human TAL1, clone3 )
CVCL_A7A2 (SEES3-1V human TBP, clone1 )CVCL_A7A3 (SEES3-1V human TBP, clone2 )CVCL_A7A4 (SEES3-1V human TBP, clone3 )
CVCL_A7A5 (SEES3-1V human TBX2, clone1 )CVCL_A7A6 (SEES3-1V human TBX2, clone2 )CVCL_A7A7 (SEES3-1V human TBX2, clone3 )
CVCL_A7A8 (SEES3-1V human TBX3, clone1 )CVCL_A7A9 (SEES3-1V human TBX3, clone2 )CVCL_A8L5 (SEES3-1V human TBX3, clone3 )
CVCL_A8L6 (SEES3-1V human TBX4, clone1 )CVCL_A8L7 (SEES3-1V human TBX4, clone2 )CVCL_A8L8 (SEES3-1V human TBX4, clone3 )
CVCL_A8L9 (SEES3-1V human TBX5, clone1 )CVCL_A8M0 (SEES3-1V human TBX5, clone2 )CVCL_A8M1 (SEES3-1V human TBX5, clone3 )
CVCL_A8M2 (SEES3-1V human TBX6, clone1 )CVCL_A8M3 (SEES3-1V human TBX6, clone2 )CVCL_A8M4 (SEES3-1V human TBX6, clone3 )
CVCL_A7B0 (SEES3-1V human TCEA3, clone1 )CVCL_A7B1 (SEES3-1V human TCEA3, clone2 )CVCL_A7B2 (SEES3-1V human TCEA3, clone3 )
CVCL_A7B3 (SEES3-1V human TCEB3, clone1 )CVCL_A7B4 (SEES3-1V human TCEB3, clone2 )CVCL_A7B5 (SEES3-1V human TCEB3, clone3 )
CVCL_A7B6 (SEES3-1V human TCF12, clone1 )CVCL_A7B7 (SEES3-1V human TCF12, clone2 )CVCL_A7B8 (SEES3-1V human TCF12, clone3 )
CVCL_A7B9 (SEES3-1V human TCF15, clone1 )CVCL_A7C0 (SEES3-1V human TCF15, clone2 )CVCL_A7C1 (SEES3-1V human TCF15, clone3 )
CVCL_A7C2 (SEES3-1V human TCF19, clone1 )CVCL_A7C3 (SEES3-1V human TCF19, clone2 )CVCL_A7C4 (SEES3-1V human TCF19, clone3 )
CVCL_A7C5 (SEES3-1V human TCF2, clone1 )CVCL_A7C6 (SEES3-1V human TCF2, clone2 )CVCL_A7C7 (SEES3-1V human TCF2, clone3 )
CVCL_A7C8 (SEES3-1V human TCF20, clone1 )CVCL_A7C9 (SEES3-1V human TCF20, clone2 )CVCL_A7D0 (SEES3-1V human TCF20, clone3 )
CVCL_A7D1 (SEES3-1V human TCF21, clone1 )CVCL_A7D2 (SEES3-1V human TCF21, clone2 )CVCL_A7D3 (SEES3-1V human TCF21, clone3 )
CVCL_A7D4 (SEES3-1V human TCF23, clone1 )CVCL_A7D5 (SEES3-1V human TCF23, clone2 )CVCL_A7D6 (SEES3-1V human TCF23, clone3 )
CVCL_A7D7 (SEES3-1V human TCF25, clone1 )CVCL_A7D8 (SEES3-1V human TCF25, clone2 )CVCL_A7D9 (SEES3-1V human TCF25, clone3 )
CVCL_A7E0 (SEES3-1V human TCF3, clone1 )CVCL_A7E1 (SEES3-1V human TCF3, clone2 )CVCL_A7E2 (SEES3-1V human TCF3, clone3 )
CVCL_A7E3 (SEES3-1V human TCF4, clone1 )CVCL_A7E4 (SEES3-1V human TCF4, clone2 )CVCL_A7E5 (SEES3-1V human TCF4, clone3 )
CVCL_A7E6 (SEES3-1V human TCF7, clone1 )CVCL_A7E7 (SEES3-1V human TCF7, clone2 )CVCL_A7E8 (SEES3-1V human TCF7, clone3 )
