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Computer Analysis and Laboratory Investigation of Proteins of Human Origin

The CALIPHO group is part of the SIB Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics and the University of Geneva. It aims to use a combination of bioinformatics and experimental methodologies to increase our knowledge of human proteins.

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Current Projects Address
  • Experimental characterization of unknown human proteins
  • neXtProt - The human protein knowledge platform
  • Cellosaurus - A knowledge resource on cell lines

University of Geneva and SIB Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics
CMU - 1 rue Michel Servet
CH-1211 Geneva 4 

Tel.: (+41 22) 379 50 50 
Fax: (+41 22) 379 58 58 

How to visit us ?

  • Amos Bairoch (co-director)
  • Lydie Lane (co-director)
  • Pascale Gaudet (neXtProt scientific manager)


  • Paula Duek Roggli

    Software developers:

  • Pierre-Andre Michel (software development manager)
  • Alain Gateau
  • Frederic Nikitin
  • Valentine Rech De Laval
  • Kasun Samarasinghe

    Quality assurance:

  • Monique Zahn
  • Research:

  • Thibault Robin
  • Mathieu Schaeffer
  • Laboratory:

  • Camille Mary

    Systems administration:

  • Mikael Doche
  • Salvo Paesano
  • Karin Sonesson


  • Dolnide Dornevil
  • Laure Verbregue

  • in collaboration with the Swiss-Prot and the PIG groups