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pROC: help with S+ installation

1. Preparing S+ for packages

A few steps are necessary in order to be able to load packages in S+.

  1. Start S+ in you usual way.
  2. In the S+ command prompt (what is it?), type:
  3. Valid the commands by pressing Enter on your keyboard.

2. Manual installation

If the automatic installation fails, or if you prefer to download an install a version manually, follow the next steps:

A. Downloading pROC

Download the "binary" file for your platform and save it in your S+ working directory (where is it?):

Where did my download go?

B. Installing pROC

Go back to the S+ command prompt and type:

install.packages("pROC_1.4.9_S_WIN386.zip", repos=NULL)


install.packages("pROC_1.4.9_S_source.zip", repos=NULL)

And valid with Enter .

Carefully check the output. A warning about a missing 'lib' argument is OK, however make sure there is no error (denoted "Problem") in the output.

3. Loading pROC

You need to load the package within S+ to enable pROC. Use the File menu, item Load Library… (Windows only), or enter the command:


Further comments

The package must be loaded each time you start S+. You may put the line above in a file named S.init in your S+ home directory to have it automatically loaded on startup (see S+ User's Guide chapter 11 for more details).

Updating pROC

Repeat the Manual installation steps described above except the install.pkgutils() command.

How to find the command prompt?

If you are running in Windows, you can open the commands window with the Window menu and select the Commands Window item.

Opening the command window in the GUI

Where is my S+ working directory?

It is commonly in the S-PLUS Projects folder located inside My Documents. If you are not sure, enter the following line in the command prompt:

Where did my download go?

Most probably on your desktop, or maybe in a Downloads folder in My documents. Open your download manager and copy/paste (or drag-and-drop) the file to the working directory. DO NOT UNZIP IT!

Download process