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How ExPASy customary users can continue using their favorite proteomics resources on the new ExPASy portal

Today, ExPASy is evolving, continuing to respond to the higher expectations of the scientific community in becoming an even more exhaustive life science platform.

To make the evolution as much smooth and flawless for ExPASy customary users, a thorough work has been performed in reorganizing, extending, and consolidating the original data resources and tools. Our aim, besides extending the server's potentiality, was to make sure all traditional users could easily benefit from the changes and the evolution of their favorite platform without being affected or disturbed in their day-to-day work.

Here is how customary users will be able to smoothly and intuitively navigate between the common proteomics tools and resources, how they should update their bookmarks, and how to reference their favorite proteins, profiles or identification workflows.

Homogeneity of resource URLs (web addresses)

Example how to obtain a URL for an ExPASy resource

We have changed the URLs for several resources a way that the resource name is explicitly visible in the URL. For instance, *.expasy.org<resourcename> or <resourcename>.expasy.org

Refering to a specific entry

The access to the ExPASy FTP site will remain unchanged on ftp://ftp.expasy.org.

How ExPASy customary users will find their way

Beside getting the same look and feel across the different resources, users will be automatically redirected from their accustomed locations to the new ones in a transparent manner. This transition period will ensure that all ExPASy users become familiar with the new portal structure.

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