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RandSeq - Random protein sequence generator

RandSeq is a tool which generates a random protein sequence.
Please fill out this form to submit the parameters for the generation of a random sequence.
Size of the sequence (20 to 9999 amino acids):

Composition of the sequence:
Equal composition for all amino acids
Composition of a specific sequence - please enter a UniProtKB (Swiss-Prot or TrEMBL) ID or AC:
Average amino acid composition (computed from Swiss-Prot)
User specified composition in percent (example: 6.30):

    Ala:  Arg:  Asn:  Asp: 

Cys: Gln: Glu: Gly:

His: Ile: Leu: Lys:

Met: Phe: Pro: Ser:

Thr: Trp: Tyr: Val:

Output format:
Swiss-Prot format, html view with links to analysis tools
fasta (for programmatic access)

To generate the sequence:

To clear all fields: