Cellosaurus publication CLPUB00095

Publication number CLPUB00095
Authors Yokoi T., Hirata S., Nishimura F., Miyakawa A., Odajima T., Kohama G.-I., Mochizuki Y.
Title Some properties of a newly established human cell line from a oral squamous carcinoma.
Citation Tumor Res. 25:93-103(1990)
Web pages https://eurekamag.com/research/007/805/007805976.php
Abstract A human squamous carcinoma cell line was established from a metastatic oral squamous carcinoma. The cell line, designated as OSC-20, grew in cobblestone pattern demonstrating their epithelial origin. Electron microscopy revealed a presence of tonofilaments and desmosomes. OSC-20 cells were unable to form colonies in an anchorage-independent semisolid support system of soft agar. Immunofluorescence study indicated that the cells contained cytokeratins and vimentin. When transplanted into athymic nude mice, OSC-20 cells produced tumors which on histopathological examination were shown to be moderately differentiated squamous carcinoma. OSC-20 cells secreted GST-pi into the culture medium. This cell line may provide a useful model for the study of human oral cancer.
Cell lines CVCL_3087; OSC-20