CVCL_A7E9 (SEES3-1V human TCF7L2, clone1 )CVCL_A7F0 (SEES3-1V human TCF7L2, clone2 )CVCL_A7F1 (SEES3-1V human TCF7L2, clone3 )
CVCL_A7F2 (SEES3-1V human TCL1A, clone1 )CVCL_A7F3 (SEES3-1V human TCL1A, clone2 )CVCL_A7F4 (SEES3-1V human TCL1A, clone3 )
CVCL_A7F5 (SEES3-1V human TEAD2, clone1 )CVCL_A7F6 (SEES3-1V human TEAD2, clone2 )CVCL_A7F7 (SEES3-1V human TEAD2, clone3 )
CVCL_A7F8 (SEES3-1V human TEAD4, clone1 )CVCL_A7F9 (SEES3-1V human TEAD4, clone2 )CVCL_A7G0 (SEES3-1V human TEAD4, clone3 )
CVCL_A7G1 (SEES3-1V human TEF, clone1 )CVCL_A7G2 (SEES3-1V human TEF, clone2 )CVCL_A7G3 (SEES3-1V human TEF, clone3 )
CVCL_A7G4 (SEES3-1V human TFAP2A, clone1 )CVCL_A7G5 (SEES3-1V human TFAP2A, clone2 )CVCL_A7G6 (SEES3-1V human TFAP2A, clone3 )
CVCL_A7G7 (SEES3-1V human TFAP2B, clone1 )CVCL_A7G8 (SEES3-1V human TFAP2B, clone2 )CVCL_A7G9 (SEES3-1V human TFAP2B, clone3 )
CVCL_A7H0 (SEES3-1V human TFAP2C, clone1 )CVCL_A7H1 (SEES3-1V human TFAP2C, clone2 )CVCL_A7H2 (SEES3-1V human TFAP2C, clone3 )
CVCL_A7H3 (SEES3-1V human TFAP4, clone1 )CVCL_A7H4 (SEES3-1V human TFAP4, clone2 )CVCL_A7H5 (SEES3-1V human TFAP4, clone3 )
CVCL_A7H6 (SEES3-1V human TFCP2L1, clone1 )CVCL_A7H7 (SEES3-1V human TFCP2L1, clone2 )CVCL_A7H8 (SEES3-1V human TFCP2L1, clone3 )
CVCL_A7H9 (SEES3-1V human TFCP2L1, clone4 )CVCL_A7I0 (SEES3-1V human TFCP2L1, clone5 )CVCL_A7I1 (SEES3-1V human TFDP1, clone1 )
CVCL_A7I2 (SEES3-1V human TFDP1, clone2 )CVCL_A7I3 (SEES3-1V human TFDP1, clone3 )CVCL_A7I4 (SEES3-1V human TFE3, clone1 )
CVCL_A7I5 (SEES3-1V human TFE3, clone2 )CVCL_A7I6 (SEES3-1V human TFE3, clone3 )CVCL_A7I7 (SEES3-1V human TGFA, clone1 )
CVCL_A7I8 (SEES3-1V human TGFA, clone2 )CVCL_A7I9 (SEES3-1V human TGFA, clone3 )CVCL_A7J0 (SEES3-1V human TGFB1, clone1 )
CVCL_A7J1 (SEES3-1V human TGFB1, clone2 )CVCL_A7J2 (SEES3-1V human TGFB1, clone3 )CVCL_A7J3 (SEES3-1V human TGFBR2, clone1 )
CVCL_A7J4 (SEES3-1V human TGFBR2, clone2 )CVCL_A7J5 (SEES3-1V human TGFBR2, clone3 )CVCL_A7J6 (SEES3-1V human TGIF1, clone1 )
CVCL_A7J7 (SEES3-1V human TGIF1, clone2 )CVCL_A7J8 (SEES3-1V human TGIF1, clone3 )CVCL_A7J9 (SEES3-1V human TGIF2, clone1 )
CVCL_A7K0 (SEES3-1V human TGIF2, clone2 )CVCL_A7K1 (SEES3-1V human TGIF2, clone3 )CVCL_A7K2 (SEES3-1V human TGM2, clone1 )
CVCL_A7K3 (SEES3-1V human TGM2, clone2 )CVCL_A7K4 (SEES3-1V human TGM2, clone3 )CVCL_A7K5 (SEES3-1V human THAP1, clone1 )
