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Cellosaurus publication CLPUB00339

Publication number CLPUB00339
Authors Mayyasi S.A., Traul K.A., Garon C.E., Wright B., Maywood N.J.
Title Antigenics characteristics of Rauscher virus cultivated in human embryonic kidney cells.
Citation Proc. Am. Assoc. Cancer Res. 11:54-54(1970)
Abstract The antigenicity of Rauscher murine leukemia virus (RV) grown in human embryonic kidney cells and cellular material extracted from infected cells were compared to the same type of antigens extracted from mouse infected cells. The purity of the infected human line was verified by karyotype analysis and by the cell mixed agglutination test. Group specific rat antisera reacted in a similar manner with mouse and human derived infected cells by the complement fixation test. Similar findings were revealed by immunofluorescence test where no difference could be detected between the human or mouse infected cells. The virus agglutination test revealed differences between both viruses. Rabbit anti-mouse RV serum agglutinated the homotypic but not the heterotypic virus. Group specific rat antisera failed to agglutinate both types of virus. Gel diffusion studies conducted with intact and ether treated viruses showed lines of identity with the nucleoids of the two viruses. The mouse grown virus showed a coat component which was absent from the human grown RV. The results presented here indicate that the RV grown in human cells acquires new immunological characteristics as a result of the new human envelope acquired during virus formation.
Cell lines CVCL_M624; HEK