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Cellosaurus publication CLPUB00555

Publication number CLPUB00555
Authors Valensin P.E., Di Caraino M.L., Figura N.
Title Altered sensitivity to animal viruses as a phenotypic expression of the oncogenic transformation of human cells.
Citation Ann. Sclavo 18:883-884(1976)
Abstract The present research is aimed at the characterization of two transformed human cell lines, derived from WI-38 cells, originally infected, and not, with Herpesvirus hominis of subtype 2 (HSV-2). Of the two cell lines, indicated respectively with the abbreviations WI-38Tr and WI-38 (HSV-2) Tr, high oncogenic activity and typical cell dimorphism (fibroblastic and epithelial-like elements) have already been described.
Cell lines CVCL_YU09; WI-38 (HSV-2)Tr
CVCL_5605; WI-38 Tr