CVCL_A7K6 (SEES3-1V human THAP1, clone2 )CVCL_A7K7 (SEES3-1V human THAP1, clone3 )CVCL_A7K8 (SEES3-1V human THAP10, clone1 )
CVCL_A7K9 (SEES3-1V human THAP10, clone2 )CVCL_A7L0 (SEES3-1V human THAP10, clone3 )CVCL_A7L1 (SEES3-1V human THAP11, clone1 )
CVCL_A7L2 (SEES3-1V human THAP11, clone2 )CVCL_A7L3 (SEES3-1V human THAP11, clone3 )CVCL_A7L4 (SEES3-1V human THAP3, clone1 )
CVCL_A7L5 (SEES3-1V human THAP3, clone2 )CVCL_A7L6 (SEES3-1V human THAP3, clone3 )CVCL_A7L7 (SEES3-1V human THAP7, clone1 )
CVCL_A7L8 (SEES3-1V human THAP7, clone2 )CVCL_A7L9 (SEES3-1V human THAP7, clone3 )CVCL_A7M0 (SEES3-1V human THOC1, clone1 )
CVCL_A7M1 (SEES3-1V human THOC1, clone2 )CVCL_A7M2 (SEES3-1V human THOC1, clone3 )CVCL_A7M3 (SEES3-1V human THRA, clone1 )
CVCL_A7M4 (SEES3-1V human THRA, clone2 )CVCL_A7M5 (SEES3-1V human THRA, clone3 )CVCL_A7M6 (SEES3-1V human THRB, clone1 )
CVCL_A7M7 (SEES3-1V human THRB, clone2 )CVCL_A7M8 (SEES3-1V human THRB, clone3 )CVCL_A7M9 (SEES3-1V human TLK1, clone1 )
CVCL_A7N0 (SEES3-1V human TLK1, clone2 )CVCL_A7N1 (SEES3-1V human TLK1, clone3 )CVCL_A7N2 (SEES3-1V human TLX3, clone1 )
CVCL_A7N3 (SEES3-1V human TLX3, clone2 )CVCL_A7N4 (SEES3-1V human TLX3, clone3 )CVCL_A7N5 (SEES3-1V human TNF, clone1 )
CVCL_A7N6 (SEES3-1V human TNF, clone2 )CVCL_A7N7 (SEES3-1V human TNF, clone3 )CVCL_A7N8 (SEES3-1V human TP53, clone1 )
CVCL_A7N9 (SEES3-1V human TP53, clone2 )CVCL_A7P0 (SEES3-1V human TP53, clone3 )CVCL_A7P1 (SEES3-1V human TP73, clone1 )
CVCL_A7P2 (SEES3-1V human TP73, clone2 )CVCL_A7P3 (SEES3-1V human TP73, clone3 )CVCL_A7P4 (SEES3-1V human TRAF4, clone1 )
CVCL_A7P5 (SEES3-1V human TRAF4, clone2 )CVCL_A7P6 (SEES3-1V human TRAF4, clone3 )CVCL_A7P7 (SEES3-1V human TRIB2, clone1 )
CVCL_A7P8 (SEES3-1V human TRIB2, clone2 )CVCL_A7P9 (SEES3-1V human TRIB2, clone3 )CVCL_A7Q0 (SEES3-1V human TRIM28, clone1 )
CVCL_A7Q1 (SEES3-1V human TRIM28, clone2 )CVCL_A7Q2 (SEES3-1V human TRIM28, clone3 )CVCL_A7Q3 (SEES3-1V human TRPV2, clone1 )
CVCL_A7Q4 (SEES3-1V human TRPV2, clone2 )CVCL_A7Q5 (SEES3-1V human TRPV2, clone3 )CVCL_A7Q6 (SEES3-1V human TSHZ1, clone1 )
CVCL_A7Q7 (SEES3-1V human TSHZ1, clone2 )CVCL_A7Q8 (SEES3-1V human TSHZ1, clone3 )CVCL_A7Q9 (SEES3-1V human TWIST2, clone1 )
CVCL_A7R0 (SEES3-1V human TWIST2, clone2 )CVCL_A7R1 (SEES3-1V human TWIST2, clone3 )CVCL_A7R2 (SEES3-1V human TYR, clone1 )
