Swiss-Prot group

The Swiss-Prot group is directed by Prof Ioannis Xenarios and Dr Lydie Bougueleret. The coordination board composed of Dr Sylvain Poux, head of the annotation department, Dr Alan Bridge, head of the enhancement and automation department, Dr Nicole Redaschi, head of the software development department and the two directors is in charge of the definition of the development strategy of the group as well as of the daily operations. One of the major strengths of the group is its annotation capacity served by expert staff scientists and supported by a dedicated team of software developers and bioinformaticians.

Coordination board

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Sylvain Poux

Chordata protein annotation program Plant protein annotation program Prokaryotic protein annotation program Viral protein annotation program Fungal protein annotation program Animal toxin protein annotation program
Enhancement and automation

Alan James Bridge

Software development

Nicole Redaschi

Other activities and support

Communications System administration
UniProt grant coordination Administration