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The ABCD (AntiBodies Chemically Defined) Database

The ABCD (AntiBodies Chemically Defined) database is a manually curated depository of sequenced antibodies, developed by the Geneva Antibody Facility at the University of Geneva, in collaboration with the CALIPHO and Swiss-Prot groups at SIB Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics.

Search by antibody name, species or target (UniProt or ChEBI ID)

Example searches: 9E10, P07766, 37926, Escherichia coli, Protein tag

The ABCD database is part of a broader project, with the mission of promoting the widespread use of recombinant antibodies by academic researchers and, ultimately, the replacement of animal-produced antibodies. This concerted effort also includes the Geneva Antibody Facility (for discovery and production of antibodies) and the scientific journal Antibody Reports (publishing technical articles on antibody characterization).

Release information: Version 3.0 (March 2019)

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