CVCL_A7R3 (SEES3-1V human TYR, clone2 )CVCL_A7R4 (SEES3-1V human TYR, clone3 )CVCL_A7R5 (SEES3-1V human TYRP1, clone1 )
CVCL_A7R6 (SEES3-1V human TYRP1, clone2 )CVCL_A7R7 (SEES3-1V human TYRP1, clone3 )CVCL_A7R8 (SEES3-1V human UBTF, clone1 )
CVCL_A7R9 (SEES3-1V human UBTF, clone2 )CVCL_A7S0 (SEES3-1V human UBTF, clone3 )CVCL_A7S1 (SEES3-1V human UGP2, clone1 )
CVCL_A7S2 (SEES3-1V human UGP2, clone2 )CVCL_A7S3 (SEES3-1V human UGP2, clone3 )CVCL_A7S4 (SEES3-1V human USF1, clone1 )
CVCL_A7S5 (SEES3-1V human USF1, clone2 )CVCL_A7S6 (SEES3-1V human USF1, clone3 )CVCL_A7S7 (SEES3-1V human USF2, clone1 )
CVCL_A7S8 (SEES3-1V human USF2, clone2 )CVCL_A7S9 (SEES3-1V human USF2, clone3 )CVCL_A7T0 (SEES3-1V human VAX1, clone1 )
CVCL_A7T1 (SEES3-1V human VAX1, clone2 )CVCL_A7T2 (SEES3-1V human VAX1, clone3 )CVCL_A7T3 (SEES3-1V human VAX2, clone1 )
CVCL_A7T4 (SEES3-1V human VAX2, clone2 )CVCL_A7T5 (SEES3-1V human VAX2, clone3 )CVCL_A7T6 (SEES3-1V human VDR, clone1 )
CVCL_A7T7 (SEES3-1V human VDR, clone2 )CVCL_A7T8 (SEES3-1V human VDR, clone3 )CVCL_A7T9 (SEES3-1V human VEGFA, clone1 )
CVCL_A7U0 (SEES3-1V human VEGFA, clone2 )CVCL_A7U1 (SEES3-1V human VEGFA, clone3 )CVCL_A7U2 (SEES3-1V human VEGFC, clone1 )
CVCL_A7U3 (SEES3-1V human VEGFC, clone2 )CVCL_A7U4 (SEES3-1V human VEGFC, clone3 )CVCL_A7U5 (SEES3-1V human VPS72, clone1 )
CVCL_A7U6 (SEES3-1V human VPS72, clone2 )CVCL_A7U7 (SEES3-1V human VPS72, clone3 )CVCL_A7U8 (SEES3-1V human WHSC1, clone1 )
CVCL_A7U9 (SEES3-1V human WHSC1, clone2 )CVCL_A7V0 (SEES3-1V human WHSC1, clone3 )CVCL_A7V1 (SEES3-1V human WHSC2, clone1 )
CVCL_A7V2 (SEES3-1V human WHSC2, clone2 )CVCL_A7V3 (SEES3-1V human WHSC2, clone3 )CVCL_A7V4 (SEES3-1V human WNT2, clone1 )
CVCL_A7V5 (SEES3-1V human WNT2, clone2 )CVCL_A7V6 (SEES3-1V human WNT2, clone3 )CVCL_A7V7 (SEES3-1V human WNT3A, clone1 )
CVCL_A7V8 (SEES3-1V human WNT3A, clone2 )CVCL_A7V9 (SEES3-1V human WNT3A, clone3 )CVCL_A7W0 (SEES3-1V human WNT5B, clone1 )
CVCL_A7W1 (SEES3-1V human WNT5B, clone2 )CVCL_A7W2 (SEES3-1V human WNT5B, clone3 )CVCL_A7W3 (SEES3-1V human WNT6, clone1 )
CVCL_A7W4 (SEES3-1V human WNT6, clone2 )CVCL_A7W5 (SEES3-1V human WNT6, clone3 )CVCL_A7W6 (SEES3-1V human WNT7A, clone1 )
CVCL_A7W7 (SEES3-1V human WNT7A, clone2 )CVCL_A7W8 (SEES3-1V human WNT7A, clone3 )CVCL_A7W9 (SEES3-1V human WNT8B, clone1 )
CVCL_A7X0 (SEES3-1V human WNT8B, clone2 )CVCL_A7X1 (SEES3-1V human WNT8B, clone3 )CVCL_A7X2 (SEES3-1V human WRNIP1, clone1 )
