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Cellosaurus publication CLPUB00177

Publication number CLPUB00177
Authors Li L.-L., Chen Q.-H.
Title Storage of insect cell lines by a simple method.
Citation Hua Zhong Shi Fan Da Xue Xue Bao. Zi Ran Ke Xue Ban 29:511-512(1995)
Web pages https://en.cnki.com.cn/Article_en/CJFDTOTAL-HZSZ504.025.htm
Abstract The cells from 6 insect cell lines Bm-21E-HNU5, BCI RL-Px-HNU3, Pa-E-HNU6, Pr-E-HNU9(A), Pr-E-HNU9(C) and IPLB-Sf-21, were stored in a refrigerator at 4-10 Celsius for over 60 days, and revived except for Pr-E-HNU9(C) cells floating in culture. The cells from Pa-E-HNU6 and Pr-E-HNU9(A), growing attached to surface of the flasks tighter than the other cells, were stored for 125 and 158 days respectively. Feeding the cells with fresh growth media at regular intervals during storage helped to prolong storage of the cells.
Cell lines CVCL_Z570; BCIRL-PX2-HNU3
CVCL_Z569; BM-21E-HNU5
CVCL_Z571; Pa-E-HNU6
CVCL_0518; Sf21