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GlycoMod Tool

GlycoMod is a tool that can predict the possible oligosaccharide structures that occur on proteins from their experimentally determined masses. The program can be used for free or derivatized oligosaccharides and for glycopeptides [Documentation / Mass values / Reference / Disclaimer].

Note: You can use GlycanMass to calculate the mass of an oligosaccharide structure from its oligosaccharide composition.

Enter a list of experimental masses:

All mass values are
average or monoisotopic.
Or upload a file, containing one mass per line, from your computer:

Mass tolerance: +/-
Ion mode and adducts:
positive negative neutral
[M+H]+ [M-H]- [M]
Na+ or K+ acetate or trifluoroacetic acid
other: mass: other: mass:
N-linked oligosaccharides
O-linked oligosaccharides
Form of N-linked oligosaccharide:
Form of O-linked oligosaccharide:
if 'Glycopeptides', please specify:
A protein sequence or a Swiss-Prot/TrEMBL ID or AC:


max. missed cleavage sites (MC).
Cysteines treated with:
acrylamide adducts on cysteines methionines oxidized

Alternatively, you can also enter a set of unmodified peptide masses ([M]). These masses must be average or monoisotopic in agreement with that specified above for experimental masses:
if 'Derivatised oligosaccharides', please specify:
reducing terminal derivative : , mass:
Monosaccharide residues present (if known):
Monosaccharide residues are: underivatised permethylated peracetylated.

range (if known):
Hexose (e.g. Man, Gal) -
HexNAc (e.g. GlcNAc, GalNAc) -
Deoxyhexose (e.g. fucose) -
NeuAc (e.g. sialic acid) -
NeuGc -

range (if known):
Pentose (e.g. xylose) -
Sulphate -
Phosphate -
HexA (e.g. glucuronic acid) -

List compositions reported in GlyConnect separately.
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