CVCL_A7X3 (SEES3-1V human WRNIP1, clone2 )CVCL_A7X4 (SEES3-1V human WRNIP1, clone3 )CVCL_A7X5 (SEES3-1V human WT1, clone1 )
CVCL_A7X6 (SEES3-1V human WT1, clone2 )CVCL_A7X7 (SEES3-1V human WT1, clone3 )CVCL_A7X8 (SEES3-1V human XBP1, clone1 )
CVCL_A7X9 (SEES3-1V human XBP1, clone2 )CVCL_A7Y0 (SEES3-1V human XBP1, clone3 )CVCL_A7Y1 (SEES3-1V human XDH, clone1 )
CVCL_A7Y2 (SEES3-1V human XDH, clone2 )CVCL_A7Y3 (SEES3-1V human XDH, clone3 )CVCL_A7Y4 (SEES3-1V human XRCC4, clone1 )
CVCL_A7Y5 (SEES3-1V human XRCC4, clone2 )CVCL_A7Y6 (SEES3-1V human XRCC4, clone3 )CVCL_A7Y7 (SEES3-1V human XRN2, clone1 )
CVCL_A7Y8 (SEES3-1V human XRN2, clone2 )CVCL_A7Y9 (SEES3-1V human XRN2, clone3 )CVCL_A7Z0 (SEES3-1V human YBX1, clone1 )
CVCL_A7Z1 (SEES3-1V human YBX1, clone2 )CVCL_A7Z2 (SEES3-1V human YBX1, clone3 )CVCL_A7Z3 (SEES3-1V human YY1, clone1 )
CVCL_A7Z4 (SEES3-1V human YY1, clone2 )CVCL_A7Z5 (SEES3-1V human YY1, clone3 )CVCL_A7Z6 (SEES3-1V human ZBED4, clone1 )
CVCL_A7Z7 (SEES3-1V human ZBED4, clone2 )CVCL_A7Z8 (SEES3-1V human ZBED4, clone3 )CVCL_A7Z9 (SEES3-1V human ZBTB3, clone1 )
CVCL_A8A0 (SEES3-1V human ZBTB3, clone2 )CVCL_A8A1 (SEES3-1V human ZBTB3, clone3 )CVCL_A8A2 (SEES3-1V human ZBTB33, clone1 )
CVCL_A8A3 (SEES3-1V human ZBTB33, clone2 )CVCL_A8A4 (SEES3-1V human ZBTB33, clone3 )CVCL_A8A5 (SEES3-1V human ZBTB44, clone1 )
CVCL_A8A6 (SEES3-1V human ZBTB44, clone2 )CVCL_A8A7 (SEES3-1V human ZBTB44, clone3 )CVCL_A8A8 (SEES3-1V human ZBTB45, clone1 )
CVCL_A8A9 (SEES3-1V human ZBTB45, clone2 )CVCL_A8B0 (SEES3-1V human ZBTB45, clone3 )CVCL_A8B1 (SEES3-1V human ZBTB7A, clone1 )
CVCL_A8B2 (SEES3-1V human ZBTB7A, clone2 )CVCL_A8B3 (SEES3-1V human ZBTB7A, clone3 )CVCL_A8B4 (SEES3-1V human ZC3H11A, clone1 )
CVCL_A8B5 (SEES3-1V human ZC3H11A, clone2 )CVCL_A8B6 (SEES3-1V human ZC3H11A, clone3 )CVCL_A8B7 (SEES3-1V human ZFAND3, clone1 )
CVCL_A8B8 (SEES3-1V human ZFAND3, clone2 )CVCL_A8B9 (SEES3-1V human ZFAND3, clone3 )CVCL_A8C0 (SEES3-1V human ZFP57, clone1 )
CVCL_A8C1 (SEES3-1V human ZFP57, clone2 )CVCL_A8C2 (SEES3-1V human ZFP57, clone3 )CVCL_A8C3 (SEES3-1V human ZIC1, clone1 )
CVCL_A8C4 (SEES3-1V human ZIC1, clone2 )CVCL_A8C5 (SEES3-1V human ZIC1, clone3 )CVCL_A8C6 (SEES3-1V human ZIC3, clone1 )
CVCL_A8C7 (SEES3-1V human ZIC3, clone2 )CVCL_A8C8 (SEES3-1V human ZIC3, clone3 )CVCL_A8C9 (SEES3-1V human ZKSCAN1, clone1 )
CVCL_A8D0 (SEES3-1V human ZKSCAN1, clone2 )CVCL_A8D1 (SEES3-1V human ZKSCAN1, clone3 )CVCL_A8D2 (SEES3-1V human ZKSCAN4, clone1 )
CVCL_A8D3 (SEES3-1V human ZKSCAN4, clone2 )CVCL_A8D4 (SEES3-1V human ZKSCAN4, clone3 )CVCL_A8D5 (SEES3-1V human ZMAT4, clone1 )
CVCL_A8D6 (SEES3-1V human ZMAT4, clone2 )CVCL_A8D7 (SEES3-1V human ZMAT4, clone3 )CVCL_A8D8 (SEES3-1V human ZMAT5, clone1 )
CVCL_A8D9 (SEES3-1V human ZMAT5, clone2 )CVCL_A8E0 (SEES3-1V human ZMAT5, clone3 )CVCL_A8E1 (SEES3-1V human ZMYND10, clone1 )
CVCL_A8E2 (SEES3-1V human ZMYND10, clone2 )CVCL_A8E3 (SEES3-1V human ZMYND10, clone3 )CVCL_A8E4 (SEES3-1V human ZMYND11, clone1 )
CVCL_A8E5 (SEES3-1V human ZMYND11, clone2 )CVCL_A8E6 (SEES3-1V human ZMYND11, clone3 )CVCL_A8E7 (SEES3-1V human ZMYND12, clone1 )
CVCL_A8E8 (SEES3-1V human ZMYND12, clone2 )CVCL_A8E9 (SEES3-1V human ZMYND12, clone3 )CVCL_A8F0 (SEES3-1V human ZNF121, clone1 )
CVCL_A8F1 (SEES3-1V human ZNF121, clone2 )CVCL_A8F2 (SEES3-1V human ZNF121, clone3 )CVCL_A8F3 (SEES3-1V human ZNF217, clone1 )
CVCL_A8F4 (SEES3-1V human ZNF217, clone2 )CVCL_A8F5 (SEES3-1V human ZNF217, clone3 )CVCL_A8F6 (SEES3-1V human ZNF263, clone1 )
CVCL_A8F7 (SEES3-1V human ZNF263, clone2 )CVCL_A8F8 (SEES3-1V human ZNF263, clone3 )CVCL_A8F9 (SEES3-1V human ZNF274, clone1 )
CVCL_A8G0 (SEES3-1V human ZNF274, clone2 )CVCL_A8G1 (SEES3-1V human ZNF274, clone3 )CVCL_A8G2 (SEES3-1V human ZNF280B, clone1 )
CVCL_A8G3 (SEES3-1V human ZNF280B, clone2 )CVCL_A8G4 (SEES3-1V human ZNF280B, clone3 )CVCL_A8G5 (SEES3-1V human ZNF281, clone1 )
CVCL_A8G6 (SEES3-1V human ZNF281, clone2 )CVCL_A8G7 (SEES3-1V human ZNF281, clone3 )CVCL_A8G8 (SEES3-1V human ZNF382, clone1 )
CVCL_A8G9 (SEES3-1V human ZNF382, clone2 )CVCL_A8H0 (SEES3-1V human ZNF382, clone3 )CVCL_A8H1 (SEES3-1V human ZNF384, clone1 )
CVCL_A8H2 (SEES3-1V human ZNF384, clone2 )CVCL_A8H3 (SEES3-1V human ZNF384, clone3 )CVCL_A8H4 (SEES3-1V human ZNF426, clone1 )
CVCL_A8H5 (SEES3-1V human ZNF426, clone2 )CVCL_A8H6 (SEES3-1V human ZNF426, clone3 )CVCL_A8H7 (SEES3-1V human ZNF462, clone1 )
CVCL_A8H8 (SEES3-1V human ZNF462, clone2 )CVCL_A8H9 (SEES3-1V human ZNF462, clone3 )CVCL_A8I0 (SEES3-1V human ZNF480, clone1 )
CVCL_A8I1 (SEES3-1V human ZNF480, clone2 )CVCL_A8I2 (SEES3-1V human ZNF480, clone3 )CVCL_A8I3 (SEES3-1V human ZNF496, clone1 )
CVCL_A8I4 (SEES3-1V human ZNF496, clone2 )CVCL_A8I5 (SEES3-1V human ZNF496, clone3 )CVCL_A8I6 (SEES3-1V human ZNF521, clone1 )
CVCL_A8I7 (SEES3-1V human ZNF521, clone2 )CVCL_A8I8 (SEES3-1V human ZNF521, clone3 )CVCL_A8I9 (SEES3-1V human ZNF559, clone1 )
CVCL_A8J0 (SEES3-1V human ZNF559, clone2 )CVCL_A8J1 (SEES3-1V human ZNF646, clone1 )CVCL_A8J2 (SEES3-1V human ZNF646, clone2 )
CVCL_A8J3 (SEES3-1V human ZNF646, clone3 )CVCL_A8J4 (SEES3-1V human ZNF70, clone1 )CVCL_A8J5 (SEES3-1V human ZNF70, clone2 )
CVCL_A8J6 (SEES3-1V human ZNF70, clone3 )CVCL_A8J7 (SEES3-1V human ZNF706, clone1 )CVCL_A8J8 (SEES3-1V human ZNF706, clone2 )
CVCL_A8J9 (SEES3-1V human ZNF706, clone3 )CVCL_A8K0 (SEES3-1V human ZNF713, clone1 )CVCL_A8K1 (SEES3-1V human ZNF713, clone2 )
CVCL_A8K2 (SEES3-1V human ZNF713, clone3 )CVCL_A8K3 (SEES3-1V human ZNF74, clone1 )CVCL_A8K4 (SEES3-1V human ZNF74, clone2 )
CVCL_A8K5 (SEES3-1V human ZNF74, clone3 )CVCL_A8K6 (SEES3-1V human ZNF780A, clone1 )CVCL_A8K7 (SEES3-1V human ZNF780A, clone2 )
CVCL_A8K8 (SEES3-1V human ZNF780A, clone3 )CVCL_A8K9 (SEES3-1V human ZSCAN4, clone1 )CVCL_A8L0 (SEES3-1V human ZSCAN4, clone2 )
CVCL_A8L1 (SEES3-1V human ZSCAN4, clone3 )CVCL_A8L2 (SEES3-1V human ZSCAN5A, clone1 )CVCL_A8L3 (SEES3-1V human ZSCAN5A, clone2 )
CVCL_A8L4 (SEES3-1V human ZSCAN5A, clone3 )
Sex of cell Male
Age at sampling Blastocyst stage
Category Embryonic stem cell

PubMed=28610919; DOI=10.1016/j.bbrc.2017.06.039
Matsushita M., Nakatake Y., Arai I., Ibata K., Kohda K., Goparaju S.K., Murakami M., Sakota M., Chikazawa-Nohtomi N., Ko S.B.H., Kanai T., Yuzaki M., Ko M.S.H.
Neural differentiation of human embryonic stem cells induced by the transgene-mediated overexpression of single transcription factors.
Biochem. Biophys. Res. Commun. 490:296-301(2017)

PubMed=32433964; DOI=10.1016/j.celrep.2020.107655
Nakatake Y., Ko S.B.H., Sharov A.A., Wakabayashi S., Murakami M., Sakota M., Chikazawa N., Ookura C., Sato S., Ito N., Ishikawa-Hirayama M., Mak S.S., Jakt L.M., Ueno T., Hiratsuka K., Matsushita M., Goparaju S.K., Akiyama T., Ishiguro K.-I., Oda M., Gouda N., Umezawa A., Akutsu H., Nishimura K., Matoba R., Ohara O., Ko M.S.H.
Generation and profiling of 2,135 human ESC lines for the systematic analyses of cell states perturbed by inducing single transcription factors.
Cell Rep. 31:107655.1-107655.23(2020)

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